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    Want to put push button start on 96 gts

    What brand button is that. Honda s2000 one or a different one. Also. do you know how they installed it with the wiring. Did they remove the steering wheel covers and get to the ignition switch wires or some other way? Just trying to do this myself but not sure about which button to buy on ebay...
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    Wheel and tire size

    who makes that size tire
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    1994 Hennessey Venom 600 on e-bay from Houston area

    Oh come on!! lol. This guy purely took hard earned money, money that people use for their families and lively hoods and treated it like it was his own. I give you money and you give me a product. THE PRODUCT I ASKED AND BOUGHT, not what he perceived as bought. When I pay for a certain build, a...
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    1996 GTS Blue Paint

    Both cars are **** stock. Know that as a fact. There were different color variances back in 96. Cars were not all the same color. PPG is actually the one company that cannot match. BASF Diamont and SIKKENS are the only 2 that I have so far been able to confirm matches. You got to remember...
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    not feeling real good about my 01 RT/10

    By the time any one of the Vipers is worth anything of quantity as far as dollars are concerned, you and I won't be worth nothing. Drive your cars people. Make investments and collections in Real Estate. That is where you will get a return for your money. Not a Viper or any car for that matter.
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    WTB: Side splitters for my 96 GTS?

    Well, ok then. That is exactly what I am looking for + some (side vent grills) Thanks for the link.
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    WTB: Side splitters for my 96 GTS?

    Bumped in case someone may have more information on where to get these.
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    Newest Autoform Hardtop Design

    Putting out more mods for the RT-10 makes perfect business sense. Most people looking to buy a Viper opt out of the RT-10's because of the issues with storing the top or would rather go completely ******* and thus miss out on this great vehicles design and stance. Not to mention price...
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    Solutions for Rear Tires Rubbing Fenders?

    Hey buddy, take a chill pill man....its ok....don't worry...everything is going to be ok. We got carried on and missed the point. Are you going to be ok with it?...****. Chicken Little Chicken Little, the sky is falling the sky is falling !!
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    Has anyone else ordered the BC coilovers from Will at RSI in the past 6 months?

    If a director or RSi could chime in and come up with a reason as to why we shouldn't, or why it has not happened, it might make the reason more credible.
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    Solutions for Rear Tires Rubbing Fenders?

    Yes and, as per the quote I answered, that is why the Venom wheels didn't rub and the OP's wheels did with the 20's
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    WTB: Side splitters for my 96 GTS?

    Thanks for the pics....looks great. Looked up the link and partsrack says on the add that is for SRT-10 only
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    Some Pics of my 02

    Traded a 96 GTS...hmm...tough call there
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    Solutions for Rear Tires Rubbing Fenders?

    Yours are 19's...OP's are 20's
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    Engine Start

    Had the same problem with my other 96 and it turned out to be the fuel pumps were lazy. That is what the new owner stated anyways. Started on the second try every time. Got a little embarrassing after a while at car shows and outdoor patio dinners.
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    Has anyone else ordered the BC coilovers from Will at RSI in the past 6 months?

    When a sponsor has ripped off a lot of customers/members, I would think that there must have been a contract per say that was initialized upon with fair practice and business ethics involved. Leaving them as a sponsor without justification on all that has happened in the past with members, is...
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    1996 GTS Blue Paint

    I tend to differ on that. I called Sikkens and they only have one variance for the 96 GTS Blue. How could they only have one? My two 96's side by side , original factory paint, and both were completely different in color. One was more blue and the other more violet. Now how can one can of paint...
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    WTB: Side splitters for my 96 GTS?

    Anyone have any or know where I can get them from?
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    Want to put push button start on 96 gts

    Where do I get the correct kit to do this install? Anyone done it before?
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    Had a run in witha Z06 tonite.

    With the SC and 10lb Roe you should have left him standing still with his jaw to the ground. Pull up easy next time ( Roll into first), double clutch it into second and hammer it at that point in third and look in your rear view mirror for the little guy racing you. Either that or you need new...
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    AutoGuide on HP Situation Viper & Challenger Hellcat

    The sad thing about this whole challenger Hellcat thing is why....WHY would SRT build a challenger with soooo much more HP and yet comes up with excuses why it didn't do it with the Viper and left a lot of Viper fans unhappy and unwilling to buy the new car. The excuses from SRT were just...
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    WTB 96/97 Low Mileage Blue/White GTS Coupe

    If you actually figure it out, its quite cheap for a USA buyer. With the dollar exchange it would cost you as much as some of the ebay advertised ones for 59900 and way more miles on those guys. This is probable one of if not the lowest mileage 96 around. It would not be worth buying it to drive...
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    96 GTS review

    The one and only never to be duplicated 96 GTS B/W !! If there was a flood again, Noah would certainly save two of these guys.

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