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    Photoshop Guru's

    Can one of you guru's, please color my rims,logos & fuel door powder coat gloss black? I'm thinking of having them powder coated black and this sure would help me make my decision. Suggestions comments welcome...
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    Tech Question on 08

    I have an 08 with 600 miles now. She is broke-in and runs great. My problem is every so often (twice today) the engine light comes on and a red light comes on and the car has about 1/4 of it's normal power. I pull over and check everything only to find nothing visual. I restart the car, now the...
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    Traded my 06 Z06 for a Viper Vert

    Hello Everyone, I just traded my 06 C6Z06 for a 08 Viper Vert:D Thanks Bernie of BJ Motors Glad to join the Viper community:headbang: Here are a few pics of the trade.

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