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    New Article March 27 2016 on Gen II Vipers - Fun Facts

    Stuff most of us probably already know but great to see a Gen II article present day. Enjoy.
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    Power Steering Issue 97 GTS - Question for members

    Wow. It has been awhile. Last weekend my Viper stranded me for the first time in 8 years during the night on a deserted road. Was driving and my power steering became intermittent. Luckily I noticed the battery light come on suddenly and my temp started to rise quickly so I pulled over and...
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    Adjustable Wheel dollies to move your Gen2 around the garage

    Wow. I think it has been 3 years or more since I posted. A lot of changes on here. Hope to reconnect with a few old friends. Anyway, question of the moment... I am looking for adjustable wheel dollies ( like the picture below) but ones that can expand to handle the 13in rear tires. I...
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    Will this Interstate battery fit in my 97 GTS?

    My battery finally died yesterday. Going to replace it with the same battery that is already in there since it lasted so long. The battery is a Interstate megatron plus - MTP-78 with the terminals on the side. See link below. Automotive / Truck Batteries - Dodge - Viper - Mega-Tron Plus -...
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    Put on new PS2's - Changed my stance? How can I get it back?

    I changed the Pilot sports to new PS2's earlier last month. Love the grip of the new tires but the cars looks higher and less menacing now. I understand the PS2's are taller but didn't think it would change the stance and look that much. How much taller are the PS2's? Can I get the original...
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    Looking for a Viper GTS banner for my garage

    As subject says (I'm already checking Ebay - sellers want ridiculous money to ship a piece of vinyl to canada). I am looking for a 2ft x 4ft banner similar to this one pictured but in blue. Does anyone have one they would like to sell. Or....if you have a Viper banner that looks cool that...
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    New Upgrades (Pics) - Change those engine mounts! Tire dates! Ab's wires rule!

    Spring is finally here and decided to do some much needed maintenance and upgrades to my 97 B/W GTS (28,000 miles). I did the following: 1. New tires - upgraded Pilot Sports to new PS2's - It's been said a lot....check your tire codes and dates. The tires that were currently on my car were...
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    Looking to purchase 17 inch PS2's - Where?

    Looking to buy 17" tires (PS2) from local member or looking for suggestions for th best place to buy in montreal area. Thanks. John
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    Stored my now *****!

    That is all.....
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    Help FAST - 97 GTS - Oil Capacity - Which is correct - service or owner manual?

    I'm storing my car this afternoon. Based on the research I did here and owners manual, 8.5 quarts (with filter) seems to be the recomended capacity for an oil change for a 97 GTS. Just to be safe I checked my 1997 service manual. It says the right amount is 7.5 quarts with filter. Which is...
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    Storing Viper - Mobil 1 10-30w Bottle Changed? - Am I buying the right one?

    I'm storing my car this weekend and doing an oil change with Mobil 1 10-30 Synthetic. The bottle looks different than I remember.......under that 10-30 it says in GREEN letters: "For higher mileage cars". I've gone to all the big chains and it is the same. Is this the regular 10-30 we've...
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    Nice wallpaper image for B/W fans

    Have this as my wall paper
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    Viper Garage Restoration/Renovation Pictures

    I purchased on old victorian home this summer built around 1860's. The challenge in finding an old home is finding a garage on the same property. Most are old barns. We did eventually did find the home after looking every weekend for a solid year. It did have a building called "a garage"...
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    Dogs and Vipers - Bring em' for a ride?

    Odd subject I know. Love my dog dearly and she goes everywhere with me. I've seen a lot of people here post stuff on their pets. She is always trying to get in the Viper. I never let her. Question - (If you protect the seats) - Do you take your dog in your Viper? Is there any safe way of...
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    Renovating Garage - Questions - Part 2 help and suggestions

    As per previous post. I bought an old victorian home built in 1870 with a garage that is almost as old. I move in at the end of this month. The garage foundation is solid but needs a lot of work (600 sq ft). Other owners have kept maintaining this structure for over a century so I am NOT going...
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    Garage Floor Questions - What products?

    I've read every post I can find on the subject. I am renovating my garage that is 100 years old. For now, I have decided to use an epoxy solution for the cement floor and use garage matts on top of it for working on the cars. The garage surface is 600 square feet. Question - I want a...
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    Great story driving my viper this weekend - funny, small world, and great people

    Other than an event last year, I have never seen another Viper on the road in my area in 10 years. I was driving this sunday down the highway (1997 B/W GTS) on my way home and from a distance I saw what looked like another Viper going down the same highway. I proceeded to catch up and sure...
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    Best advice you ever got as a new viper owner? Share your knowledge

    Today I celebrate 1 year ownership of a fabulous 1997 B/W GTS. What a difference a year makes!! I've noticed a lot of new members and nervous first time buyers this season getting greeted as nicely as I was greeted last year. For fun, I looked at my very first posts when I knew nothing...
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    Help! What did newbie do now? Gas question

    I have a 1997 GTS that I took out of storage a few weeks ago. When I stored the car last winter I had to manually fill the gas tank with one of those portable gas containers and attached nozzle. I overfilled the tank (a little gas over spill came out but no big deal). Question - Now the car...
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    Question - So many wrecked 08 vipers - Viper history please

    We have unfortunately all read wrecked Viper stories but I have never seen so many so quickly as I have with the 08 Viper. Here is the lastest one. You can see people opinions on the Gen III crowd as to why they think it is happening...
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    Whoohoo - My car is back on the road - who else is out of hibernation?

    Finally......I mean FINALLY. The wicked smelly winter is over. Five months of storage. Tires didn't lose a single pound of pressure. Can't say enough about investing in a Battery Tender. Car just fired up right away and out I went. What a great feeling!! Also forgot that I put a new...
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    Oh Totalled 08 Viper Already - Would you fire this guy?

    Not sure if someone posted this yet.......yikes! Idiot at my work TOTALS brand new viper (PICS) - SRT Forums - SRT4, SRT6, SRT8, SRT10 & Dodge Forum
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    Taking your car out of storage and back on the road

    Snow is still waist high here but today was the first time in 5 months it was above freezing. It was my first season with the car last summer. I stored the car December 1st. I check on it once in a while...have not lost 1lb of air pressure on the tires. I did everything that was suggested...
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    Garage art finds for Gen 1 guys

    Found this on Craig's list just now. Could be nice for someone's garage. DODGE VIPER Posters Gas Station Signs, Art Poster Car, Pictures
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    Upgrading Pedals on GTS for Performance Driving

    With my first season of ownership under my belt I have signed up for performance driving lessons in April 2008. Being winter here and having to fill in time, I bought the Skip Barber books and video and "Speed Secrets" to prepare all the theory. This is my first expereince driving on a track...

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