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    Cinci high end car cruise and lunch Oct 26

    Hi Ohio VCA My mixed-marque club is hosting a cruise and lunch through some of the nice back roads of Cincinnati. It'd be great to have some Vipers join us! (I'm in Europe so I won't be attending) Saturday, Oct 26th Meet just north of Kings Island, at 48 Bypass and I-71 at Target...
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    pics from my long vacation

    hi everyone I have been traveling since July 12th and won't be back to Chicago until early November. I miss my car!! I don't know what date I'm returning yet, but I can tell you that I'll be making a road trip the day after I get back It was sad to cut this driving season short but I...
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    thank you Steve-Indy, ipetrov, The_Greg - what a great club!

    Long story short, I'm giving my car to my sister for a few months while I'm out of the country and started teaching her how to drive stick on Saturday. She stalled pretty badly and the car would not start after that (battery was fine but nothing happened when I pressed "engine start"). So I...
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    extended visit to Quebec from US

    Hi Viper brothers (and sisters)... I live an hour north of Chicago currently. I'm going through some personal things that I don't want to talk about, but basically I'd like to move to Canada for an extended visit. I'm just beginning my research, so I'm sure I will find answers on Google, but...
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    pics from a cruise down to Bradley

    We had a FUN cruise down to Bradley, IL this past Saturday. It rained a little bit when we got there, but otherwise was clear. The fog + cloud cover made for some awesome pictures. Thanks very much to George for hosting us at his restaurant. We also finally got our first non-Viper to join...
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    supercar saturday

    Nice turnout today. 3 other Vipers, was the dark blue GTS martyb?
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    Belanger questions

    2005 SRT/10 Sorry to beat a dead horse but I couldn't find specific answers to some of my questions through search. Here is my situation: I love the tone of the stock exhaust, but I'd like it a little louder. Belanger seems to have the nicest tone, but I think with the full system it might be...
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    pics from cruise with 6 vipers

    A few of us met and drove down 94 to the city, then up lake shore. Here are some pics More at this link:
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    cruising with black Mamba and Cobra today

    Driving on 41 south and ran into a black Mamba, then we came up on a Cobra and the three of us cruised together! I love when that happens Say hi if you're on here!
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    weird thing happened with my doors/locks today

    '05 roadster Something weird happened today. I stopped the car (a little hastily) and hopped out, then when I shut the driver's side door, instead of thunking closed, it just bounced back open! I was a little surprised and tried it again, same thing. Next I was more careful, making sure the...
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    Chicago Half-Mile Shootout June 1-2

    Is anybody here doing this?
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    March 9 - Dallara IndyCar Factory Tour in Speedway, IN

    Cool event for March 9 being organized by the Indy Cars and Coffee people: See flyer for details Museum & Factory Tour IndyCar Driver Meet & Greets - so far Graham Rahal, Alex Tagliani, and Pippa Mann are confirmed to be attending! iRacing Drive to Win Competition IndyCar 2-Seater...
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    broken window button

    for a 2005 convertible This is not a window regulator question, my windows go up and down fine The problem is I have pressed the plastic button back and forth so many times that it is breaking off Where can I buy a replacement, is there anything I can get that will be sturdier and not break...
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    exotic car cruise in southern Indiana, Oct 20th

    My car club is having a drive in Southern Indiana on Saturday October 20 We will be meeting in Indianapolis at 9:30 am, then will drive south to Nashville. We will depart at 11 am and have a great rolling, winding route that ultimately ends at Huber's Winery for lunch mid afternoon. This is a...
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    exotic car cruise to Huber's Winery on Sat, Oct 20th

    My car club is having a drive in Southern Indiana on Saturday October 20 For convenience, we will have 2 rendezvous points; Indy area drivers can meet at I-65 Southport Road Exit #103, at the Steak & Shake at 9:30 am for a 10:00 am departure. From there we will join southern area drivers at...
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    red Viper GTS anybody here... I was the silver SRT/10

    I ran into a red GTS downtown, we talked at a red light and drove around a little bit... then the driver said he was going to go park it. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to wait or follow but I guess both of us were probably waiting for each other. Should've given my business card. If you're on...
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    Stars and Stripes Vipers

    Well... we are already driving the best car ever built in America, but who has taken it to the next level? Let's see some pictures of Vipers with Stars & Stripes or other patriotic themes! (I searched and found a few threads from 2001 but all images were missing) Inspired by 96GTS' post in...
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    early red RT/10 on monday in Dayton

    visiting from Chicago, this was a pleasant surprise yesterday. waited a bit, you didn't come out, but it made for a nice photo op say hi if you're on here!
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    2 Vipers in Chicago (pics)

    Some pictures from a tiny cruise yesterday with my friend Ivan We swapped cars and drove up and down Lake Shore Drive and downtown Mine is the '05 silver, 99% stock, his is the '05 red with Corsa exhaust
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    Where to get exhaust installed?

    I'm in Chicago. I know about Roanoke of course but I was wondering if there was any good shop closer. Also, how long will the install take? I don't mind driving to Roanoke as much as long as I can drive it back the same day. Thanks
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    Indianapolis Grand Am Road Racing July 27, 2012 MWSCC Event

    I know a lot of you drove down for the Indy 500 VCA event, so although this is a 1-day event I thought I would post this in the Illinois region as well. I will be driving down from Chicago on the morning of the event if anybody wants to join. This event is sponsored in part by my car club...
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    Indianapolis Grand Am Road Racing July 27, 2012 MWSCC Event

    Hi Indy/KY region, If you enjoyed the Indy 500 VCA event, you will enjoy this event sponsored in part by my car club Midwest SCC!! You are invited to attend our Day at the Track; Grand-Am Racing fundraiser outing on Friday, July 27. Activities on track and in our suite start at 9 am and...
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    Monday car show in Skokie

    Out of about 100 cars I was the only Viper! Makes me feel special but it would be nice to see some others :) The Vettes were picking on me. It's every Monday evening at the mall at Golf and Skokie Blvd. I'll be there next week
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    New here

    Long time lurker, picking up my car this week! Are there any get-togethers near Chicago coming up? I see the party in Ohio but that is a little far. Would anybody like to meet for lunch in the next couple of weeks?
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    New '05 owner

    Picking this up next week!!!! Can't wait! Silver/black, stock. This is a dream come true. I plan to keep this car until I die and have lots of mods in mind... '08-10 hood, coupe rear conversion, exhaust, and rims at the very least. (I'm more interested in exterior... the car already has more...

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