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    FS Sidewinder 2 HB wheels

    Wheels are perfect with stock tires and sensors with 1000 miles on them. Make me an offer, I want them to go to good use. JD
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    Blind spot

    First time Viper owner here. I love the car, but I'm having a heck a time dealing with the massive blind spot that this car seems to have. When I back up in tight parking lots, forget about it. If I didn't have a rear view camera I'd be completely *******. It's almost impossible to stick...
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    Hello i know I'm new here

    Do any of you all have a desire to do a meet, eat and greet at the Jersey Shore? JD
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    Wheel and tire size

    Can I fit a 375/20/21 on a 21/13 wheel? My dealer is pushing for it, but it seems very aggressive. JD
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    Need advice on these.

    I know this should be in the wheel section, but I'm desperate and need to make a decision quickly. I'm looking to go with these wheels 21x13 with a 375/20/21 in the rear and a 20x10 with a 295/25/20 in the front on a 2013 GTS. Am I going to have problems fitting these? Do you think they will...
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    Am I missing something?

    Hi guys I want to pick up a 2013/14 Viper. I came accross this on ebay. The listing states the car is new, but the terms and conditions states that all cars are pre-owned and sold as is. They also say it comes with a warranty. I've purchased a car over the internet from the actual dealer once...

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