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    Hard Top for '04

    Hi, I have an '04 convertible. I am not a big fan of convertibles, but my buddy gave me a great deal on the Viper. How could I say no? I loathe the rag top. I am tall and when I hit a bump, I hit my head on the metal bar inside the top. Also, between the sides of the convertible and the small...
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    Seat Lowering Kit -- Should I

    Hi, I have an '04 convertible. I am 6'7" and pretty much look like Donkey Kong in Mario Kart if I sit up straight with the top down when I drive. I mostly drive with the top down. Even then I need to slouch in the seat to see properly. I have my seat up one notch so that I can recline it a mere...
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    Looking Where to Buy '04 Tail Light Assembly

    Hi, I am looking to replace my passenger side rear tali light assembly. I backed it up into the garage and cracked it just enough that I do not want to get pulled over for a busted tail light. I have seen it at moparfactoryparts and theviperstore. Are there any other sites or shops that would...
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    Looking for Tires for 04

    Hi, I bought my 04 about a year ago. I need to replace the tires. I live in St. Louis, MO and am looking for a shop that would carry tires for my ‘04. When I look online, all I see are Continentals. This is my first car that needs Z rated tires. I want make certain I get what is best for my...

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