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    Discontinued Part needed - 1994 Gen I

    Don Scharf is one of the bigger Viper salvage yards as well, so they would probably be my first call for used parts. I think X2 also specializes in Viper salvage parts, but I haven't found them to have as much for stock.
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    Need Rear Tires

    My 04 was weird with tire pressure sensors as well. I got a set of cloneable sensors and copied the original codes for them so I wouldn't have to reprogram anything for my second set of rims and initially it worked fine. Then a while later when I swapped the original wheels back on I would...
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    Wavetrac and Hydra-Lock rear ends - Advice please

    I think a lot of that comes down to use case and how you drive. I put plenty of miles on my stock gen 3 rear end before I swapped it to a gen 4 unit. If it's just a leisure car you take on a cruise with on nice days I wouldn't worry about it. If you are planning power adders or aggressive...
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    To buy Dodge Viper or Chrysler Viper?

    I believe the difference between the two has to do with the exhaust. The Chrysler branded cars had to meet more stringent European pass by noise regulations and had more restrictive exhaust. I'm not sure if the tuning or anything actually changed with them though. So for instance if you were...
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    E Brake

    Yeah, I think it's been a problem for all gen 3s and probably even 4s as I thought they used the same setup. I believe even the gen 5 uses the same setup, but I think they changed where on the rotor it mounts, so it might have a better cable run or something that makes it less likely to drag.
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    Custom brake/clutch pedals for the tall folks ?

    You might run into a problem with pedal travel if you go too far back. I know the pedals are electronically adjustable, so the stop has to be built into the frame and not the floor, but I think when fully back they are awfully close to the floor when fully depressed.
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    Looking for an inner door stanchion

    That is one weird mix of cars for a company to make parts for, but awesome that someone is stepping up either way!
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    2000 RT/10 question.

    Kind of almost looks like a radio antenna possibly (like for an antenna built into the windshield). Not sure that's quite right though based on the o-ring. Is there anything on the car that doesn't work properly? Based on where it was located I would tend to think a door jamb switch/curtesy...
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    Looking Where to Buy '04 Tail Light Assembly

    Yeah, I've bought from several of those sites before when looking for OEM parts. It always feels a little odd, but when you look up where they are it seems legit enough. I agree that I think they are just dealerships that have an online parts department.
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    Has anyone bought or sold on BAT ?

    Haven't actually ever bought anything there, but seen plenty of articles about it. I think the place is legit, it just seems to draw a particular crowd lately. I would agree the prices tend to be way inflated for some of the rarer stuff. Don't know if some of that is behind the scenes bidding...
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    2003 Check Engine light due to EVAP lines

    Those lines could be cracked or split anywhere. I accidentally broke one of mine when I was messing with my power steering pump because it is clipped to the bottom of the brace that goes between the shock towers. I ended up fixing it by just putting a rubber hose between the section that...
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    Looking for an inner door stanchion

    You might have better luck posting down in the gen 1/2 forums. That being said, I think those have been out of production for a while as I feel like I've seen that same request on here before a few times. Viper Parts Rack (Jon B) and Don Scharf are the two places I would probably check first...
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    Gen 3 - Exhuast

    A full catback shouldn't be obnoxiously loud, though I guess everyone's ears are different. I loved my setup with the factory manifolds/cats and the Borlas. Had a nice low muscle car kind of tone to it. I think Belangers and Corsas sound a little more **** and exotic because they come across...
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    Gen 3 - Exhuast

    Definitely looks like a set of aftermarket headers based on where they all merge together. The factory setup has 4 cats total, 1 right on the end of the manifold on each side (basically shorty headers), and 1 right after the bend into the side panel. I'm fairly sure that is a cat in front of...
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    Buying a Gen 3 that needs these things - Advice

    Another option that's even simpler than replacing the shifter is just getting a shorter handle. The stock one sits up pretty high but they make shorter versions or whole different style ones. I have a profiled one from somewhere I can't recall, but it gives a similar shorter throw. It's not...
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    Gen1 front fascia removal hints?

    I did this on my mom's 94, but I don't recall anything particularly odd about it. I believe there were just bolts along the top edge under the hood lip and on the bottom. I don't know that I even remember anything in the middle. I did have to unplug the foglights as well. I think the top...
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    Buying a Gen 3 that needs these things - Advice

    For what it's worth, the Gen 3 at least doesn't run a mass air flow sensor, so less worry there. Generally speaking though I agree that you have to be careful with K&Ns. You almost never flow more air with the same surface area without somehow reducing filtration. A K&N might get around that...
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    stand alone wiring system

    I think AEM used to make the closest thing to a plug and play system you could get, but not sure if they still do. It was basically just one of their generic ECUs with a dedicated harness on it, but I haven't heard about it in a long time. I believe it was the AEM Infinity line of products...
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    Buying a Gen 3 that needs these things - Advice

    I pretty much agree with BYAIC on most of that. The shocks are probably the most open question regarding what you are really looking for out of them. If you just want some drop you can do that a couple different ways and a bunch of different price tags. I think you can just get lowering caps...
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    Brake Fluid Disappeared

    You might check the interior as well. On my old cars I've had it leak through the seal on the pedal side and run down behind the carpet, so it's not always as easy to see a leak since it's behind something. I noticed discoloration on my carpet for those though.
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    Reduce heat gain

    Why replace the radiator? I've never heard of a gen 3 having cooling issues unless it had some serious engine mods. My cam and exhaust build makes close to 600hp on the stock radiator and even on track it barely gets over 210 or 220 even on 90+ degree days. As for other things to do, I think...
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    Clutch pedal question..

    Not sure if the gen 4 would be any different, but I know on my gen 3 there is a decent bit of play at the top of the travel. I can sit there and tap it with my foot and make it bounce with basically no pressure. I agree with you that I would have expected a very soft spring or something, but...
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    2009 Viper codes, Help, Codes: 0043, 0047, 0052, 0261 Airbag Warning light.

    Nah, I'm in Kansas. My grandparents lived down in Goodyear for a little while, but moved back here as well several years ago.
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    2009 Viper codes, Help, Codes: 0043, 0047, 0052, 0261 Airbag Warning light.

    Since it's throwing both a "short to battery" and "open circuit" fault, that makes it sound more like it could be a module to me. It feels like those should be mutually exclusive conditions, and with all the other ones pointing to air bags and safety systems I'm thinking maybe you have a bad...
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    1996 rt/10 Differential ratio change

    You might ask or search down in the RT/10 - GTS forums below. I think I've seen that topic come up several times there, but I don't recall any brands off the top of my head. The name Unitrax comes to mind, but I think they are more halfshafts and carrier unit swaps, not necessarily rings and...

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