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    New Article March 27 2016 on Gen II Vipers - Fun Facts

    Stuff most of us probably already know but great to see a Gen II article present day. Enjoy.
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    Bucket list

    Hi, I am on the southshore in the Beleoil area. I have a 97 GTS. Had a lot of the same questions you did when i first bought my car. If you have questions or want to meet up let me know. Send me a PM. Cheers. John
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    Power Steering Issue 97 GTS - Question for members

    I checked the other pulleys and they are all good. I didn't think to check the harmonic balancer/damper bolt. Thanks for the tip.
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    Power Steering Issue 97 GTS - Question for members

    Ok. Did a search. Got the t- shirt. Metal it is. I am going to replace the bracket at the same time. Seems like there are three contenders from Roe, partsrack, and ipsco. I've always ordered from Jon so I think I'll go that route. Hope he has it in stock as I need it fast and I am in...
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    Power Steering Issue 97 GTS - Question for members

    Forgot to do a newbie is that! Lol! Sorry guys and thanks for the info. I thought if you used a metal pulley you had to offset it with thicker washers? Is that correct because the manual says not to use metal pulleys. Ok......let me do a search!! Thanks guys
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    Give Me Some Garage Ideas!

    Only one garage door but get creative with car dollies and it works out fine.
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    Power Steering Issue 97 GTS - Question for members

    Wow. It has been awhile. Last weekend my Viper stranded me for the first time in 8 years during the night on a deserted road. Was driving and my power steering became intermittent. Luckily I noticed the battery light come on suddenly and my temp started to rise quickly so I pulled over and...
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    Classic Muscle vs Modern Muscle

    Haha! We think alike. That is the very first thing I did when I received the car. I bought it in NC and had it shipped up to Canada. The vid was taken by the guy who checked out the car for me. Changed the air filter right away. We call them triangles of death up here. Have an Edlebrock...
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    Classic Muscle vs Modern Muscle

    This. It's great to have one to drive and one to tinker. And the best tip ever has already been stated a few a car that is already done. You will save tons of money. Let someone else sink cash into the car. Many people do this and then get bored with the cars and sell them...
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    Adjustable Wheel dollies to move your Gen2 around the garage

    Wow! How the **** are you!? I still have the picture of you with Russell! Yes, I still have the GTS. Looks as great as the first day I bought it. I still speak with Russell a few times a year. Do you still have your GTS? John
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    Adjustable Wheel dollies to move your Gen2 around the garage

    Thanks Rick. I have a US address at 06001 CT. So maybe we can work something out? Let me checkout the link and will pm you. Edit - PM sent Rick. Thanks. John.
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    Adjustable Wheel dollies to move your Gen2 around the garage

    Yeah...I inquired about those from Harbour but they only go up to 10 inches. They are not just for my Viper but I also have a 64 Mopar with huge rears that teeters when I jack up the rear. I use standard wheel dollies with large wheels right now. So I thought this would be much safer to move...
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    Adjustable Wheel dollies to move your Gen2 around the garage

    Wow. I think it has been 3 years or more since I posted. A lot of changes on here. Hope to reconnect with a few old friends. Anyway, question of the moment... I am looking for adjustable wheel dollies ( like the picture below) but ones that can expand to handle the 13in rear tires. I...
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    Out of hibernation

    Wow. I live just a few km's from you and am no way near taking out the car yet. Potholes on the southshore are insane. I'm waiting till end of April. Would love to have seen you pass by in this weather!!! Awesome.
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    New wheels on the GTS

    Hey!! Awesome. I just installed white wheels on my red GTS. Here is what they look like....
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    Got the toys out for pictures

    Looooove your Dart. More love for Darts and Mopar. Mopar or No car! My 71 My current project
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    Sooo Mutch Power!!!!!!!!!

    Ok......that is Friggin' funny right there!!!
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    Learn to Park

    now THAT is funny!!
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    tires question

    I just bought a new set of PS2's mounted and balanced from a dodge dealer. $1800 taxes included. I think I overpaid. I'm based in Montreal.
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    Peggys cove.

    Welcome to the club. I've spent a lot of time in the area. Married a maritimer last year in a little fishing villiage called Port Morien beside Glace Bay. Stunningly beautiful part of the world.
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    My car won't start.....

    I had the exact same issue last year. I haven't read all three pages of the thread but are you sure it isn't simply your clutch switch? By pass it and see if it fires up before towing.
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    200 mph Club in Montreal

    Awesome. Are spectators welcome? Can I come watch? John
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    Matt Black GTS pics

    What he said!
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    Accomplished the Dream......About Dang Time.

    Congrats and welcome to the B/W club!!!
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    Driving Vipers...Gen I through IV...

    pics of the stable please

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