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    NEVCA - First event of the Year - Karting at F1 Boston - March 3rd

    WHERE IS SCOTT TICKLER? Hi Everyone We needed Scott Tickler today, he beat Chuck Tator last year, we could of used him today. There was alot of funny stories to tell today. Track manager came up to me and tell me some info for the day. Afterwards I asked him if he could add some weight to Chuck...
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    Viper magazine/ VOI12 pics

    Hi Dennis That might of you behind me going down the track. LOL Rick
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    NEVCA Christmas Party, Dec 1st.

    Paula & I are looking forward to the Xmas party and seeing everyone again. Rick
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    From The SRT Viper Facebook page

    That was at the Richard Petty Racing Garage at VOI#12. I thought Joe was the photographer. Who took this picture? Maybe Mr. Glen?
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    Next event - Fall Foliage Cruise - Oct 14th

    Paula and I looking forward to it. Rick
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    RE: Thanks to all who went to VOI#12

    I just wanted to start a thread to thank everyone who made it, and who helped out to make VOI#12 a total sucess. Richard Petty # 43 also known as the king, for showing up and sign autographs and doing photo opt. I'm so sorry you missed that. NOT :****: Mike & Jill Dupont planned out a great...
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    Who's making a VOI#12 Commercial

    New England just wrapped up our Viper commercial for VOI #12 over the Labor Day weekend.:eater: There are some pretty good commercials at VOI. Just wondering which clubs are making a commercial for VOI.:headbang...
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    VOI - 12 Event Club Shirts

    Hi Glenn I will take 1 large Blue shirt & 1 Large Red shirt. Can't wait to see the proofs. Rick
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    NEVCA - Moby **** Marina Day - Aug 26th

    Hi Bill & Cathy Had a great time yesterday. It looks like we might have a couple of nice photos too. Sorry for giving bad directions, East ,West it's all the same. Thanks Martin For bring all that lobster meat, sandwiches were awesome. Thanks to John & Martin For getting Bill W Viper back...
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    NEVCA - Moby **** Marina Day - Aug 26th

    Paula and I will be there. I won't be at the Chelmsford rest area. Oh yeh, I live next door Sweet!! Rick If you need anything let me know. Rick
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    NEVCA - Gun Shoot Video 2012

    Shawn That was an awesome video. Great job!!!! Perfect music for the video. Rick
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    Clam Bake lobster feed

    Hi Glenn & Maria Paula and I had a great time at this years clambake. The route was awesome can't wait for the aerial shot. Nice job had a great time. Rick
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    Clam Bake lobster feed

    Hi Glenn 1 Lobster & 1 steak Looking forward to the event Rick & Paula
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    Clam Bake lobster feed

    Looking forward to the event. Rick
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    NEVCA - Clam Bake Aug 5th

    Paula & I are both looking forward to the clambake this year. 1 lobster & 1 steak Rick
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    NEVCA - Cruise to Nowhere - Gun Shoot - July 8th

    Thank You Mark and Francine for the great day. Paula kept talking about the event all the way home. You both went over and above on the whole event. I think even if my wife was expecting a baby that day, I would of shown up for this event. If you didn't show up to the event today for whatever...
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    NEVCA - Cruise to Nowhere - Gun Shoot - July 8th

    Hi Joe Paula and I are in. I'm going to be watching a Steven Seigal Movie the night before to prepare for the event. Can the machine gun be mounted for the ride home on 93 S, sometimes you really need it. See everyone there. Rick
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    NEVCA - Quebec Club - June 1-3

    Hi Joe Great event, Paula and I had a great time. Golf with Maria, Glenn and Mark on Friday the day before the storm (who knoew it was the black fly festival that day on the golf course). Food was good at the hotel, and that was the first time I mountain climbed with the Viper, nice route ( I'm...
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    NEVCA - Quebec Club - June 1-3

    Anyone heading up to No. Conway on Friday. We will have a pickup point at Exit 2 off 93 heading North at the Park in Ride. So Far there is: Rick & Paula Glenn & Maria Mark & Francine Jack & Marg I think Tee time is at 1:40 don't be late. LOL Hi Mike There is a cruise on Saturday, waiting to...
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    NEVCA - Tatortoga May 19-20

    Hi Chuck I will not be able to make it this year. Figures a sunny shot by the Bennignton monument is what I've been looking for. Rick
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    NEVCA - Quebec Club - June 1-3

    Paula and I are looking forward to the weekend. Rick
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    RE: VOI # 12 sign up is a go 5-4-12. Who's going from NEVCA SWEET!!!!!!!

    Hi Everyone This is my plan to drive down to VOI#12. 1. I would like to leave bright and early Monday morning around 8ish. 2. Drive half way and stay the night. 3. Arrive in at VOI#12 sometime on Tuesday. 4. Orginize a club drive of the area for Wednesday. 5. VOI#12 starts Thursday 6. Leave...
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    Registration is now open!

    Chris great job coordinating the VOI registration with the hotel, stops people from booking a ton of rooms and then canceling them at the last minute. Great job. Rick
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    RE: VOI # 12 sign up is a go 5-4-12. Who's going from NEVCA SWEET!!!!!!!

    Hi Guys Here is what we have been waiting for. I'm signed up and the Viper is waxed and ready to go. Lets keep a list going so we can plan this out all together. I'm sure Joe will have the master list of who is going. Nothing saying we can't talk this up a bit. I'm in. :2tu: Check List: 1. We...
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    Registration is now open!

    Gas up and ready to go. Rick

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