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    Penske Coilovers Wanted

    Looking for a set of Penske coilovers for a Gen II.
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    Viper pace car

    Did anyone else notice the Pace Car for the start of the Vegas Nationwide race?
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    Help. Clutch slave cylinder coupling.

    Any tricks or words of advise on how to get the coupling to uncouple on the line into the slave cylinder? No matter what I try I'm unsuccesful. The red ring will push in slightly and I don't know what to do from there.
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    Anybody know this Viper?

    I've got a buddy that currently has a GS Vette thinking of trading for a 2004 vert. Anyone know anything about this Viper...
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    VOI12 Autocross

    Here is my first pass on the right side. Almost spun.
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    What is this?

    I''m replacing the header gaskets on my 98 GTS. Ther headers are Belanger. When I split ther header apart to gain some movement to clean the mating surfaces this is what I see. Can someone explain what is in the header?
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    Waterless Coolant

    Anyone have any experience with Evans Waterless coolant? Sound pretty interesting. Brent
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    VOI 2012

    Signed up today for VOI. Anyone else signed up yet or planning on doing so? Brent
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    What a surprise found when mounting new tires. Help needed.

    Bought some new tires for my 98 GTS. While watching from a distance the tech mounting the new tires I could sense something wasn't quite right. He showed me what he had found. It appears at somepoint in my Vipers life someone attempted to balance the wheels by drilling holes in them. Both rears...
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    KWIKLIFT Closed

    I've had a KWIKLIFT on order for almost 6 weeks and today I got a letter that they are closing and cannot fill my order. I'm pretty bummed out. I guess I'm lucky that I hadn't been charged for it yet. Now I have to start all over agin and fiqure out what would be the next best thing for me...

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