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    Track Pack Wheels on ACR

    Damn, that looks great!
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    Cosmetic Mods

    Big difference when looking at it compared to your avatar. Looks great.
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    load up, backfire right side, brains needed

    Last year I had a wire that got loose and dropped on the header. At the time the symptom was rough idle and it took more throttle to get moving off idle, but there was no backfire or bogging. My first thought reading your post was bad cat(s). Were either of your sidesills hotter than usual?
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    Pics!!! My new 3 peice wheels.

    IMO aftermarket wheels look best on a car when it's slammed, however that's not feasible/desirable for every owner. You could start with the springs and add caps later if you want to go lower.
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    Pics!!! My new 3 peice wheels.

    Nice! Time to lower that beast now.
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    Gen III/IV owners that own(ed) a Gen I/II

    There's a number of cars I've wanted in the past that I had to pass on because I couldn't fit. I have to say I'm still considering buying a Gen II if only to stare at it in the garage. :) Hmm. This gives me hope I might actually "fit"... at least well enough for a short cruise.
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    Gen III/IV owners that own(ed) a Gen I/II

    Thanks for the responses guys. Unfortunately this is confirming what I feared...
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    Gen III/IV owners that own(ed) a Gen I/II

    So I'm contemplating picking up another Viper, specifically a Coupe, possibly a Gen II. Even with a seat lowering kit my Gen III is cramped for my 6'9" frame, but hey I make it work. Interested in how interior space compares among the Gen III and Gen II, also coupe vs vert. I'm under the...
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    wheel guys!! whats the largest rear lip you can fit on a 20" rear

    Looks like 3.5" on my set of ADV1 Concaves.
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    For sale thread

    They don't support posting a link to an item for sale on another site. Put an ad for it here in the classified section. You can post a link to that in a thread.
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    To Sell Or Keep 03 Vs 08

    Yes. I noticed the difference immediately. One of the best mods I've made. What I've wondered is - of those who've driven a Gen III and Gen IV car and noted a significant differences... was the Gen III car shod with runflats or did it have a more suitable/updated tire? ie.... how much of the...
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    To Sell Or Keep 03 Vs 08

    I've often wondered how much the tires contribute to the difference as well. The stock runflats on the Gen III cars are just terrible. One of the best "mods" you can make to a Gen III is changing tires.
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    [PICS] 19/20 ADV1 Concave wheels, Polished Intake

    Hey Ryan, thanks. Looking forward to seeing your car back in action. The SSG with black looked amazing! Thanks. It's lowered on Vipair coilovers. Prolly end up switching out to Motons as a winter project.
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    10g to spend on winter project (engine)

    My vote is for heads/cam. Large displacement, heads/cam cars have "presence" in my opinion. Definitely potential for higher numbers with the forced induction though.
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    [PICS] 19/20 ADV1 Concave wheels, Polished Intake

    Thanks Torque. I know they still list the intake tubes on the website, but very pricey last I checked. That's a catch can with a breather to alleviate blow-by from the higher compression. Good eye on the valve covers. The spacers are recommended to clear the shaft-mount rockers. Hey Tony...
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    [PICS] 19/20 ADV1 Concave wheels, Polished Intake

    Thanks Ryan. I've been really pleased with how everything turned out. Looking forward to seeing what your next ride will be. 10 Banger - I got lucky and managed to pick up the Hennessey intake from AbsolutHank about a year ago.
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    [PICS] 19/20 ADV1 Concave wheels, Polished Intake

    Finally got a chance to grab a few iPhone pics of the new wheels, tires, intake, etc. Between work and moving, haven't had much time to enjoy the Viper. Damn it felt good to get it back out again. Here's "finished" product... for now. ;) Doug
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    Running straight pipes on my Gen 4

    Might try getting rid of the cats first and see what that gets you. If you're spending any money to get more sound, I would recommend headers before a catback. With the same catback/mufflers, my car got significantly louder after getting rid of the cats and adding headers.
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    Viper Purchasing ?'s

    BTW, you will never look back after moving to a Viper. Great choice for those who like a mix of musclecar and exotic. Never fails to get thumbs up, questions, or comments whenever your out.
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    Viper Purchasing ?'s

    The 03-06 (Gen III) are a great choice for modding. Essentially the same car between those model years. Only significant (visual) difference was the 2003 models had black calipers vs red in 2004 and forward. Oh, and obviously the coupe being offered in 2006. Window regulator issues seem to crop...
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    News on Upcoming Products from A&C Performance !

    Nice work Todd. Looking forward to seeing this.
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    2006 black coupe photoshoot

    Damn Ryan.... I can't imagine how you're feeling after this. Keep your head up man. As you've said, most important thing is no one was hurt.
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    [Video] Doors fill with water when I wash the car. Is it just me?

    Granted when I wash my Viper, I try to avoid over-soaking the windows and hood vents. That said, I've never seen my doors drip water. Asking the obvious, but are there any noticable gaps between the window and exterior door panel or any holes in the panel near the hinges?
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    2006 black coupe photoshoot

    Car looks badass Ryan!!!
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    viper acr convertible ????

    Looks familiar. :) Always liked this car.