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    Stryker Red @ B-J Auction in Palm Beach?

    You can slice and dice the outcome all you want but you lost big time. And made a lot of people happy in the processs. After all your arrogant posts you felt that the high rollers at BJ would surely appreciate that special magenta you got slammed. Once again, congrats on...
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    Stryker Red @ B-J Auction in Palm Beach? Comedy gold.
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    Stryker Red @ B-J Auction in Palm Beach?

    Can’t help but laugh hysterically at this clowns years of trying to sell his car at a ridiculous inflated price only to be totally ***** finally by the real world. Congrats on losing 50% of the purchase price in three years while never driving it to keep the mileage down for the big “payday”...
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    FOR SALE - RED 2002 RT/10 5400 miles

    1900 miles In seven years. Yikes. Must have been a real special occasion when that moved from the garage.
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    viper prices

    This was heated? If you're going to cut and paste the same comments on multiple sites at least make them appropriate to the thread.
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    You Can't Order a New Dodge Viper Anymore by Road and Track

    It will return, car manufacturers never let a successful moniker die. In what form....who knows.
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    Quick Jack

    Dave - Yes that is correct. When I ordered mine last December I got $100.00 off on the 5000SLX model and got the end caps thrown in no charge. Shipping is FedEx and the three packages are manageable. They pack the units really well, mine got from CA to Long Island no issues. There are lots of...
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    Quick Jack

    I have one, works great on a Gen 5 Viper's jack points. Thread and many pics on the other site. Best thing I ever bought can get car up in the air in five minutes and can be stored with next to zero footprint. And if you're concerned about safety it's solid as a rock.
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    New 1 of 1 ACR ordered

    Not a chance in this or any other world, and I own one.
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    Gen 5 viper value retention after 2017 brand discontinuing

    I've never understood why it concerns people what other people do with the cars they bought and paid for.
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    Gen 5 viper value retention after 2017 brand discontinuing

    So what part aren't you understanding. You said all are sold and I clarified all are sold to dealers, NOT necessarily sold to end buyers yet.
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    Gen 5 viper value retention after 2017 brand discontinuing

    Of course you know that dealers bought them all up, it does not mean they were sold to customers yet.
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    Moderators Promise

    Can't afford to lose him Steve, he's 10% of the membership.
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    Reason for such a low price on this White 2014?

    Carfax will list it, as will a simply VIN check at any Dodge dealer. There's a concerned CarFax listings are not updated correctly.
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    Reason for such a low price on this White 2014?

    And you'd be wrong. At minimum a 10% hit on resale, or more. IF you can even find a buyer.
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    How is the ACR Extreme rear wing installed on the decklid of the new ACRE?

    All that effort just to not have the ACR-E wing when riding on the street? What's the big deal? It's an ACR....the baddest car in the track world right now. Celebrate the fact and enjoy it. People flip out when the see's a rolling circus.
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    FS: 2013 Stryker Red Viper GTS - Pristine Condition - Min Price: $135K

    That should move it. It would be a tough decision whether to order a full blown brand new 2016 ACR-E for less money or your car.
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    Matte finishes

    Just was discussing this elsewhere, but a matte finish that gets even the slightest scratch can NOT be polished out. It is there forever unless you repaint. Matte finishes are cool and trendy, but you're nuts to get a factory one when you can just matte wrap the car for a few K. My buddy...
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    What year is best?

    They both had forged pistons and the 708 cam. Neither will ever be collector items of any real value. Going to be 20 years old and they still don't even bring CLOSE to they're original MSRP. They made too many.
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    ACR Raffle is Live

    My understanding is following the success of this next years raffle will be to win a space shuttle.
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    ACR Raffle is Live

    Wow who would have thought that possible with 75 members here.
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    2016 Viper ACR and the Nurburgring lap time...

    There is absolutely ZERO chance that Dodge ran a 2016 ACR at the 'Ring and no one found out about it. None. There are people who sit there year round expressly for the purpose of photographing manufacturer's test cars, it's what the do for a living. The photograph everything that comes on that...
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    BREAKING NEWS!!!!! VIPER ACR Slithers into CAAP Viper Plant.

    That's not correct. The red car is an ACR without the "Extreme" package. The Extreme package consists of the biggest wing, bigger stations, different hood and the front splitter. Not sure about the CCB's. It's the 'base' ACR. Extreme package: EXTREME AERO PACKAGE - AERO WING ASY KIT -...
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    Reputable Viper mechanic / Dealerships Staten Island NY / NJ

    Four hours? He's only an hour and a half from me half way out on Long Island. He's 45 minutes from the Throgs Neck Bridge.

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