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  1. Stag Stopa

    WTB: OEM 6-spoke front wheels 18x10

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for two fully polished factory front wheels 18x10 (5181466AA) to restore my Viper to its former glory (I'm gonna post the whole 'Autobahn accident and repair story' once it's finnished). Every Mopar dealer told me they're on backorder without ETA (out of stock...
  2. Stag Stopa

    rattling noise in neutral

    Hi fellow Viper owners and tech experts, I've recognized some (quite) subdued rattling sound from the drivetrain when the car (2010 SRT-10) is running, warmed up, in neutral and the clutch engaged during the past few days. Well, I've to admit that I sometimes tend to be way too paranoid when it...