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    Two Gen V Reflashes Available

    I'm trying to block FLL's posts, but I keep misspelling his username as FULL-OF-B/S
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    P0456 Evap System Small Leak

    Well good news so far. I took it to the dealer, he cleared the code within 5 minutes of my arrival and it hasn't recurred since. I'll let you guys know if it happens again.
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    P0456 Evap System Small Leak

    Bryan, I'm curious if your code either self-cleared or you took it to the dealer. My car just threw the same code this morning when I started it. I recently took it to the dealer for service and they updated the software, so I don't think that's the issue. Thanks Todd
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    GTS-Rs return to classic Oreca livery

    I was happy with that finish. First for the #33 in GTD, second and third for our ALMS cars. All Vipers on the podium, good day.
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    2014 Viper sells for $73,600

    No way. Man, that's awesome, congrats. That's the deal of the century. Well, at least this year, LOL. W E W A N T P I C S.
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    Viper production continues...2015 model?

    Good insights Bruce and Snakebitten. It may be that the program has recovered somewhat already, but visibility is murky. I'll tell you this- When I spoke with Ben Keating at Laguna Seca in May, he was upbeat about sales. He said that Viper Exchange sold a record number of Vipers each of the...
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    Made the Leap to a Gen V took it to the track

    Boy how did I miss this thread? That is fantastic, there is nothing like the feeling of having the fastest car on the track, especially when it's stock and many came in on trailers. I had a similar experience. I regularly track my Stryker Red, and for my friend's birthday I let him track it...
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    [Video] SRT Viper GT3-R Racing

    Great vid, makes you want to hit the track and Drive. I believe the TUDOR driver was Ben Keating, correct? I met Ben at the SRT Hospitality Suite at Laguna Seca when they raced there. He's a genuine guy and has the unique perspective of racing Vipers and being one of the largest volume Viper...
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    David Kimble GenV cutaway?

    That is awesome, I'd be interested as well.
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    headers with stock mufflers vs headers with corsa

    Brutus 2, I like the sound of that! Looking forward to your post.
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    Brake shudder caused by pad deposits on TA front rotors

    Good idea, and I'd love to get some feedback from others. Can't you remove the entire rotor assembly while keeping it assembled to the hat? I haven't done my own Viper brakes yet, but on my Camaro you unbolt the calipers and then the rotor comes right off. This way, you don't touch the hat...
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    Brake shudder caused by pad deposits on TA front rotors

    George, great to see you at Thunderhill! That was a kick in the pants, we've got to get together on track soon. As you know, we had a bunch of Vipers out there, including Rich, Loyd and Jim in their badass ACRs. Bingo on the OEM pads, I used them with great success this weekend. Even with...
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    Brake shudder caused by pad deposits on TA front rotors

    Bruce, Here's the risk in doing a lapping day without cleaning the deposits off first: The deposits are the only portion of the rotor that is touching the pads and will be absorbing heat while the other parts of the disk won't, those spots may heat treat into hard spots and ruin your rotors...
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    Brake shudder caused by pad deposits on TA front rotors

    Bruce, I'm fighting the same issue with my Motoman 3 track pads. Uneven build up. What's strange to me is that I didn't have this issue for the longest time, now I have it. Still learning about how to deal with it. I thought I may have had another issue that led to this, because it seemed...
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    Owners of Stryker Red

    Bob, You know I love mine. If you have an opportunity, jump on it. You've been thinking about this for a long time, I don't know how you have such patience. It's like having a beautiful woman in front of you hinting for a kiss. Halle Berry is waiting, time to make your move :D
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    Anybody Have The Scoop On.The 2015/2016 Viper??????

    So true, it's so easy to read the true intentions of our resident trolls. Just because someone owned or owns a Viper does not disqualify them from troll-dom, LOL
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    Anybody Have The Scoop On.The 2015/2016 Viper??????

    Oh great, here comes the Porsche ****-hard again with nothing to add but pessimism...
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    2014 GTS Carbon TA...

    Mike, That would be a good race, TA Vs. ACR. After slapping the wing on the Camaro, I'm a true believer in aero. It sticks like glue in the corners, but boy you feel the drag on the main straight! As soon as I hit 5th the Camaro just stops accelerating at Willow Springs, LOL. I'm thinking...
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    2014 GTS Carbon TA...

    I just looked at the XKRS-GT, that thing has some serious aero. It could give the TA a run for it's money, as aero really works at Big Willow. Looking forward to reading about it.
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    2014 GTS Carbon TA...

    Where did you see this published? And what is the Viper TA's record at Willow Springs? By the way guys, there are several tracks at this location. Willow Springs ("Big Willow") is the main track and is known as the fastest road in the west, it's only 9 corners in 2.5 miles. I turned a 1:33...
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    Bad news...decided to sell the car

    Nick, I'm sincerely sorry to hear that, I'll get the word out locally. I went through a situation years ago that left me deciding to sell my pride and joy but later bounced back. I'm sure you will too. Todd
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    Here a Porsche, there a Porsche

    Yes in front until the first corner, where first a Viper then a Z/28 fly past the flustered $200,000 German, LOL
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    Can someone tell me how the front splitters are attached????

    I don't know guys, I wouldn't remove it. The OEM unit is actually riveted into the bumper cover, I have the instructions. It's pretty much permanent. The screws underneath just remove the replaceable rub strips. But as Nine Ball said, ground clearance is pretty good. No splitter in the...
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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    LOL, well put. Different strokes I guess.

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