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    Where are all the raffle cars?

    As we're about to know who's this year winner it might be cool to know where are the other raffle cars. Post pic if you have:eater:
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    The new italian cousin...
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    Dashboards : Gen 5 vs Vette 2014

    Don't you see some similarities ?????
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    For those who lost faith in the gen 5...

    Here an cool article on Edmunds test drive with Stricker....... might bring a smile to the ones in doubt....;)
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    Viper Parts of America

    My snake was in need of new shoes for the upcoming season and it seemed that nobody here in Canada was able to supply my with the new Michelin PSS. They were able to get the front one but they all told me that the rear tires were in backorder and not available. I gave a call to the Guys at...
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    Gen 1 with low miles

    I might be interesated in buying a low mileage gen1 (less than 5k) what can i expect ???? Its an almost 20 years old garage queen and i paln to drive 2-3 k a year with it. Is there a lots of parts I might need to replace? Thanks for your imputs:)
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    Let's beat the Vette....

    Hey guys for those of you using Facebook, Jalopnik are asking: Which upcoming new American supercar has you more excited? It's between the new Viper and the new Vette and so far the Viper got the edge but the Vette got back in the last day... Let'sa change that and here is the link...
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    Am I the only one one who see similarities????

    everybody saw this: and now we see this: we can see some similar lines between the two, please tell me this got nothing to do with the new snake....
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    Imported from Detroit

    Hi guys, not sure if I'm posting this in the right section but.... Chrysler put up for sale a new collection of its ''imported from Detroit'' campaign. The first one sold within hours.....Too bad they only ship in the USA. Follow the link:

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