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    I am having difficulty with classified but no one will help!!!

    I posted my car in the classified this weekend but could not get the pictures to work. I have posted several times in the "contact us" section asking for help with no response. Although I was a VCA member for 15 years I no longer am so I actually paid for the ad. I am NOT satisfied. If I...
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    SCAM Alert!!!!!

    Overthe past few weeks I have been looking for a new Viper and have come upon three instances where someone was running a scam. The ads have been on Auto Trader and I have reported them. Here is the reply to the note that I got back when inquiring about a 2006 Viper Coupe...
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    Need a Viper Checked Out in Sugar Land TX

    I am considering buying a second Viper that is located in the Sugar Land Texas area. It is a 2006 SRT-10 Coupe. I would greatly appreciate if I could get someone to run by and look at the car. I'm trying to buy it over the internet so I'm not as concerned with cosmetic stuff as I am making sure...
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    Raleigh Grill 57 Cruise In

    Just a quick reminder that the Vipers will be getting together at the Cruise-in at GRILL 57 4202 FAYETTVILLE RD RALEIGH, NC We will be arriving around 4PM and around 7PM we will head out to have dinner if anyone is interested. Let me know if you are planning to attend, so we can save some...
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    Carolinas Club 2007 Schedule

    I wanted to update everyone on the Carolina’s Viper Club Schedule:usa: . Now that we have a forum on the official Viper Club Web Site I thought that I would also post the information here. Following is the list of confirmed events. In addition, I have provided a listing of events that I would...
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    Welcome to All Carolina's Members

    I would like to welcome all Carolinas members to the new forum. This will be an ideal way to quickly distribute information specific to Carolina's events and activities. Last weekend the club attended the "Mopars at the Rock" car show and drag race at Rockingham Dragway. We have attended this...
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    Carolinas Club BBQ (Speedos Optional)

    This Saturday September 17th the Carolinas VCA is having a BBQ at my house in Cary NC. The party starts at noon and will end with a visit to the Garner Grill 57 Cruise In. I do have a pool so bring your Viper and your swimming suits! We are catering in food so it is very important that you...
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    Need Some Help!! 2 Inch Seat Lowering

    I am trying to install the Northwind Engineering 2 inch seat lowering kit on the drivers side seat. I previously had the 1 inch lowering kit in the car. I have installed the brackets and can place the seat in the car. All four points line up (2 holes in the front of the seat and two studs to...
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    Raleigh NC Car Show and Dyno Day

    The Carolinas VCA will be attending the Raleigh Car Show at the NC State Fairgrounds on February 27th and a Dyno Day on March 5th. Please call Randy Cade at 919 388 9309 for details and RSVP.
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    JonB For President!!!

    So my engine is out to Arrow for a rebuild and I figure now is a good time to swap out the flywheel for an aluminum one. Instead of going to a known vendor who has delivered for me time and again I decide to go the E Bay route. In early September I purchased a flywheel from Stage 3...
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    Stolen RIMS!!!!

    My car trailer was broken into sometime between Thursday March 11th and Tuesday March 16th. It was in the American Self Storage lot near Lake Jordon N.C.. The no good SOB's stole several items including 4 CCW (Purner) 18' rims and 6 Gen 1 RT 10 rims. All of the rims had Hoosier DOT slicks on...
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    SRT 10s DYNO Charts

    Recently I had the opportunity to attend a Dyno day with the Carolina's VCA. We had 3 2003 SRT 10s in attendance. All of the cars had minimal modifications so we had a good opportunity to compare the dyno results stock car to stock car. My SRT was one of the valve recall cars so I was anxious...
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    Autoform Roll Bar HELP!!!

    Today I had the Autoform roll bar installed in my 97 GTS. When I went to pick the car up I discovered that the roll bar will not let my seat recline back as far as it used to. The bar actually sits behind the outside edge of the seat. From looking at the position of the bar it appears that...
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    Janni is a STAR

    I'm sure the title to my post does not come as a surprise to anyone that knows Janni, but this time she is a TV star! The Carolina's VCA attended a local car show in Raleigh yesterday and Janni was interviewed by the Channel 17 news team. They aired about a 20 second clip on the 6 PM news...
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    Car Show at the NC State Fair Grounds 11/16

    On Sunday November 16th the Carolinas VCA will be attending a car show at the NC State Fair Grounds in Raleigh North Carolina. In the spring show the Vipers swept the awards including Best Mopar in Show and Club Participation Trophy. Time to bring the Snakes out at least one more time before...
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    Viper Autocross 11/1 in Sanford NC

    The Carolina's VCA has planned an Autocross event at the old airport in Sanford NC this Saturday, November 1st. The event is being administered by the Tarheel Sportscar Club. Any and all VCA members are welcome! Please RSVP with Randy Cade at (919) 434 8325 or at [email protected] if you would...
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    Valve Surgery Complete

    On Thursday the 29th of May my newborn (car that is) was transported to Wilmington N.C. to undergo major valve surgery with Dr. Tom Sessions as the attending surgeon and yours truly as the physician's assistant. The surgery was difficult, but was a complete success. I'm sure readers of this...
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    Not Happy

    First let me say that I am a die hard Chrysler fan and currently own 2 Vipers, a PT Cruiser, a 1970 Superbird, and a 1969 Superbee. In addition, I test drove an SRT-4 two nights ago and planned to buy one. That fact makes the following note even more painful. I received the following letter...
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    Parts Rack to the Rescue

    Dyno Day in a week and you are down on power. What to do..,What to do? I've got it! Just pull out your credit card and call JonB at Parts Rack. Jon is the miracle man. He pulled some major strings for me and got me high flow cats and headers in less than a week! Thanks to Jon and some great...
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    New Track in Virginia: Cars Wanted

    I did a search for a web site. It came up with The map shows it to be due east of Richmond about 150 miles from Raleigh (as the crow flies). The web site says it is a 2 mile track.

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