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    Anyone Know Anything About This Custom Coupe?
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    Anyone Know This 2009 ACR?

    Any information on this car would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
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    Came Across This Today; 2010 Dodge Viper / Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale

    TALK ABOUT EXPENSIVE!!![DODGE[VIPER[]][]]&listingId=375505718&Log=0
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    1994 Dodge Viper RT/10 Bankruptcy Seizure For Sale - Talk About Miles!

    The owner really drove this car! Proof they don't **** up at least!
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    Chrysler Is Now Italian - Fiat Owns 100% of Chrysler As of Today

    Since the other thread was a bit derailed, I wanted to post this to see thoughts. What are your opinions?
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    Does Anyone Have A Photo of the Stock Seats in the SRT?

    Does anyone have a photo of these? From what I have seen just about everyone has upgraded them seats in the SRT or have the GTS which comes standard with the higher end seats. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    What Are The Production Numbers For The White/Black ACRs with Red Drivers Stripes?

    The White & Black ACR with Red Drivers Stripe is one of the most limited combinations, and arguably the most beautiful, at least to me. Now does anyone know the exact number produced? I think I heard 16 but not sure. Also anyone know where these are now and if any are for sale? I know Rob...
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    The Most Epic Track Event Ever in The World, Includes Vipers!

    I love how foreign owners know how to drive their cars. Never afraid of resale, mileage, or rain. This is just simply amazing!****-most-epic-car-video-ever-i-think-so-video/
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    Starting A White Mamba Registry, Any Help Would Be Greatly Appreciated

    Good afternoon everyone. So it is no secret that I have always had a love for White Mamba's but everytime I go to think about possibly purchasing one, I find one that has a history so now I am sick and tired of coming across the same cars with bad histories so what my solution? I am going to...
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    SRT Making A Whining / Whistle Noise When Driving or Revving

    I was out with a friend yesterday and I heard this weird noise coming from the engine. I took a video as it was the only way I knew how to capture the noise. What are your thoughts? I think it might be the belts? It is not supercharged by the way, as I know that is what most will ask first. Any...
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    Anyone Else Notice GEN IIs Are Disappearing?

    All of a sudden I look and there are hardly any available for sale and the ones for sale have asking prices that have seemingly grown 10% - 20% from a few months ago. I know summer is coming but looking at this, one would never think we are in a recession. :drive:
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    Anyone Have More Pictures of This SSG RT/10?

    Really growing on me but only have the one picture from Jeff's (AP Engineering) website. Any more photos?
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    Dodge Viper SRT-10s & Many Other Exotics Racing on The Runway

    This is from last years Runway event with ER. Should be entertaining to watch. Here is the link:
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    Any Orange ACR's with Black Drivers Stripes?

    Never seen one before and was just wondering. Only seen two orange ACRs, one is a member on here and the other was on eBay. Of course for this combo to work the car has to be all orange and not have the black hood. ;)
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    ViperJames, Post Pictures of That New Car You Bought Already!!!!

    What's is with the delay sir? We are all waiting in suspense. ;)
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    Anyone Else Think This Is A "Little" High?

    I nearly fell out of my chair at this one today:
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    Wow, Does This Look Familar?

    ***?!?!?! Why is my old car that I sold in March for sale? :omg:
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    What Was This Owner Thinking?

    The title says it all. Who even makes these? Wow, this is simply distasteful!
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    Anyone Live/Work Near Stockton?

    I have a car that I would like to have looked at if possible in the Stockton area. PM me if you are available to take a look. It would be MUCH appreciated. :D
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    Sad Day - My 2001 RT/10 Has Been Sold!

    Yes the day has come, my baby has been sold. It still does not seem real but a quick look in the garage confirms it! I have been fortunate enough to own this great car for exactly 6 years and 1 day. I took delievery on March 12th, 2003 and it was sold on March 13th, 2009! Ironic? I like to think...
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    Anyone Have A Set of 1999-2002 GEN II Wheels Lying Around?

    Looking to get a set of stockers on my car again. Anyone have any they are willing to get rid of? Just missed out on a set on eBay for $1100 with good tires so I think this seems fair. Thanking you in advance
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    Paxton Questions

    I have been told that just adding a Paxton Supercharger to the engine as a bolt on is a major problem waiting to happen without rebuilding or changing components to the engine. Is this true? I am a completely clueless to this kind of stuff and a friend of mine recently purchased a SRT with a...
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    Anyone Ever Hear of ASA Viper Performance for SRT-10 Work?

    Anyone ever hear of this shop? I can not find anything on the internet. My friend John just bought a SRT-10 with a Supercharger and we were looking through the paperwork and it was done by ASA Viper performance?? I started to look around to find things about this shop but we can not anything for...
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    Talk About Low Miles....

    1996 GTS in Blue with White Stripes 40 Miles!!! Currently listed on eBay for $85,000. Due to post regulations I can not post the link but I just wanted to know how they were not tempted to drive!!! I guess the ZR1 he has did enough for him for the last several months!!! Lowest mileage car in...

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