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    Coming out of long term storage...

    Viperholics, Looking for recommendations. I'm just returning after almost 3 years overseas for Uncle Sam. :usa: My '02 Final Edition and Prowler have been in an unheated garage with sealed moisture cover. Each was treated with fuel stabilizer prior to storage, but I didn't have time to 'pickle'...
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    VOI8 Flashback

    Saturday's Cowtown Marathon started down Main Street in Fort Worth and covered the same hill and river crossing that our Vipers traveled at the start of the VOI8 parade. Enjoy. :)
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    First Anniversary – Final Edition Viper Registry

    December marks the first anniversary of the Final Edition Viper Registry. Thanks to the support of Viper owners and enthusiasts, the Final Edition Viper Registry has accumulated vital statistics, owner information, and pictures for over half of the 360 - Final Edition Vipers that were built...
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    GTS Hood Badges - Need assistance! (pic)

    Fellow GTS Owners -- I'm working on a shadow box displaying each of the GTS Hood badges (while they are still available). The concept is shown below: The Hot Wheels will come off the blister pack when the shadow box is assembled. I think the GTS production colors are...
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    Dealer Branding -- Yuck!

    I've been fortunate enough to discourage the dealer from "branding" my last 3 cars, but this Final Edition wasn't so lucky: Next time they need to limit their advertising to a dealer logo license plate frame. Anyone else "singed" by their dealer's branding?
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    Final Edition Viper takes a vacation!

    You may recall this sad picture of a Final Edition Viper for sale in Illinois in early December: :( Stop feeling sad -- the same car is now for sale in Huntington Beach, CA: :cool: Apparently even our cars experience cabin fever. Please pass the lotion, it's looking a little...
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    Last Chance - Free T-shirt

    Viperphiles -- I expect to be away "on business" for the next couple months and will have to suspend the free T-shirt offer for Final Edition Viper submissions until I return. If you are collecting information, please act now and I'll send a T-shirt before I depart. Thanks.
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    Viper Ghost (pic)

    Sharing Viper family tradition, even the Final Edition Vipers are haunted. Will the SRTs be haunted and by Pete or Daffy?
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    Oil Change Gone Bad... (pic)

    Don't try this at home. Routine oil change -- after finger tightening Mobil 1 filter, added about 1 1/2 turns with strap wrench before resistance increased. Oil didn't leak until I started the engine -- luckily I ran it for less than 30 seconds for a leak check -- still resulted in 6 quarts of...
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    Need Your Help = Free Viper T-Shirt

    Help the Final Edition Viper Registry and get a Free T-Shirt The Final Edition Viper Registry has information on over 130 of these unique cars, but there are still a lot of "lost" FEVipers. For a limited time, send information about a Final Edition GTS Viper and receive an exclusive Viper...
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    Final Edition Registry Update - Map

    Thanks to hard work and tremendous owner response, the Final Edition Viper Registry continues to make significant progress. We currently have at least partial information on over 100 of the 360 Final Edition GTS Vipers. If you haven't checked recently, you will find a lot of new cars and...
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    '02 Final Edition Registry Project

    \'02 Final Edition Registry Project Wonder where the other 359 Red and White Coupes live? Announcing the 2002 Viper GTS Final Edition Registry Project. I’d like to collect and share information on the owners and location of the 360 Final Edition GTS Vipers. This information will be used to...
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    Viper Days TWS (pics)

    More pictures in the media gallery if you're interested.
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    Squeaky Clutch Pedal

    Viper Team, I'm driving a Final Edition with less than 500 miles and the clutch pedal squeaks every time I release the clutch. I've already been under the dash with a can of WD-40, but haven't found the source. Before I take it in for such a small problem, wondered if anyone else has...

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