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    Rear Knuckles for '01 GTS

    Looking for left and right rear knuckles for '01 GTS.:)
  2. J

    Free Pilot Sports

    I have three Pilot Sports that I'd like to get rid of. They are 335/30 ZR18's. All have about 75% tread left. They have'01 build dates and have been stored indoors since '03. One is fine; One has a Z-rated patch-plug; the last one has a small nail in the middle of the tread pattern (fixable)...
  3. J

    Need an Amber Side Marker Lens

    Hi Folks, I have a scratch in my drivers side marker lens and was wondering if anyone might have an extra one they would like to sell.:dunno: Thanks! Jim
  4. J

    New NA Intake produces +58 RWHP

    We have adapted and worked the runners of a Banks intake made for a V-10 diesel to fit our Vipers. Due to the low clearance, we had to cut the runners to fit under the hood. This work resulted in an increase of about 58 RWHP. :2tu: We are offering this intake at $589.00 plus shipping for the...
  5. J

    Looking for a few Yellow GTS's

    I've done some searching around and can't seem to find any little Matchbox size solid yellow GTS's. Forgive my ignorance, but I don't know what scale they call those little cars that are about 2.5 inches long. Just wanted to have a few to carry around for little kids that admire my...
  6. J

    How to Repair Curb Rash

    I scratched the right rear last weekend as you can see by the debris left on the tire, so it was time to fix it. Start with various grades of surface conditioners, a dremel and coarse and fine buffing compound.... I started with the least aggrresive surface conditioner, but had to use a...
  7. J

    Questions about Spark Plugs

    I'm running a DLM SC setup, about 12 psi, ported heads, cam headers, etc.... Doug recommended a NGK BKR7E-11 plug (2 steps colder than stock) gapped at 0.034-0.035 and they perform great. One question is why does the NGK website recommends 0.044 gap...
  8. J

    Powder Coating Springs?

    I have adjustable Koni's with Hyperco springs and was wondering if it is ok to powder coat the springs. Powder coating temps are up to 450 degrees. Will heating them to this temp make them fatigue or lose their spring rating?:dunno:
  9. J

    Water/**** Injection VS. Timing ****** for Ping

    I posted this in the Tuning section, but haven't received any replies, so I thought it might get more attention in this forum....... There are various size nozzles for water/**** injection. How does one know when to limit the quantity of water/**** injection and turn to retarding timing...
  10. J

    Water/**** Injection VS. Timing ****** for Ping

    There are various size nozzles for water/**** injection. How does one know when to limit the quantity of water/**** injection and turn to retarding timing instead to eliminate pinging? I would think there is a crossover point to feeding more water/**** into your intake verses pulling timing...
  11. J

    Strange Twist to Viper Crash

    This article came out this morning regarding the Attorney that died back in March when he crashed his Viper into a tractor trailer..... Original threads below........
  12. J

    Poor Man's Pressure Bleeder

    For those of you interested in buying a pressure bleeder for your brakes, here is a cheap alternative that I made. Go to your local hardware store and get a small sprayer, some brass fittings and some tubing. Then go to your local car parts store and get a cap for your master cylinder. Drill a...
  13. J

    VEC2 PWM Question

    I'm running a VEC2 to control the additional injectors on my DLM S/C setup. When cranking the motor, the PWM gets power and thus the additional injectors fire. This floods the engine to the point were it will not start. As a fix I've installed a manual switch to disable the PWM during startup...
  14. J

    General Tuning Info for Beginners

    I'd like to start out with a big thanks to Damn Yankee and Chris for making this tuning section happen!!!:2tu: I'd like to share a link that helped me to understand the whole tuning process. I have a blower on my Tacoma and my buddy Steve (Gadget) put this document together to help us Toyota...
  15. J

    Links in Threads

    When someone posts a link to another thread in the forum in a post; and I click on it, it takes me to the home page of the VCA forum instead of the thread. Any suggestions? Thanks! Jim
  16. J

    Accufab Throttle Body Help Please

    I just installed new Accufab throttle bodies (70mm) and now my idle stays around 1800 rpm's. Any ideas what is causing the high idle? At idle, both TB's are at their fully closed position and there is no binding or hanging of the linkage. I am running a paxton blower, and it idled fine before...
  17. J

    Saw a wrecked SRT-10 Today....

    I was driving home and saw a silver SRT-10 on a flatbed going east on I-10 just south of Phoenix. The driver's side rear was smashed and the suspension appeared to have been ripped off. :eek: Hope the driver was ok. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me.... Be careful out there!!!!
  18. J

    Wheel Question

    What is the difference between step lip and reverse lip? Thanks, Jim
  19. J

    Thinking of getting HRE 541R's

    Thinking of getting HRE 541R\'s If anyone has HRE 541R's in 18" for sale or knows where I can get a good deal on a set, please let me know. Thanks, Jim
  20. J

    Looking for a fuel pump relay

    I am having problems with my Aeromotive pump controller and want to try a simple relay. If anyone has one that they would like to unload (similiar to the one in the link below) please let me know. I don't need all the wiring, just the relay. Thanks!
  21. J

    Viper Burnout :p
  22. J

    My SC Project is FINALLY Done (no more creampuff)!!!!!!

    Well it took almost six months to complete (I originally figured about a month :bonker: ) Here's a list of the mods: DLM SC package 708 cam BTR Stage II heads Ross forged pistons Balanced motor Vec-2 Air/air intercooler Aeromotive fuel system for additional injectors SPEC III clutch Fidanza...
  23. J

    Installing Transmission Quick-Disconnect Help

    I'm trying to reconnect the hydraulic line to the transmission, but it won't go in far enough to catch the retainer clips (about a 1/2 inch short). Am I missing a part or is there a trick? :confused:
  24. J

    Need a cap for the schrader valve on the intake manifold

    Anyone know where I can get the cap that goes on the schrader valve located on the passenger side of the intake manifold? Thanks, Jim
  25. J

    Best way to clean inside of intake manifold?

    I just had my intake manifold and valve covers powder coated and noticed that the inside of the manifold has a bunch of powder/blasting media coating it. Any tips on making sure to get all that crud out of the runners? Also, I'm sure the fuel rails have crud in them as well but I can't get the...

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