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    air bag recall

    Brought my TA to Scott Robinson Dodge in Torrance....John was the tech and seemed very responsible and knowledgeable. He performed the outstanding updates and told me I need the airbag update....part not in stock but available...he ordered it and said it should be there in a day or...
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    Track Attack #11, New tires, best lap time, max g’s, 991 Turbo S…and the big question

    Re: Track Attack #11, New tires, best lap time, max g’s, 991 Turbo S…and the big ques Great job Bruce!!
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    Stainless Brake Lines for Gen V?

    My TA is being done today...
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    Convince Me to Get Viper Over R8, Gallardo, 12C

    Have owned MP4-12c for over 2 years 8000 miles....can't get enough of it!! Amazing are SPOT on with your view...ridiculous value at current levels imho..
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    General Owners Concensus on the Gen 5

    Agreed...3400 miles on my TA including 6 track is awesome!!
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    Information from Chrysler on 2015 Viper

    Never tracked the Corsas...had a spare set of wheels and mounted the MSPC's on them for the track. Tires are just about done...was thinking of trying the Corsas as we get into some cooler weather in the months to come...
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    Information from Chrysler on 2015 Viper

    Mirrors my experiences regarding feedback from other enthusiasts when out with my TA. Have tracked the TA numerous times at a local track that I frequent and I run aprrox. 5 seconds a lap quicker than my 11' Porsche GT3 RS or Ferr. 430 Scud (1:58's avg lap time)...only changes to the Viper were...
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    2014 TA Track Attack #8, CTMP (Mosport) Aug 6, 2014...The 90 Minute Enduro

    I recall having read, in a previous thread, that they were beneficial and very necessary when tracking to eliminate possible lift by rechanneling air circulation from wheel wells...
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    Viper TA Track Attack #6/7, VIR June 25-26, 2014

    Great stuff Bruce! Can you tell me about the setup you used to record your video? Mark
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    P0456 Evap System Small Leak

    Had the MIL light go on at about 2500 miles when starting cold one morning after returning the from a track day the day before. Took it to the dealer...he said it it was a "evap leak"...cleared the code...said drive it...if it comes back the will do a further check. Didn't know we could access...
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    Road & Track Article Z/28 vs.the World (Including Viper TA)

    As I understand it...Thermal is a members only track with total "buy-in" north of 600k...which includes your own garage and unit but it is not zoned for residential so you can't even stay overnight!! I have a home in La Quinta...if you're ever down that way let me know...I have good access to...
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    Road & Track Article Z/28 vs.the World (Including Viper TA)

    Have been at Chuckwalla may times and really enjoy it...has everything...elevation changes, on/off camber turns and very safe. Drove Thermal once...found it quite elevation or camber going up and down supermarket aisles...IMHO
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    TA brake pads

    Was told they are a different part# than non-TA pads no other details....waiting to hear back from the dealer I purchased from
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    TA brake pads

    Anyone have a source for brake pads for the TA? I've had it out for 2 trackdays...and although the pads seem fine...have 3 more days planned in the next month so I figured I'd get another set untill I figured out something else. Called the dealer and was told they don't have them...they checked...
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    TA Trackday

    Roll Bar and harness...done by Ross Murray Having problems loading pictures...will try again later...
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    TA Trackday

    Looking forward to some info on your 2 day private lesson at Spring Mountain...would definitely consider that..
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    TA Trackday

    When I mentioned that they seemed perfectly positioned on the street I was referring to the distance between brake and gas pedal as to side by side...when I was driving on the street. At the track I felt that the brake was depressed a bit too far below the gas pedal causing me to adjust my foot...
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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    Bruce...thanks for posting the video! I mimic just about all your sentiments and rationale for your coming TA. You will NOT be disappointed in any of your expectations and I look forward to sharing the fun..:)
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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    For 200k+ are you not perturbed it didn't include "automatic self parking"? Would then be even easier to drive!
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    TA Trackday

    Curious to hear if you find benefits from the change...
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    The dreaded gas mileage question!

    Wow..that seems awfully low...I put approx. 600 highway miles on and although I didn't do an exact check I believe I got about 250 miles per tankful. Probably running between 2500-4000 rpms on average and running thru 4th-6th gear with frequent shifting. Mark
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    TA Trackday

    I found that on the track in "race" mode the suspension was sufficient and didn't come away from the first day with any thoughts of any glaring difficiencies . I didn't try the street mode on the track for obvious reasons. In "street" mode I found the ride on public roads to be very acceptable...
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    TA Trackday

    Hey Todd..both Ross and I were saying a bit more pressure up front might be the cure for the slight I think your pressures sound right on. And yes...the front moving around was not a problem driving thru. Ross is quite a driver...we had a blast out there...he did a few sessions...
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    TA Trackday

    Yes Bruce..had a roll bar and harness installed. Semi custom job done by Ross Murray of Exoticraft in Marina Del Rey, fabricator, mechanic and driver. Lucky to have found him...

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