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    The official Street Serpent Q&A thread!!!

    Jeff, who did you end up selling the molds to?
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    Anyone Know Anything About This Custom Coupe?
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    Truth in advertising?

    Sold for asking.
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    Truth in advertising?

    Very interested to see where it goes.
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    Truth in advertising?

    It's back up for sale.
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    Anyone else notice the Gen5 trolls have not been around

    Funny I was against getting a Porsche, drove the 997 Turbo S and I was sold. This car is awesome. Happy ever since.
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    Students Save Dodge Viper Prototype From Getting Crushed

    They are crushing for liability reasons. If it gets sold somehow or in the hands of someone it should not, and someone gets hurt as a result, Chrysler could be found responsible and held for financial damages. I hate to see it too, but I understand their reasons.
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    Holy ****...Dodge just announced great incentives to spur sales

    Re: Holy ****...Dodge just hit the panic button on the Viper. Although the GT3 is not as fast, that is one awesome car. Plus it is a much better build than the Viper. I just drove a '13 for the first time a few weeks ago; and I am not sure if I just had really high expectations or what, but...
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    Possible 2016 Supercharged

    And what will this cost? I just don't see this significantly helping sales.
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    Great price on new Viper TA if anyone is interested

    I would just post the price as well. Also avoids unnecessary ***.
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    Gen V Convertible!

    If a customer was willing to pay $35K for a convertible option, they either really want to be the first one to have it, or there is no convertible coming. If there was, why not just wait 6 months for the true convertible from Dodge?
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    2014 Viper sells for $73,600

    This keeps up, and the winter will definitely be a free for all!
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    Anyone Know This 2009 ACR?

    You could buy anything off eBay these days. I purchased my first Viper off eBay, and scored a great deal back then. I spoke with the sales manager and was told they are into it close to that number because the owner traded on a Murcielago they wanted to really move. So bottom number is $77,500...
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    Anyone Know This 2009 ACR?

    Any information on this car would be greatly appreciated. Thanking you in advance.
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    Came Across This Today; 2010 Dodge Viper / Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale

    The interior is pretty neat. I just love how you can look at it and still see Viper features . I am just shocked they got 10 people to pay this much money for this car.
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    Came Across This Today; 2010 Dodge Viper / Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale
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    Didn't see in classifieds. Where can we find more info?
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    Came Across This Today; 2010 Dodge Viper / Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale

    TALK ABOUT EXPENSIVE!!![DODGE[VIPER[]][]]&listingId=375505718&Log=0
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    Owners of Stryker Red

    I am assuming this is the NJ car Bob?
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    Depends on the exterior color. White is most desirable, black is in the middle, and silver the least.
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    Need Help From Las Vegas People

    Send me a PM with your details and criteria and I can forward you a recommendation if you want.
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    The SRT experiment is over.

    This was a dumb idea from the beginning. Creating a separate company to sell the "performance enhanced" versions of vehicles already sold under a different brand is just plain confusing to the consumer. You still get the vehicles serviced at a Dodge dealer, you still buy the car from a Dodge...
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    Rebate on ge 5 coming this week

    1BADGTS, any idea how much we are talking?

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