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    TeamTech 6-point Harness Install - Need help ASAP

    Hi all, I'm trying to install the harness this weekend but no instructions came with it. This harness kit is specifically designed for the Gen V, but I believe it's mostly the same as Gen III/IV. If anyone's done this, I would greatly appreciate your help. I figured out how to install the...
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    Buttonwillow Raceway 12/21 - 12/22!

    REDSLED and I are going to track Buttonwillow Dec 21 and Dec 22, with Speed Ventures: I'm signed up in my Gen V in the Green Group - Advanced Open Passing I have a friend that may be joining us in the beginner group too...
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    Buttonwillow Raceway 12/21 - 12/22!

    I am going to track Buttonwillow Dec 21 and Dec 22, with Speed Ventures. Redsled will be joining the on-track fun Sunday. I'm signed up in my Gen V in the Green Group - Advanced Open Passing I have a friend that may be joining us in...
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    Buttonwillow Raceway 12/21 - 12/22!

    I am going to track Buttonwillow Dec 21 and Dec 22, with Speed Ventures. Redsled will be joining the on-track fun Sunday. I'm signed up in my Gen V in the Green Group - Advanced Open Passing I have a friend that may be joining us in...
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    Anyone track a Gen V at Laguna Seca?

    Laguna Seca has a sound meter on the track that ensures cars are under 90 dB. They've always had a limited number of higher sound track days, such as 105 dB. News flash - I've hear that beginning in 2014, all track days with be 90 dB! Most stock cars pass this, but I'm doubtful the Gen V...
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    My Gen V at Thunderhill Raceway

    I took my Viper out on the track for the first time. I went to Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA for a Hooked on Driving track day. I tracked the Camaro there for a weekend, it's a track that I feel comfortable at and has almost no walls to hit. Perfect for the Viper's maiden voyage. The...
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    Track day Insurance for my Gen V

    Hi all, I thought since this has come up, I would detail the track day insurance that I purchased for my Viper from Locton Affinity. Here are the high points: I declared a value of $125,000 for the Viper, which is the maximum that they will insure for. Note- Do not declare a higher...
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    Maiden Road Trip - CA Viper Rendezvous

    Fresh from my dealership and with only 15 miles on the odometer, it was time to break it in right! My daughter and I joined Vipers from all over California for a road trip to Santa Barbara. About 35 or 40 Vipers converged at the Fess Parker Resort for a 3-day party.
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    Motor oil viscosity for tracking the Gen V

    I'm just about to change the oil before tracking at Thunderhill. I had wanted to run Royal Purple 10W-40 but my local auto parts didn't have it. Ended up picking up Royal Purple 10W-30, anyone have any opinions? Too thin? They also have Royal Purple 15W-50 or Mobil 1 0W-40. Or for that...
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    Red and Black Napa Leather

    Since this interior color is fairly rare, I thought I'd post a few shots. Absolutely love it. The red and black interior is what the original interior designers created, so it seems fitting to be on a Stryker Red car. The reds are different enough that they complement each other, like dark...
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    One Strykingly **** Snake!

    Some pictures at CAAP from a hero of mine that has gone to extraordinary measures to get my machine READY TO SHIP!!! That's right. As of 2:15 EST, my baby's ready to come home :D
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    2014 Viper ordering now open

    According to an email from SRT, all 2014 SRTs including the Viper are now open for ordering.
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    Behind the Scenes with Viper Gen V

    I attended Maurice Liang's "Behind the Scenes with Viper Gen V" event. Ralph Gilles and Maurice were there to talk about what it was like to see the Viper rise from the dead and create the Gen V. This was not a VCA event, it was a Western Automotive Journalist's event, which Maurice is a...
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    Someone slap me, I had better not be dreaming!

    As of July 2, my Stryker is in Frame!!!! I had no idea waiting for an order would be this stressful, LOL. Woot!!! :headbang::nana::woot:
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    Just picked up a poor man's Viper TA, LOL

    It's obscenely orange, it has sinister black wheels and ground effects, and lots of go-fast goodies. That makes it pretty much the same as a Viper TA, right? C'mon, just look at the two side by side! :****: I just couldn't take it any more. As many of you know, I ordered my Viper last...
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    Carbon ceramic brakes for the Gen V

    A couple of weeks ago, I took the Ron Fellows driving school at Spring Mountain Raceway. Although I had tracked before, I wanted to up my skill level before taking my Gen V on the track, so I enrolled in the ZR1 class because of it's similar weight, HP, and track performance as a Gen V Viper...
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    Gen V tow hooks or tow points for track days?

    I'll be tracking the Gen V end of June, and need tow hooks, or at least need to know that it can be pulled out of the gravel safely without damage. Trouble is, I don't have the car yet and may not have time to have something fabbed at the last minute. Anyone heard anything? The Viper TA has...
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    Article about GTS's dampers

    Interesting article about the 2-mode Bilsteins. The system automatically switches into Track Mode at 95+ MPH, or if you make a hard corner on the street. What I'd like to...
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    Ron Fellows ZR1 School, Spring Mountain?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of taking my track skills up a notch, while I'm waiting for my Gen V to arrive. I'm a relative rookie. I've autocrossed a few times, and have tracked a Corvette at Spring Mountain and an R8 at Sonoma. Has anyone attended Ron Fellows ZR1 school, at Spring Mountain...
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    New Viper TA article and video

    This was just posted on the SRT website: Article: EDIT: The video can be played from the article. Very interesting info here. Something that caught my eye: This says the TA has firmer damping...
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    2013 Vipers ship this week!!! Plus 2nd wave 2013 Vipers, and carbon fiber packages

    This was sent to SRT dealers today, lots of important info... -------------------------- SRT Performance Dealers, It has been a busy few days at SRT. Two SRT Viper GTS-R racecars recently debuted in the 2013 American Le Mans Series (ALMS) at the 12 Hours of Sebring with a 5th and 10th...
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    Venom Wheels, polished with hyper black pockets - Pics!

    I bought these for the street. I'll save the Sidewinder II's and Corsas for track days. I could not be happier! These wheels are bad ***. Brightly polished faces. The pockets look like metallic grey powder coat, which is not what I was expecting for hyper black. They're a little dusty...
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    Ralph hints at Pirelli Trofeos for Viper?

    On Jan 27, Ralph tweeted, "LOTS of of potential in our future... Our Tire partner Pirelli has a secret weapon of it's own.... " And he posted this pic, which is a Pirelli PZero Trofeo. I've heard this is the tire to compete with the Michelin Pilot Sport Cups. Pirelli's website shows a...
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    Gen V Viper at Silicon Valley International Auto Show

    Hi all, There is a new Viper at this auto show, through Sunday night. This is the Adrenaline Red GTS with black stripes that you've seen in some of the reviews, and will be featured on the upcoming Jay Leno's Garage. I'll be attending Saturday, and will post pictures. At last, I get to...
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    Optimism, Pessimism and Trolls

    Like on all forums, It appears that there are several types of posts on this forum, including some by a few trolls, some that lean towards pessimism, and some that are optimistic about the Gen V. We are all a mix of optimism and pessimism to some degree. The trolls are not worth responding...

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