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    Has anyone bought or sold on BAT ?

    I have traveled with BAT for years. Very legit and recently purchased by a national firm. Buyer fees are reasonable and in my case the car was delivered locally for free by the seller. The seller said that he had a reserve higher than my bid but BAT made up the difference to get the sale...
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    In your opinion, which is a better deal...

    It is all about where they have been but if treated right the engines seems bullet proof. I have a salvage 2005 viper with 38k and it gains about 100 miles a month and I also have a 2005 STR10 pickup with 105k miles on it. Both run fine and have no problems with the Calif. smog checks.
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    Trunk shocks

    Got mine from Amazon. Fit great and hold the massive trunk up just fine
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    Thermostat Frozen Shut 2005 SRT-10

    Are there any secrets on changing a thermostat on a 2005 SRT-10. It is frozen shut and truck overheats.

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