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    Cinci high end car cruise and lunch Oct 26

    Me too! Here's some pictures. Really quality group but no Vipers this time If you're interested, I'll continue to post events on the viper club forums, but the best way to keep up with events is to join the club and get email notifications. The application is just a formality, it's free...
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    Cinci high end car cruise and lunch Oct 26

    Hi Ohio VCA My mixed-marque club is hosting a cruise and lunch through some of the nice back roads of Cincinnati. It'd be great to have some Vipers join us! (I'm in Europe so I won't be attending) Saturday, Oct 26th Meet just north of Kings Island, at 48 Bypass and I-71 at Target...
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    So...I won a car show yesterday.

    Haha, sorry! I went to a show with about 25 cars, 10 awards were given and I didn't get one.... Mustangs, etc. did. To be fair though it was pretty dirty and I hadn't bothered to wash it
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    Currently own an ISF, convince me to get a SRT-10...

    The interior does heat up but to be honest the only times it's been unbearable were when I insisted on having the top down on an 85+ degree day. If I have the top up and AC on, it's never been a problem even on the hottest days. But yes aftermarket exhaust can help... I believe it's the cats...
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    pics from my long vacation

    Thanks :) it's a Canon Powershot S5 IS. It's 8 years old and just a point and shoot, but it has full manual control, 12x optical zoom, and I use a circular polarizing filter, that's why the colors look so vibrant (no editing in most of the pictures). My only complaint is I wish it were a bit of...
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    pics from my long vacation

    Thanks everyone! Instagram! haha. He was following me, saw I posted a pic from Montréal, and offered a ride. If you're planning to stay a while, I recommend Hostels are fine for a couple days but longer and you'll want somewhere nicer... you can find some nice places on there for...
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    pics from my long vacation

    New York City In NYC I was able to stay with my older brother in Manhattan, and my little sister came to visit as well. After complaining about Montréal being crowded and dirty, I thought I'd hate NYC. But it was actually pretty nice. Times Square was insane, I've never seen so many people in...
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    pics from my long vacation

    hi everyone I have been traveling since July 12th and won't be back to Chicago until early November. I miss my car!! I don't know what date I'm returning yet, but I can tell you that I'll be making a road trip the day after I get back It was sad to cut this driving season short but I...
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    Problem with inside door "weather strip". what to do?

    seems more like a classic example of driver's shoulder rubbing it every time he opens the door... that's what happened to mine big thread here:
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    I Got My Sign Today

    glad things are looking up. start counting the months now :) I was first bit when a friend let me drive his '05 roadster for my 20th birthday. Drove about 30 minutes, took it very easy, but I had withdrawal for MONTHS. I honestly cannot for the life me ever understand how some people keep...
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    Custom Magnaflow setup replaces Borla. AMAZING Results!

    your car seems to accelerate faster than mine :D sounds good
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    2006 black coupe photoshoot

    Sorry to hear that, I remember after I spun out the first time I lost all the confidence in my tires and in pushing the car around curves... didn't get it back until I did an Autocross. Obviously you were still dealing with the initial shock but if you still feel wary behind the wheel after a...
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    extended visit to Quebec from US

    This place is dead... I'm here for a month, found a place on AirBNB. LOVED Quebec City, don't really like Montreal. Not working and didn't bring my Viper with me
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    TGAM9 - Kenosha WI Meet & Cookout - 7/13/13

    pics? how was it?
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    Relaxing in Germany after a short European Vacation.......

    WOW, amazing view, and love the color on the Viper!
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    July 10th - Pilot of New Monthly Meeting Location

    I'm leaving the country on Saturday and have plans Wednesday so I won't make any more meetings this year. I hope it's not my fault that we don't hit 60. Have fun - new location sounds great!
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    thank you Steve-Indy, ipetrov, The_Greg - what a great club!

    unfortunately not, would've been nice to see the new location
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    thank you Steve-Indy, ipetrov, The_Greg - what a great club!

    Long story short, I'm giving my car to my sister for a few months while I'm out of the country and started teaching her how to drive stick on Saturday. She stalled pretty badly and the car would not start after that (battery was fine but nothing happened when I pressed "engine start"). So I...
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    extended visit to Quebec from US

    Hi Viper brothers (and sisters)... I live an hour north of Chicago currently. I'm going through some personal things that I don't want to talk about, but basically I'd like to move to Canada for an extended visit. I'm just beginning my research, so I'm sure I will find answers on Google, but...
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    pics from a cruise down to Bradley

    We had a FUN cruise down to Bradley, IL this past Saturday. It rained a little bit when we got there, but otherwise was clear. The fog + cloud cover made for some awesome pictures. Thanks very much to George for hosting us at his restaurant. We also finally got our first non-Viper to join...
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    Car value???

    Thanks. That's gorgeous! That picture is basically why I want to move
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    Car value???

    I guess I need to figure out where I'm going first :) I really was set on Switzerland but it looks nearly impossible for a self-employed person from the US to move there. I will probably hit you up for advice as I continue looking
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    Car value???

    might be moving out of the country within a year. thinking of selling the car so that i can pay off all my student loans and be debt-free before i move.
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    Car value???

    What about a silver '05 with 32k miles? $42-43k? I paid $47k in April 2012 when it had 17k miles. Paint is not perfect, some scuffs although I'm going to see how much a detail can help with that
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    Glad they are going to limit the amount Corvettes & Mustangs at Cars & Coffee Irvine

    Re: Glad they are going to limit the amount Corvettes & Mustangs at Cars & Coffee Irv My main question is whether the "gatekeeper" can actually identify a unique car. There are some extraordinary cars that may look ordinary at first glance. Yes, it would be nice to be able to fit everyone...