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    Please help! Broke a half shaft

    Well it was a bad first experience at the track. I went saturday to run with my friend and his C5 ZO6 for the first time, and the first run of the day after i launched it pretty low (around 1.5, 2k) I snapped my drive side half shaft. I heard this was common for modded cars, but mine is...
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    2012 Viper Concept Pic

    I don't know if this is a repost or not, but is this a possible 2012 viper concept? Thoughts on it? Here is the original article The Future of Viper - Find Out What's Next for Viper at
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    Need a Front GTS rim

    I am looking for a perfect five spoke GTS rim, the newer style. I believe it was '98-'02. I slightly nicked up the edge of my front rim on a high driveway entrance/ curb. It bugs me, so I'm looking to see if someone has one laying around possibly off a the good side of a wrecked car or...
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    Impossible stripe install

    Ok so I have read everything I can about installing vinyl stripes and I am stuck on the bumpers. The easy parts turned out great (hood and roof) but I have tried the front bumper about 10 times now every different way with no luck! Glad I got the 150' roll because at this rate I might need it...
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    My new delivery from Max Motors!

    Well I dont know what to say!! After about dreaming of getting a viper for the past 15 years its finally happened. It still feels like a dream and i have to go check on the car to make sure its still there!! My new baby was delivered this past Friday, from Max motors. It is an '01 GTS, and i...
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    Red '01 GTS in Classifieds??

    The car at Max Motors, does anyone know whos car this is or where it came from? Looks really nice, and supposedly came from a VCA member. Just wondering on its backround before I would fly out to look at it. Thanks!:drive:
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    Snake Skin Red? Mamba

    I came across this on ebay... I dont even know what to say... :crazy2: :crazy2: :comp2:
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    Anyone know this GTS in CA

    I've been looking into this GTS in San Diego, anyone happen to know whos it is? or seen it around that area? I have the VIN also if someone could do a backround check on it for me. Thanks!
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    Whats with this Seat bolster on this GTS for sale??

    Well i am in the market for a GTS and came across this one but the seat bolster looks like it has some sort of growth on it. Anyone seen this before? I havent gotten a chance to see it in person yet. :dunno:

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