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    Spark Plugs for 150 shot of Nitrous

    What plugs would you recommend for a 150 shot of nitrous on a 2001 with a 710 cam and champion heads from Roe Racing? The car currently has stock plugs, would a colder heat range be a better/ safer plug?
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    Private Drag strip rental at Virginia Motorsports Park 11/19

    Tidewater Racing Forum is setting up a private 1/4 mile track rental at VMP on 11/19. This is a great opportunity to try your hand at the drag strip without all the pressures of a regular track event. The rental is currently limited to 20 cars and the track is rented from 9am to 5pm. That is...
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    Drag racing

    Anyone living around the Hampton Roads area take their car to the drag strip?
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    Will 16" drag wheels over the brakes on a SRT?

    I am looking at a set of CCW Drag wheels that are 16” front and back. Do 16” rims fit over the brakes on the 2006s?
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    Looking for a reputable place to do a differential gear swap near Chesapeake

    I want to change out my stock gears for 3.33's. Anyone had a gear swap done in the Chesapeake area?
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    Before and after Paxton dyno

    Here is the before and after dyno from my Paxton install. Mods are Corsa Track Cat-backs, high flow CATs, X-Metal throttle body and K&N intake for Base line. Added the Paxton with the supplied intake for the after dyno. I got an increase of 231 rwhp and 149 rwtq. I believe max boost was...
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    Home tuning with SCT

    Several of the professional tuners are using the SCT for tuning Gen IIIs. Has anyone adopted this program for private use here? SCT sells a racers pack or something like that which allows the end user to tune the Viper using SCT software. I have done a lot of corvette tuning with HP Tuner and...
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    Race logic traction control

    Any current super charged guys have the race logic traction control installed? How well does it work and what was the installed price. Thanks
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    Looking for carpet that matches factory color

    I would like to get carpeting that would match the factory color closer than what my stereo installer has. Short of buying pieces out of a salvage viper, any ideas where I could get the carpet?
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    Can 08 tire pressure sensors be used on a 06

    I'm looking at getting a set of 08 wheels with sensors for my 06, are the pressure sensors compatable? If so, does anyone know how to reset them to work short of going to the dealership?
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    New 08 hood install and double din stereo pics

    I thought I’d post some pics of my Viper hood before and after the change to the 08 hood. I’m really happy with the new look. I also have a pic of my double din change over.

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