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  1. J

    Rear Knuckles for '01 GTS

    Looking for left and right rear knuckles for '01 GTS.:)
  2. J

    Free Pilot Sports

    Nope, their gone. Thanks for asking though.
  3. J

    Windshield installation - East Valley

    Hey Jim, Bummer about your windshield. I just had mine replaced by Mike at Mike's Collision in Mesa (480.649.4269). He does a bunch of work on Vipers, is a perfectionist and a Viper owner. Tell him Jim sent ya.
  4. J

    Free Pilot Sports

    I have three Pilot Sports that I'd like to get rid of. They are 335/30 ZR18's. All have about 75% tread left. They have'01 build dates and have been stored indoors since '03. One is fine; One has a Z-rated patch-plug; the last one has a small nail in the middle of the tread pattern (fixable)...
  5. J

    Need an Amber Side Marker Lens

    Thanks Joe, your the best! I need to look in my Viper parts stash for stuff I can give away to the needy.:)
  6. J

    Need an Amber Side Marker Lens

    Thanks Madduc! PM has been sent.:2tu:
  7. J

    Need an Amber Side Marker Lens

    Hi Folks, I have a scratch in my drivers side marker lens and was wondering if anyone might have an extra one they would like to sell.:dunno: Thanks! Jim
  8. J

    Pay it FORWARD!

    Thanks for the Sneaky Pete sticker Ken!!!! Very Cool!:drive:
  9. J

    Help - CURB RASH!

    Here's what i did.... If it is real minor, just use a dremel.... grinding wheel, then some FINE sandpaper (400 grit or so), buffing wheel on the dremel, then polish.
  10. J

    Need a big favor!

    Mag will be sent out today. Glad to help you out, just paying it forward.:2tu:
  11. J

    Need a big favor!

    I have one in perfect condition I'll send ya. Just PM me your address.
  12. J

    Calling on the Viper Family ... Send Big Brake Dave a get well soon card !

    This is very sad. Dave, if your able to read this, I've enjoyed the few conversations we have had on the phone and trading emails. You have helped me with my Viper and have provided me with some very well engineered parts. Hang in there buddy.
  13. J

    New engine for 100 bucks!!!

    At a minimum, I would replace the clutch while it's out.
  14. J

    Anyone ever had their rack and pinion steering go bad?

    I don't know about Viper racks, but other vehicles I've worked on have an adjusting nut to achieve the proper clearance between the rack and pinion. If your rack is straight, try decreasing the play between the rack and pinion first.
  15. J

    Scary thing happen with my lift

    I have a Bendpak hydraulic scissor lift that uses air to to lower it. If your compressor is low, say below 40 psi, one or the other "poppers" won't disengage the locks. The first time it happened it scared the **** out of me. Now I always check the psi in the compressor and watch the vehicle as...
  16. J

    New NA Intake produces +58 RWHP

    Well it looks like Jeffdai found me out. Happy April Fools folks!!! :D Now I'm probably in for an Asp kickin!:crazy2:
  17. J

    New NA Intake produces +58 RWHP

    Sorry about the pics, my computer isn't cooperating.:mad:
  18. J

    New NA Intake produces +58 RWHP

    Plum, We haven't tried it on forced induction applications, but theoretically it should work well. The tests were run using 70mm throttle bodies as well, so we don't have data on how it behaves with stock TB's.
  19. J

    New NA Intake produces +58 RWHP

    We have adapted and worked the runners of a Banks intake made for a V-10 diesel to fit our Vipers. Due to the low clearance, we had to cut the runners to fit under the hood. This work resulted in an increase of about 58 RWHP. :2tu: We are offering this intake at $589.00 plus shipping for the...
  20. J

    Traffic cameras in Phoenix

    Thanks for the heads up Bob! Time to start wearing a helmet or mask and take off your license plate or cover it in mud.
  21. J

    890 rwhp with Factory Catalyst!

    Excellent work Dan!!!
  22. J

    Figured you guys would like these videos

    At the beginning of the 2nd video he acted like someone was gobbling his schnitzel!!!:o
  23. J

    Puerto Penasco

    I've been there a few times, but you couldn't pay me to go there now. Doing the house rental on the beach is fun, but that's only when there's water to flush the toilets and the power isn't out. Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) is really lame when compared to other beach destinations. Listen to...
  24. J

    My Viper was STOLEN.

    Since he was pinned in the car and needed the jaws of life to get him out, it's too bad they found him right away instead of say 3 months from now.

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