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    2 Weeks to go... Viper Rendezvous V... 3 Track Days

    Well it is almost here. VIPER RENDEZVOUS V! Three track days at the Midwest's premier road course. Motorsport Park Hastings, Hastings, Nebraska. You will get time with an instructor if needed, many open lapping sessions, a drag race, a high speed autocross (we call it the Vipercross)...
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    Track Weekend - Vipers Only - We call it The Viper Rendezvous - SRT Attending!

    Only two weeks left to get in on the early registration discount. (Early discount ends April 15th.) Check out the video below and register at Just confirmed this past week that SRT will have an engineer...
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    WTB:Track Wheels

    I am in need of an extra set of rims for the track. Currently running 18/19s on a GEN II GTS. Send me a msg. Ryan
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    Viper Rendezvous V - Track Weekend - Motorsports Park Hastings - Fifth Annual!

    Please join us for Viper Rendezvous V on June 13-15th at the Motorsports Park Hastings, in Hastings, Nebraska. This is the Fifth Annual event and it will be the biggest and best so far! Here is the promo video. Send me a message to get on...
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    Viper Rendezvous V !!!!

    Please join us for Viper Rendezvous V on June 13-15th at the Motorsports Park Hastings, in Hastings, Nebraska. This is the Fifth Annual event and it will be the biggest and best so far! Here is the promo video. Send me a message to get on...
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    Viper Rendezvous IV - Registration Is Now Open!!!

    Here is a link to the online registration and I am attaching the details for the weekend's activities. REGISTER HERE!! See you in four short months! Ryan
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    Viper rendezvous iv

    You are all invited to VIPER RENDEZVOUS IV at the Motorsport Park Hastings road course in Hastings, NE this June. Here is the flyer! In about a week I will post the registration information. We are finalizing online registration for this year! Check out some photos from the last...
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    Tuning Videos for Roe Vec from Damn Yankee

    I was able to get ahold of two videos that detail how to use your VEC program for tuning. Damn Yankee had produced the videos. Unfortunately, he is no longer on the forum here. Does anyone have access to all of his tuning videos. I also believe there was a powerpoint. Thank you Ryan
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    Viper Rendezvous 2012 - Hastings, Nebraska - June 8-10th

    - Join us once again for three great track days! Here is the official flyer and registration form. They speak for themselves!
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    Teamtech 6 point harness wanted for GTS

    Send me a pm if you have one or a set you are willing to part with.
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    Looking for Teamtech harness for GEN II GTS

    If you have a set or know of a set (or maybe just one, will need two eventually) send me a PM. Ryan
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    Ft. Lauderdale - Help Inspecting a Car

    Is there someone in the Ft. Lauderdale area that could check out a car for me and/or know of a technician that could also look it over? Please let me know. Thank You. Ryan
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    Wanted - GEN II GTS or ACR Yellow With Black Stripes

    Let me know if you have one or know of someone that has one they are ready to part with. I am in the market for one. Looking for mostly stock, but a few mods would be ok. Also, original black stripes, no aftermarket paint or vinyl. Ryan
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    Traqmate vs Racepak vs Others

    I am looking at purchasing one of these GPS systems for track days. Please let me know the pros/cons of any of these systems or your recommendations.
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    You Tube Invitation - Viper Rendezvous - Hastings, NE

    Here is a personal invitation from the track manager at Race MPH in Hastings. We are scheduled for a great three day weekend June 10th-12th. Make sure to be there so you can meet George! (He is the guy on the left in the video.)
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    EBC sport brake rotors.

    Does anyone have a set of EBC sport brake rotors for a GEN II GTS that they are looking to get rid of?
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    Viper Rendezvous 2011 - Hastings, NE

    I hope you can join us for the 2011 Viper Rendezvous at Motorsport Park, Hastings, NE! Check out the article in the last Viper Magazine for details on the great weekend we had last year! Click Here - For Registration information!
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    Very Viper Orange vs Bright Orange

    Does anyone know if Very Viper Orange is the same color as Bright Orange? I have seen the 2008 and 2010 colors listed as Very Viper Orange, but the 2009 listed as Bright Orange. Also, 2008 and 2009 had Bright Blue and 2010 has Blue Metallic. Are those the same color?
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    Pictures - Viper Rendezvous Hastings

    A few pictures for you to enjoy from last weekend's track event at Motorsport Park, Hastings, NE.
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    ACR-X to be at Motorsport Park Hastings June 11th-13th

    I just got off the phone with a new ACR-X owner. He picked up his car this past week and he will have it at the Motorsport Park Hastings road coarse for the first annual Viper/Mopar Rendezvous next weekend. If you would like to see the ACR-X and be a part of the weekend, checkout the links...
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    Track Weekend - Hastings, NE

    Ok, less than 2 weeks until the Viper/Mopar Rendezvous in Hastings, NE. June 11th-13th. I haven't seen any registrations from the Minnesota or Wisconsin area yet. Hopefully some of you can make it. Here are links to the event information. Flyer Registration Come join us...
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    Only 4 Weeks Left!

    There are only 4 weeks left unitl the Viper/Mopar Rendezvous at Motorsport Park in Hastings,NE! It will be a great track and car show weekend. Friday: Track orientation Dinner party in evening. Saturday: Track orientation and open track all day. Car show for all Vipers or Mopars...
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    Something you don't see everyday.

    A GTS and a 7520 John Deere.
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    Searching for a few pictures

    I am looking for pictures of the following cars... 2003 Roadster - Bright Silver 2003 Roadster - Graphite 2005 Coupe - GTS Blue? 6 development units produced.. did they have stripes? 2008 Coupe - Red with Graphite Stripes 2008 Coupe - Black with Graphite Stripes 2008 Coupe -...

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