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  1. 99RT10GTS

    Gen 2 parts

    I have headlights for sale...............
  2. 99RT10GTS

    Wanted - 96 Soft Top OR Trade for my Gen 1 Soft Top

    $3500, be we can do some sort of trade for the one you have
  3. 99RT10GTS

    1996 RT10
  4. 99RT10GTS

    Wanted - 96 Soft Top OR Trade for my Gen 1 Soft Top

    I have a 1996 specific top. It is a one year only top. How far from Bath, PA are you? Do you need the slider windows for it too?
  5. 99RT10GTS

    WTB : Autoform RT/10 fixed wing

    I have a Mopar wing for the RT. I am selling for $800
  6. 99RT10GTS

    Gen 1.5 RT/10 Trunk Emblems

    Holy crap you got good money for them. I have several in a box if anyone else needs a red one
  7. 99RT10GTS

    Hard top roof

    I have a black one. I would sell it for $2900
  8. 99RT10GTS

    Wheel Center Cap

    I have singles and a full set of caps. What do you need?
  9. 99RT10GTS

    Gen 2/3 American racing headers.

    $1600, the number for both the Gen 2 and 3 are the same.
  10. 99RT10GTS

    GEN 2 RT/10 Soft Top

    I have a couple. Got a decent one for $2000, Got another one the previous owner coated. $1500
  11. 99RT10GTS

    wanted -gen 11 speedometer

    Ok, I will get back home Friday. PM me Thursday
  12. 99RT10GTS

    wanted -gen 11 speedometer

    1999 I think. Does yours have a silver ring around the outer edge?
  13. 99RT10GTS

    wanted -gen 11 speedometer

    I have a newish one
  14. 99RT10GTS

    WTB Hardtop for Gen 1 Viper

    I’ll sell my black hardtop for $2700. Possibly delivered if close enough
  15. 99RT10GTS

    Gen 3 Headlamp Experience

    I think BC Coilovers are a good replacement for the stock ones
  16. 99RT10GTS

    Gen 3 Headlamp Experience

    I think that is exactly what happened. I was told not to PPF or Smoke them ever due to the trapping of excessive heat.
  17. 99RT10GTS

    Please help identify this unique hardtop - I have searched extensively

    Looks like a Vipermania top. Original windows might work with it. Does it include all the associated hardware?
  18. 99RT10GTS

    T56 rebuild?

  19. 99RT10GTS

    Looking for OEM New/Like New Gen 2 Sparkle Silver Wheels - 5-spoke '96, '97, '98 Viper

    My silver sparkle rims are in good shape, but not perfect. I might have one new one still in a box somewhere
  20. 99RT10GTS

    smooth tubes

    I have a set. $80 plus shipping, need to buy your own clamps.
  21. 99RT10GTS

    I need a complete rear diff - anyone know where to source one?

    I have a good used Gen 3 diff. 3.07s. No issues. How much power are you putting down? I may be able to deliver for free if you're close
  22. 99RT10GTS

    Wanted Gen 1 Hardtop

    I have an aftermarket one for $2000. The 1996 Slider windows should work with it
  23. 99RT10GTS

    Wanted Gen 1 Hardtop

    You're looking at $2500-3000 for an OEM top
  24. 99RT10GTS

    94 Viper cut out whilst driving and won’t start.

    Spray in some starter fluid, see if it at least fires up for a few seconds.
  25. 99RT10GTS

    T56 rebuild?

    Link for the 700HP rebuild kit?

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