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  1. Johnbennett

    Back in a viper...

    I have one exactly like it! 2009 ACR with 10,500 miles. Few times on the track. It runs great! And I still get a lot of oohs and ahhs. Congratulations, and if you are ever in SoCal, let me know; we have an active SoCal Viper Club.
  2. Johnbennett

    NARRA 2013 Road Atlanta - Videos/Pictures, etc..

    Is NARRA televised anywhere? Last year it was on the Speed Channel, but I cannot find anything about NARRA this year on television. I checked their web site but there is no mention.
  3. Johnbennett

    Viper GTS-R Inaugural Race - August 4, 2012 Mid-Ohio - American Le Mans Series

    The specifications for the class it will run it are: Normally aspirated engines: 5500 cc maximum. Horsepower 450-500. Yet all the literature references the V10 engine. ???????????
  4. Johnbennett

    Price Announced on Gen V?

    Motor Trend new issue $95,000 Estimated.
  5. Johnbennett

    7.11 at 201mph, yikes!

    I get a daily update from Motor Authority. Posted today was an article about Late Model Racecraft claiming the fastest ZR1 - quarter mile in 9.68 sec, 147 mph. Pretty slow compared to the 7.11/201...
  6. Johnbennett

    Vipers looking for revenge at The Ring Today!!!

    Got mine! Thanks, Jon!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Johnbennett

    Vipers looking for revenge at The Ring Today!!!

    So where is the official word from Chrysler or SRT?! What is taking so long? I want to see the videos!!
  8. Johnbennett

    Daily driving... How safe?

    I will personally vouch for the 2008 year. I was driving my 2008 ACR and minding my own business. I was cut off on the freeway, hit a pole, rolled 2 times down an embankment, totaled the car, and walked away from it unhurt in any way. Not even really that sore the next few days. The top...
  9. Johnbennett

    ACR in commercial

    Did I see a TV commercial last night with an ACR in it? We had a party and someone told me they saw it when I was out of the room. I think it was for the Nitendo DS. The car was shown from above and then a female race driver was shown buckling up.
  10. Johnbennett

    Gen II re-sale seems the same if not more than Gen III

    I keep close track of the value of my '99 red RT/10 every year on Jan 1 with I put miles on it and it now has over 50,000. I always choose private party sale and good condition. I bought it on Jun 15, 1999 for $68,500. Here is what I have on Jan 1 of each year (started doing this...
  11. Johnbennett

    Vinyl Stripes...Wax...Longevity...Color Matching

    When my '99 red RT/10 vert was used in a Jack-in-the-Box (fast-food mexican/hamburger chain) in 2003, they put white vinyl stripes on the car. They were going to take them off as part of the arrangement for using the car, but they looked so good I left them on (despite some ribbing from SoCal...
  12. Johnbennett

    Viper owners must be rich ?

    I get the same thing whenever I drive either my '99 RT/10 or my '09 ACR to an umpire assignment which I do very seldom. Whether it's a travel ball (ASA), high school, or college game and I am noticed by people in the parking lot, the typical reaction is "wow, we must be paying you umpires too...
  13. Johnbennett

    09 ACR vs 09 ZR1, Forum Wars on Speed Channel

    I attended this event. Dan did the Viper Nation extremely (!!!) proud. There was a modified Nissan GTR, a stock GTR, Cadillac CTS-V (550 HP?) and other modified cars. Dan had the best 1/8 mile time by a good measure. I watched the autocross and Dan did a great job. I am anxiously awaiting the...
  14. Johnbennett

    09 HP questions how many cubic inches is 8.4L. Answer: 512.5995 cubic inches
  15. Johnbennett

    Vette Vs Viper Vs Fgt Compilation

    Great job!! But please note, you are measuring only one performance stat on these cars: how fast can it go in a straight line. If Dodge wanted to "blow" away the ZR1 it would have introduced a model with a supercharger. Then we could compare similar cars. Some Viper owners have done this on...
  16. Johnbennett

    Named your viper???

    Absolutely, I name my Vipers. They are like family. I named my '99 RT/10 (red/white stripes) "Lucille" because she is a red-head that I have a hard time controlling. My '09 ACR had to be given a stronger, male name and I christened him "Ace." All friends and family, even my grandchildren...
  17. Johnbennett

    How do I get the ACR announcement video?

    Does anybody know how I can procure the video of the 2008 ACR announcement? I was told by someone that it is on the Nurburgring video, but it is not on the copy that I received.
  18. Johnbennett

    What exactly are "Sidewinder" wheels?

    I have researched the forum and found lots of threads that have "Sidewinder wheels" in them. I have them on my 2009 ACR. I know they are lightweight and look great. But I want to know more about them. I know a Sidewinder is a venomous pitviper species (see, I told you I have done my...
  19. Johnbennett

    Body material in ACR

    I just watched my Ring video and it does not have the intro video included. I will keep searching for how to order this video.
  20. Johnbennett

    Body material in ACR

    Thanks for this link to the announcement; I had forgotten about it. I really enjoyed reading it again and watching the video. I went to the ACR's introduction at the LA Auto Show and had my picture taken in front of the car, never dreaming that I would buy one in 2009! I wonder how I can get...
  21. Johnbennett

    Body material in ACR

    I know they are the same. I should have worded my question better. The picture/drawing seems to be for a vert and I see no "top" in the picture. What is the ACR/coupe top and decklid made from? Thanks again for your help on this.
  22. Johnbennett

    Body material in ACR

    Thanks for the great information. Should I assume that the ACR top and decklid is the same as the hood and vert decklid?
  23. Johnbennett

    Body material in ACR

    What exactly does it mean when it states the Viper body material is composite/aluminum and steel. I know my old Vettes (1966, 1973) used fiberglass as the main composite. Does anybody know what the main "composites" are in the Viper ACR? Thanks.
  24. Johnbennett

    ACR clothing

    Does anyone know of a good source for clothing with the ACR logo? I have checked VCA goods and searched and searched... Thanks.