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  1. SA HEAT

    Sway Bar Part Numbers???

    2008 ACR: Front: 514 lb/in Rear: 1085 lb/in Front Anti-roll Bar: 27mm Solid Rear Anti-roll Bar: 27mm Solid Try 5181444AA (front) and 51814438AA (rear)
  2. SA HEAT

    Honest feedback on this wing choice

    I don't want to sound like a d*ck, but if you're asking for honest opinions, from the photos it looks to me like it was made in a high school shop class or a generic wing out of a JC Whitney catalog.....and it just looks too big for the car to me. I'm a little biased too because I've always...
  3. SA HEAT

    Hope This Wasn't Anyone on Here.....

  4. SA HEAT

    ‘08 ACR Options

    I believe foglights on Gen 4 ACRs were installed only on the Canadian cars. They were not an option on the American ACRs.
  5. SA HEAT

    Need tire help! And how bad are old tires….

    Old tires are dangerous, especially if you are doing anything north of cruising around town. Get new tires! Have you considered the Continental ExtremeContact Sport 02? You would need to go to a 355/30 on the rear but the difference is minimal. The 355 will make your car sit only ~2/10 of an...
  6. SA HEAT

    Looking for the original owner of my 2009 ACR

    Nice!....btw, love the color combo. Looks great.
  7. SA HEAT

    Looking for the original owner of my 2009 ACR

    Yeah, I tried 315/30 Toyo R888s on the 18x11 OZ Racing wheels I put on my Gen 2 GTS and they poked out too much visually, so I went with 295s....definitely could have use a little more front grip on that car.
  8. SA HEAT

    Looking for the original owner of my 2009 ACR

    Oh, I get that people run those kind of sizes, but they're most likely outside the manufacturer's acceptable range and will be pinched, especially on a 10 inch wheel (even the stock G4 ACR's 295/30-18 is at the top of the range for a 10" wheel and is slightly pinched)......not to mention how...
  9. SA HEAT

    Looking for the original owner of my 2009 ACR

    Either is pretty crazy on a 10 inch wheel. They look pinched and too tall.
  10. SA HEAT

    Looking for the original owner of my 2009 ACR

    Just curious, what size are your front tires in that photo?
  11. SA HEAT

    Anyone have a Rad laying around?

    I believe I paid around $425 out the door to completely restore it and convert it to a 3 row, but that was over 10 years ago (if that's what you're asking). Here's who I used....was really impressed with their knowledge and attention to detail.
  12. SA HEAT

    Anyone have a Rad laying around?

    That's what I did when my Gen 2 radiator started weeping....local radiator shop did a really nice job with the three row and the car ran cooler and at more consistent temps even in the hot Texas summers and in traffic.
  13. SA HEAT

    Viper Tech in Austin Texas

    Depending on what you want done, taking it to Tomball Dodge / Viper Exchange and their Viper Tech Morgan may be a good option for you.
  14. SA HEAT

    Anyone else have antique plates on their viper?

    Just curious, what's the point in having them?
  15. SA HEAT

    Both windows making a loud sound when lowered

    I've done both doors on mine now.....just replaced the passenger side a few weeks ago with a new one I bought over 6 years ago and had been saving. Probably one of my least favorite DIYs I've ever done on a car.
  16. SA HEAT

    Looking for HVAC actuator door info

    Saw your previous thread on just getting to the door. Yeesh!
  17. SA HEAT

    Looking for HVAC actuator door info

    I think I see what you mean now by the schematic below...Doing a little research, it looks like the #6 part is the servo only (part #4885206AB) though it shows the door attached. I see nothing on numerous sites that show a seperate door part.....only the servo alone or the housing w/door...
  18. SA HEAT

    Looking for HVAC actuator door info

    Sorry, haven't done one of these, but did you remove the door when you tried the epoxy? Is the shaft that twisted off attached to the #4 door or #5 actuator in the diagram? Seems like you could just get one of the specific parts that broke and replace it alone if I'm reading the first part of...
  19. SA HEAT

    Big jugs of Mobil1 15W-50 at Wal-Mart

    Dean, it's a little drive for you but the Bulverde/Spring Branch WalMart on US281/Hwy 46 almost always has 15w/50 jugs in stock.
  20. SA HEAT

    Stock Subwoofer Removal Tip for Gen 3/4 Coupes

    Like many other Gen 3 and 4 owners, my 2009 has had the rattling/detached subwoofer port tube for several years. The stereo was awful enough with it, but the last year or so it became so bad that it buzzed and rattled constantly unless the roadway was perfectly smooth......drove me crazy. It...
  21. SA HEAT

    Hood Screens

    I personally like the no screen look (it also supposedly benefits getting more heat out of the engine compartment and a little more downforce), but keep in mind if you leave your car parked in public out of your sight, someone can easily access your oil filler cap through one of the vents.
  22. SA HEAT

    Anybody Have Signatures in their Front Cowl?

    I had similar writings inside my '97 B/W GTS front bumper cover.
  23. SA HEAT

    *** Lockout

    This won't end well for them. I'm back over here full time too.

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