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    Rattle from transmission area

    2000 Paxton. Car has been sitting most of winter but have been driving it a few miles every few weeks. Drove it a few days ago and I noticed in first gear then in second it rattled a lot up to about 2k rpms. parked it and looked under the car and nothing looked loose (not on a lift so really...
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    car has no power?

    2000 gts. Paxton, build motor, rsi triple pump, aem v1. Car was in the shop for a while getting motor rebuilt and I've had it with me at home for about 3 weeks. Needs a time which I'm going to get from Todd at A&C. Problem. I drive the car around the block since I had it back about twice a...
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    fueling issues 2000 has built motor with RSI triple pump system and Paxton and aem. Made 830 then crank about broke blah blah. So engine rebuilt and my tuner is running into the issue of running out of fuel at about 4500 rpm (and 6lbs boost), running lean (12.2 to 12.4). Had injectors cleaned and new...
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    AEM obd2 data cable

    Any one have the AEM obd2 data cable to connect AEM to computer and tune that they would be willing to sell?
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    Need AEM cable

    Anyone know where I can buy the AEM cable that connects the unit to laptop for tuning? Apparently AEM does not make anymore. I have the older aem unit for my 2000 viper. Anyone have one They would like to sell?
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    Advice on Viper Repair

    Good afternoon, To make a long story short, the snout on the crank of my viper broke off in May 2011 (yes 2011) and I had it taken to a repair shop in Sept 2011. Paid the shop the same month in full (it was an insurance check) and to date, the shop is still working on my car (yes 4 plus years...
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    GEN2 heads

    Anyone have a ported pair they would be willing to sell? My runners (some how) have cracks and I need a new pair. Strikers are a bit out of my price range.
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    water pump for 2000 gts

    Any body know where i can find an oem one? Ive had no luck and have tried tator, mopar, vip parts of america and a few dealers...all on back order. I assume aftermarket would not be as reliable and not going used.
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    Higher boost after rebuild

    Car is a 2000 with paxton, triple pump fuel system, ported heads, blah blah blah. I recently had my engine rebuilt (because the crank snout snapped of (still trying to figure that out)) to the same specs (510cc) and now its running more boost. Prior it was running 10lbs and now its running...

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