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    Fikse FM-5 Wheels in Classifieds!

    Hey guys, need to sell these as I no longer have my Viper :( The link is below but they are VERY lightweight, have a newer and beautiful gloss black powdercoat and are ready to bolt on and go! I have no more pictures of the actual wheels themselves, each individual and some different angles...
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    WTB: Drivetrain Package (1.7RR/Springs/Pushrods)

    WTB: Valvetrain Package (1.7RR/Springs/Pushrods) I have a little bit of time to decide for sure if I want to do this so getting a head start on asking around....... Anyone have these three they never used or very little miles? If you only have one or the other thats great as well...
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    Excellent experience with Dan!

    I was trying to troubleshoot a coolant leak from somewhere and Dan spent tons of time with me educating on the different issues the car tends to have. Mine is a 97 with 43k miles and stock gaskets. We decided what was best to go with and he shipped it out immediately. Cannot say enough about...
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    Anyone know of an ATI Damper in stock anywhere?

    I will know 100% if I will be getting one probably tomorrow or the day after. The car just was towed to the shop to diagnose the coolant leak. If its timing cover I will probably just go ahead and buy one. Been looking around a lot and cannot seem to find one anywhere, even at ATI direct...
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    Corbeau Suede A4's Installed!

    So after tons of research and trying to make sure the measurements right I went ahead and found a set used locally. They are the A4 standard size, I am 36 waist and these are perfect. These are the black microsuede which are very comfy and of course are adjustable. I got them with WRX...
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    Feeler: 20/20 Iforged Classic II for Aftermarket 18/18 Setup

    Feeler: 20/20 Iforged Classic II for Aftermarket 18/18 or 19/19 Setup Hey guys I will get more pics when I get the car back but wanted to throw a feeler out there on these wheels/tires in case I don't feel comfy driving on the 20s with TT. The tires are Pilot PS2 with a good amount of tread...
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    Build Thread: RSI Twin Turbo Street Kit (Gen. 2)

    Couple people asked me to post this here, it has been up on VA since the beginning. Here are some of the things that are on and will be going on the car soon -- All install work is being done at ARD Motorsports in Northern Georgia: RSI Twin Turbo Street Kit 67 Upgraded Turbos Custom 3 to 3.5"...
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    WTB: GTS Front Cover Bra

    If I get one from someone I would like to get it ASAP and use it to drive the car home from Atlanta week after this one. Also have another trip planned to Maryland in May and this is easier than paint taping the car and tape baking in the sun. Shoot me a pm if you have one you don't use, they...
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    Stereo guys: Component soundstage question

    Was curious for those that have a good component set in their Viper, is it enough speaker for you? I am a guy that loves to crank the stereo. Hows the sound stage with the tweeter facing you? I have pmed a guy on VC who actually put some custom speaker panels behind the seat that I thought was...
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    Anyone with a 19/20 wheel setup for sale?

    Sold my OEM wheels faster than expected and car is sitting on jack stands. Looking to see what deals are out there, needs to have good tires and good condition please. Thank you!
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    FS: Fully Built Heads Package w/ T&D Rocker Arms Hardened Pushrods Cometic Gaskets

    I finally have listed these on this forum, need them out of the garage. The pricing is super cheap, click on the link at the bottom to go to the actual ad and check out the pics. These came off a Gen 2 GTS I have flow charts and all that good stuff that will be sent for the new owner. All work...

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