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    CAAP / PREFIX Tour 082606 - NEWS!

    Many of us attended the CAAP / PREFIX tour on Friday August 26, 2006. Two important pieces of news came out of that tour that I think most will appreciate knowing: 1. There WILL be a 2008 Viper ("It's been bought and paid for already") 2. Per one of our CAAP hosts: "we can't tell you how...
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    In Other News...

    Here's what we all hope might be the "Real Deal" next SRT! The ASC rep said that they had $750 K into the development of this magnificent machine! Let's hope that they find a way to arrange "volume discounts" for those of us who step up to the bar for the GEN 4 SRT's. Hope anyone...
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    driven-ML-637658-ML- Fun discussion, but actually not Viper related
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    Yellow-Black striped SRT-C at Detroit Auto Show

    06 Yellow with Black stripes SRT-C. Here! Looks pretty nice! :2tu:
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    NEW! From inside CAAP

    This is a C&P of a note sent to me by a "friend"! "This is your last chance to order 2006 Dodge Viper SRT10s in classic Viper Blue. January will be the last month for production of this very popular color as Conner Avenue Assembly (CAAP) makes room for more colors in February. Also, the...
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    Black N' Blue SRT-C FE (PICS)

    Black N\' Blue SRT-C FE (PICS) I'm not sure that the front mask has quite the same visual impact as I think it does on my bumblebee, but thought that I'd post the pics so that others can see and decide whether it works for their ride or not. The fit and method of attachment is much improved...
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    I Got My SRT-10 FE Coupe Today!!!!

    I'm effing speechless. Need to drive this monster, then will post alot more and pix as well. #83/200. Worth the wait. Everything that Jon B said and then some. Gotta drive, gotta drive, gotta I geeked or what? Thank you, Santa!!!! More later, kidzzzzzz! :headbang:
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    DCX Order Status Codes

    From DCX: Hope this helps us keep track of our "Babies" ! ORDER STATUS CODES Unscheduled BX – good order available for scheduling BB – fleet order only – review by Bid Department BD – special equipment processing BE – edit error – coding error which must be corrected before the order can be...
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    Candy Orange Viper Models

    THIS JUST IN: (Per my e-mail) If you purchased a Raffle Ticket for the past Candy Orange SRT-10 Convertible, the model cars that come with the $125 ticket price are going to be shipped out sometime within the next week. VCA Headquarters will be sending them DHL ground and asking for a...
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    My SRT-10 First Edition Coupe is in inspection!

    HEADS UP!!! I received word from my dealer thru our DC inside source that my Coupe is in inspection. Barring any unforseen circumstances, it shouldn't be long before I'm sitting behind the wheel. We have been advised that they no longer offer the tour when you take delivery at the factory...

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