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    Pictures from Euro Viper event 3

    Just got back from a Fantastic weekend in Spa, Belgium A joint event organised by Freddi of the VCA. German, Swiss, Dutch, English, French and Flemish Viper owners got together for the Spa Classic motorsport weekend. Pictures Here ...
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    Le mans Classic 2014

    Hello everyone, not posted in a while. Earlier this year we got together in Europe for the Le mans Classic in July, 3 Viper Clubs were involved in this, members from Germany, France and England. Apart from the weather it was a great weekend. I have written an article here, Enjoy...
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    A video from Le mans Viper GTS Anyone else get issues like this under hard braking?
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    Brand New Gen 2 Twin Turbo kit for sale

    See here :)
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    New track record set by Michelin,1X71U,3W4TKS,6WDDM,1
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    Le mans 24 Hrs 2014

    Well plans are in hand again for another trip to Le mans Thursday 12th June to Monday 16th June. If anyone would like to join my little crowd or meet up, you would be most welcome. Our plan is to Camp on the In field again at Tet Rouge corner, We have a private campsite with Marquee Bar...
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    Any GT3 Sales yet?

    With SRT Unveiling the new GT3 car at Le mans this year I was wondering if any one out there has placed an order yet? I have to say I thought the car was simply stunning, I can't wait to see these cars on a track soon :) How would someone order one of these cars? Would you go to your SRT...
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    Need help, trying to follow ilustrated 'How To'

    I'm trying to work out the final part of the wiring installing a S2000 engine start button. Here's the link to the original post : I've done all the connections to the relay and also connected the...
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    Viper Nest make front page on UK motoring website
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    Doctor told me not to drive my car!

    OK, is it just me? I'm just over 6ft 1in tall, contrary to my user name I am not fat (its because I also have a Harley Fatboy) I weigh in at just under 14stone, I have a seat lowering kit in my GTS and plenty of Head room. Weekend last I was giving charity joy rides in my Viper throughout...
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    Viper GTS Sound Voted No1 Cool :headbang:
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    Supercar Showdown Viper Videos.

    Yes its that Red Viper again as featured on page 44 of your latest Viper magazine :D The sprint run Videos
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    National Motor Museum Beaulieu... And tthe winners are!

    WOW, After a great day at the National Motor Museum Supercar Showdown, finalists were asked to present their cars in front of the main house where the media were waiting and interviews being performed and photos taken. 7 cars made the final here's the list Pagini hydra Lamborghini SV...
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    Cream puff Engine, in a dilema?

    OK need some advice from you guys that have rebuilt engines. First off I am no engineer, I can pull things apart and have in the past replaced Timing cover gaskets, Half shafts, UJ's, Engine mounts etc. But Have not ever pulled the heads on an 8ltr V10 engine or taken out pistons. If I...
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    Old Pilot Sport tires, on the Top gear track.

    This is why you should not use them on the Road ;) (second clip, 92 Car) They started off looking like new, lots of tread. But I knew the score, these tires had come from a friends car which had been issued a salvage cert because he lost control of the car in damp weather. New owners...
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    My New Carbon Dash

    Had my Dash carbon painted, Satin finish. What'd think? More pics here, Members Gallery.
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    So who plans on modding their GenV's

    Just wondering who plans on adding aftermarket parts to their new Snakes? Are any companies making parts for these cars yet? Carbon extras, Body kits, engine mods? Will a supercharger fit on top of the engine with the X brace on? :eater:
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    Gen V GTSR Le mans Artwork

    Check this out, WOW Scroll down slightly to see new painting, King Kong is Back :headbang: :headbang:
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    Le mans 24 Hrs 2013

    Hello everyone. Now I know there have been packages advertised by SRT for this coming Le mans 24hrs but It would be nice to know how many of you plan coming over to France for the race weekend? Weather you plan to join SRT or not? It would be great if we all met up at some point :) The...
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    Ipsco parts with GO Factor

    Just got a pair of Anti Tow Brackets from Mark at Ipsco :2tu: They come in plain Ali, so I added a bit of bling factor and got them Anodised Fast Red over here in the UK :D Now That's Better :D That's another 50 BHP on looks alone :D
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    New season look.

    Well, I got a great deal on a set of BBS wheels and tires, Going for the race look so thought I would brighten up the rubber with a bit of paint :) Please note, car is up on Axle stands so ignore the wheel gap ;) Tires are old PS 1s so I will not be pushing the car on these, but I...
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    Viper Engine build, lots of questions, help needed please

    Hello OK need some help please with some tech questions on a 2001 Viper engine block. This is a friends car, i'm not an engine builder, so please be gentle with me on the answers even if the questions sound stupid ;) History, The engine was rebuilt in 2004, it had a custom set of...
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    A little le mans Video

    Surfing Youtube and found this Fast forward to 16:10 Yep, me driving by then braking for Arnage corner, shame the quality is not better :( Roll on June :drive:
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    Been working on my shaft!

    That looks better :D Fitted new UJs to both ends of the Prop Shaft :) Cleaned up the output shaft couplings and gave them a coat of Black Hammerite paint
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    Wet Vipers!

    Well today 3/17/2013 was the UKs annual Viper lunch meet, Oh boy it was rather damp! Some brave souls actually attened in their Vipers :drive: On the way home!

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