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    Moton Club Rebuild

    Hi, One of my moton's is leaking to I am sending it out to RE engineering to be rebuilt. This is the passenger rear shock. This shock has the remote reservoir. The tube connecting the shock and the reservoir had to be disconnected to remove it. There was just a small hole drilled into the rear...
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    08 Viper Motor Problem

    So, I had a minor impact to the front of my viper. I was told that the oil cooler was damaged and replaced but now there is oil mixed with antifreeze throughout the motor. The radiator is being replaced as it is all filled with gunk. The car is in the body shop now but I want to take it to a...
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    Another What's My 08 Viper Worth

    Unfortunately I may have to part with my baby. It is a Blue & White 08 SRT10 with 33000. I am the third owner and it has been babied and always garage kept. Only in the rain a few times. These are the add ons Moton Club Sport Adjustable Suspension Quaife 353 Rear Corsa Exhaust ACR-X Headers...
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    What Battery 2008 SRT10

    Had my battery on a trickle charger all winter but it's to weak to start. I would like to know what you guys recommend. Looking at duralast gold- 800 cold cranking amps, (1000 cranking amps). Also what tools do I need to remove cover. The car is being stored in a different location and I want to...
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    Moton Leaking

    Hi, I recently was working under the car and noticed oil coming down the side of my rear Moton Club Sport. I thought it had been driving a little cluncky in the rear and now I know why. I have talked to a few companies about a rebuild, but I am going to wait for the winter to remove the shock...
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    2008 Steering Wheel

    My steering wheel is starting to show it's age. It's all scuffed and scratched on the left side form getting in and out of the car. I love the look of the Gen V but don't want to spend the big bucks. I have tried showe polish on the leather and the helps a little bit but it doesn't last. Is...
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    Can't send PM

    Hi, I am trying to send private message but it say's I can't until I delete some. I have deleted all but 50 and still can't send. What is the limit on PM's?
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    Wanting to do Gen V Intake

    I have been considering this for a while but didn't want to get in involved in grinding the parts down. I understand there are kits sold for that now. My other concern is I read that you can't use the K&N filter set up and I am not sure if this is true or there is a work around for that. Also I...
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    Help Reinstalling Parking Brake

    Hi, I am in the process of swapping my parking brake pads. Unfortunately I can't get the suckers back on(the cable assembly). I totally removed the cable assembly to bring the caliper to my bench. Maybe I should have left it attached and changed the pads while it was still connected. I can;t...
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    Almost Took My Door Off In Parking Lot

    Parking at the gym on Tuesday and I see a nice spot up front next to handicap spot. Now I usually try to park far away where there are less cars around. So I open the door and am grabbing my gym bag when I see a SUV come flying in to the handicapped spot next to me and hits my door. I looked...
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    Gen 2 Koni Shock

    I have this shock sitting in my garage and would like to get rid of it. Don't know if it has any value. I bought a whole rear assembly for my 99 GTS and didn't need the shock. Don't have the GTS anymore so am trying to clear some room. Thanks
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    My Mopar ECU Reprogrammed

    Hi, I purchased a used mopar ecu along with headers for another member. After reading up on the ecu and asking questions I was told that my vin and mileage could not be reprogrammed into an ecu that already was programmed to another vin. Well the shop that I have installing the headers claimed...
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    Gen 4 Stock Headers Worth

    I am about to get my headers put on and was wondering about the stock headers. I know when I did my 99 GTS i just threw the stock headers away. I thought I remeber reading some guys upgrading to the stock gen4 headers. Is this correct? Thanks
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    Setting DTC P0116 Engine Coolant Temp Sensor

    I have set this code twice in the last few weeks. I cleared it with my scan tool and now it's back. When it sets the code the engine cuts power above 2500 rpm. The temperature on the gauge seems in the normal range. Should I change out the coolant temp sensor as a start? They seem relatively...
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    Suprise Xmas Gift!

    I just wanted to say thanks for the gift card!! It was really a surprise and very nice!!
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    Quaife Install Question

    I had the Quaife with 355 installed yesterday. I am trying to get used to the gearing. Some of the issues I am having and would like to ask about- Car pops on decel much much more. Is this because of the higher gearing? Car is a little harder to get into third gear. Is this form the added...
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    Replaced Battery now have Check Engine Light

    Is this normal- does the engine have to relearn settings? I remember reading somewhere about resetting the tps after the battery is disconnected. Thanks
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    Forum Searches

    Is there a way to do Boolean searches on the forum. For example if I want to find info about transmission fluid. If I do a search I get results for transmission and fluid but not necessarily "transmission fluid". I have tried enclosing the search words with parenthesis and also putting "and" in...
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    Corsa Exhaust Question

    I have a 2008 that I purchased with a corsa exhaust. The previous owner does not know if it is a 3" or 2.5" system. I am thinking that it is 2.5" since it has stock cats. My question is- I am buying acrx headers with hi flo cats and would like to know it there would be any problem mating the 3"...
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    Corsa Exhaust Info

    I purchased on 08 with a Corsa exhaust and am getting ready to buy acrx headers. Is there any way to tell if the corsa is 2.5" or 3", or do I have to take the side covers off. The original owner doesn't know. Also if I need to take the side covers off is there any tips on removing it? I read...
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    Trunk Release Fell Inside

    I went to open my trunk and the rubber cover for the trunk release came out (it was always loose), and the release fell inside. I read that there is an emergency release in the trunk but there is no way I can reach it. I am assuming if I can get it open I can take off the rear plastic cover and...
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    Performance Upgrades for 08

    I have had my 08 for a few months now and am getting the itch. I bought the car with Corsa catback exhaust and I added the K&N airfilter. This is what I am thinking- Headers- Belanger? ACR-X (If i do these I want them coated)? M&M? Hi Flow Converter- Don't know who makes these - have seen Roe...
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    Is There a Printed Service Manual for 08?

    I have been searching but all I can find is a cd from techauthority for 206.00. Thanks
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    I Need Help Getting Rear Moton Shock Off

    I am trying to get my rear Moton shock off to see why the car is banging over bumps. I started another thread to try an diagnose the problem here I really didn't want to do this job myself but I was afraid to drive the...
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    Help Diagnosing Noise form Rear

    I was coming home from a trip to get dog food in my newly aquired 08 when we went over a small bump. There was a loud **** from the right rear. Then there was banging on every little bump that we hit. I thought maybe I left the rear hatch open but then a rubbing/squeling noise started coming...

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