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    Shots Fired (Corvette Vision Gran Turismo Project Announced with New Teaser Image)

    Re: Shots Fired (Corvette Vision Gran Turismo Project Announced with New Teaser Image Well this niche market is down to around 350 now. That will make for a great profit.
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    Shots Fired (Corvette Vision Gran Turismo Project Announced with New Teaser Image)

    Re: Shots Fired (Corvette Vision Gran Turismo Project Announced with New Teaser Image There is a reason why 5 of your neighbors are driving Vettes and not Vipers, and I'm sure they could afford either if they wanted.
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    New Dodge commercial...

    Very Good, we saw it last night for the first time.
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    VOI 13

    So much for my answer.
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    Official VOI.13 Viper transport; Passport Transport

    Nsane, are these rates one way or round trip? Thanks
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    VOI 13

    Hello , Can you tell me what the provisions are (if any) for owners who do not want to ship their cars to VOI 13 Thanks
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    Challenger Hellcat gets 707HP!

    Bruce, If SRT listens to you, sales next year will be in the low hundreds if that. BTW its not faith that keeps Corvette and Porsche owners from buying a Viper. I along with many of my Viper friends (who do not post here) will say it again. I want a new redesigned sleek looking Viper. Not...
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    Challenger Hellcat gets 707HP!

    Free, your right, this style was gorgeous but now looks old. My biggest request is a radical redesign. With it everything else will come.
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    Wow, srt homecoming open to all past and present owners, not exclusive

    Wow, I can go to the Homecoming for $125.00 as oposed to the, near $500.00 the VOA was charging. Glad I was late in signing up. Thank You SRT it should be great.
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    Gen V & Challenger Hellcat

    To answer the OP. While visiting in Detroit I can tell you that there will not be any Vert. for "15" stop even saying that. However there will be a HP bump. For anyone who thinks I'm wrong keep my post and let me know how wrong I am when you see a "15" Vert . SRT has a lot of other problems to...
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    Anybody Have The Scoop On.The 2015/2016 Viper??????

    Austin, you are correct. You wont see a Vert. Even SRT knows producing one is not going to save the Viper as it stands. Lets hope for a complete re-make.
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    Rebate on ge 5 coming this week

    I think you guys have 1BAD all wrong. He is not knocking you for paying whatever you paid for it that's on you. He is expressing what he feels is wrong with the Viper. I feel he truly cares about the Viper and the future of it and as things are there will be no future for it. I agree with him...
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    Formal Announcement: VOI 13.640HP

    Nsane1, For the owners who want to go but not ship their cars what provisions if any do you have?
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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    Paul, Bob and 05 Com, All nice responses, you guys do have nice cars, its just not the look I'm looking for and I wanted Bob to know my point of view as to not buying one. ( Its not a money thing like he says)I do look forward to the next design and hope sales boom. Stay well and hope to meet...
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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    Free2go " I'm just gonna sit tight a few years and if Ralph and Team Viper can come up with the money to do a sick ass redesign, I'll dive in." IM WITH YOU ON THIS FREE2GO, BOB "You have not driven or closely inspected one. I have no problem with someone who has closely inspected the car...
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    stryker green on the ground

    can anyone post pics of this color side by side with the SSG color ?
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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    Got to agree 100% with you 1Bad. Plus a design that looks like a car they produced 17 years ago. I wanted something new not a redo.
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    Why won't SRT tell us the status of the vert?

    Well Jon, you are 100% correct. This is why I have not bought a new one. My first Viper was a 96 coupe. 2nd was a 03 Vert and then a 06 Coupe. I was hoping for a big body change to the future, not a remake of my old 96. There is a saying "Been there Done that" Not to mention the $140K price...
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    First Launch Edition is on the ground at Roanoke!

    4 Posts, Welcome to the club, Best of luck with the new car.
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    Dash Cams?

    This is what I was thinking about with the night vision and motion detection for $69.00 Car Camera Direct Nitro, yours looks pretty good also.
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    Dash Cams?

    Not for track. In my DD just to have some video protection from all the nitwits. Not leaning toward a Go Pro. To expensive. Thanks
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    Dash Cams?

    see below, thanks

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