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    Gary Almond's #?

    Anyone have a current number for Gary? I have spoken to him in the past. The number I have is same one the he has posted here several times. 240-994-1343. Recording says it has been disconnected, changed or is no longer in service.....Hopefully it is just a cell phone carrier problem...
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    VOI5 find

    VOI 5 find I ran across this on Craigslist if anyone is interested. I believe the items are from VOI 5. Dodge Viper Brochure & Chairs & coffee cup etc.
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    Just lowed the price of my Haulmark trailer!!

    Just lowered the price of my Haulmark trailer!! For those interested, I just lowered the price on my 2007 24' Haulmark enclosed car hauler...I'll make someone a good deal if the also buy my Forgeline ZX3R's w/Hoosier VRL slicks... ViperClub Classifieds - Message - Powered by PhotoPost...
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    Just lowered the price on my Forgelines and Hoosier VRLs

    New lower price....Check it out! This is the best competition wheel and tire combo!! ViperClub Classifieds - Forgeline ZX3R's Silver with fresh Hoosier VRL Slicks PRICE REDUCED!!! - Powered by PhotoPost Classifieds
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    Forgeline ZX3'Rs with Hoosier VRL Slicks

    If anyone is looking for a great set of track wheels and tires, i just listed a set of Forgelines and Hoosier VRL slicks in the classifieds. They have only been used one weekend. 6 run sessions. Thanks, Sterling
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    2007 24' Haulmark trailer listed in classifieds

    If anyone is looking for an enclosed car hauler to haul their car to VOI, I just listed a 2007 24' Haulmark hauler in the classifieds. 24' give you lots of extra room for tires and other equiptment. It is white with large custom Viper SRT-10 and Fangs logos on both sides. Thanks, Sterling
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    Rotor Temps at the Track?

    Just returned from a great track event this weekend at a new track, Eagles Canyon Raceway in TX. We had great time!! 1 Gen II, 3 Gen III's, and 1 Gen IV. After returning from a session my front rotors were approximately 345 degrees and my back rotors were 475 degrees. Is this normal? I...
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    Thank You Wallbanger!!

    I want to thank Wallbanger for his generosity. He had a couple extra '08 ACR brochures that he offer up to the first two people to responded. I was lucky enough to get one. It arrived yesterday in perfect condition. On the package he also sent me a friendly reminder of the OU's loss to Texas...
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    ACCUFAB throttle bodies on Ebay

    I found these on Ebay and thought someone may be interested? As a side note, I did buy something from him and he is a great guy to deal with... eBay Motors: ACCUFAB VIPER THROTTLE BODIES (item 120220296829 end time Feb-15-08 09:42:14 PST)
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    1998 Le Mans Viper Memorabilia For Sale

    Wow! Found this on ebay. Serious collectors may be interested.... 1998 Lemans Viper Race - Olivier Beretta - eBay (item 120208823366 end time Jan-17-08 09:42:07 PST)
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    2008 Detroit Naias.

    Any info as to what Dodge will showcase at this years NAIAS? Last year, as everyone knows, it was this which became the ACR minus the 675hp engine and a few other things.
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    Chrome Autoform Rollbar on Ebay.

    Here is an Autoform roolbar if anyone is looking for one.. eBay Motors: Dodge Viper Rollbar (item 140193805904 end time Jan-03-08 21:13:39 PST) Not my ad. I found it while browsing and thought that I would post it.
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    2008 SRT Track Experience Schedule

    The 2008 schedule has just been recently posted... DriveSRT - Events
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    Anyone looking to buy an '06 First Edition Coupe?

    If anyone is looking to buy an '06 First Edition Coupe send me a PM. I will post a classified ad in the next couple of days. Thanks
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    New Aero Package on an '08 Snakeskin Green Viper Vert.

    Found these on another site..though I would share.
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    Viper Days Finals 2007 Results??

    Anyone know the results of the finals at Heartland Park? The Viper Days website has not yet been updated...
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    Viper Days Sept. 8-9

    Just a reminder. Viper Days Sept 8-9 at Mid-America Motorplex in Pacific Junction, IA. 3 of us from the OKC are will be attending.
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    Dyno questions???

    A couple questions relating to the dyno... 1. If I change my 3.07 gears to 3.55 will it effect RWHP/RWTQ numbers? If so how? 2. If I change to a lightweight flywheel will it effect RWHP/RWTQ numbers? If so how? I know the effect of these changes on the car. I have a friend who has both and...
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    DC Performance Reflash Dyno results...

    Dynoed my car this week after installing a DC Performance computer. It was a very hot day with a temp. of 100.62F. It was 24 degrees warmer than my last dyno. My new numbers are 484.15RWHP and 502.86RWTQ. I gained 14.1HP and 25.77TQ. Those are all peak gains. I gained slightly more than this...
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    Oil Analysis??

    Does anyone have their oil analyzed after oil changes? Where is the best place to have this done? Thanks
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    See the '08 Viper in Memphis this weekend!!

    I talked to the organizer of the SRT Nationals/Mopars in the Park today and was told that they were going to have an '08 Viper at the event. Hopefully there will be an opportunity to drive it....Several SRT engineers are also going to be there giving presentations. It's not too late to...
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    New Commercial Featuring GenIII

    Just saw a new commercial on VH1 featuring a black GenIII convertible. The ad was for the Infinity hairbrush by Conair. Has anyone else seen this one?
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    Belanger Headers Dyno Results

    I had Belanger headers installed a few weeks ago. I drove the car approx. 400 miles since install, per Lou's request, before taking it to the dyno. My best pull was 470.05RWHP/477.09RWTQ. I gained 15.21RWHP/3.53RWTQ. I believe these results are in line with what others have gotten on a stock...
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    I thought this might be of interest to a few of you. Something for everyone. A couple of us from Oklahoma are making the treck. MOPARS in the PARK!!
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    Is there going to be a VOI10?

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