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    Hellcat Dynod at 825

    Stock? Don't believe it man. Not trying to trash you James I just don't think so. Also I have to assume they mean BHP and not WHP. JD
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    Problem with door

    I have this problem on my 2013, after waiting 2 weeks for "the part" I brought the car in to the dealership. They've had my car for over 2 weeks now and the dealer says it still isn't fixed. Very depressing, and to make matter worse they are waiting on a glass specialist to deal with a rear...
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    FS Sidewinder 2 HB wheels

    They have been sold. JD
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    FS Sidewinder 2 HB wheels

    Wheels are perfect with stock tires and sensors with 1000 miles on them. Make me an offer, I want them to go to good use. JD
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    The current and future state of Viper sales and technology

    I like this post, I have wanted a Viper ever since the first one came out. I don't want to bore anyone with details of my life, but I've lived most of my adult life in NYC and with children, so the Viper was never an option for me. I'm in my late 40's now and I have space to garage it, not...
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    Rain mode in a 13

    Couldn't agree more, I was pleasantly surprised how well the car did in the rain. You're right on about the standing water too, it really gives the car a nice jolt if you go blazing through large puddles in the road. JD
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    Hellcat in viper

    I hope you're right Bruce. JD
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    Hellcat in viper

    It's sad, but I think it's the beginning of the end for the manual ******. I have spent countless hours trying to teach my brother in-law how to drive a manual transmission. He's incapable and will not buy a car unless it's auto or dct. (he's Chinese go figure.) Most young people that are...
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    Hellcat in viper

    I hope to God not. It's just my opinion and I know it means nothing on this forum. It's like putting DDD's on a petite Asian woman. There'd be a lot of ooo's and aaah's but at the end of the day, they just don't go together. They need to figure something else out. I have a 2014 GT500 with...
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    Wheel and tire size

    Thx unreel. Slithery I think Pirelli is one brand that does. Sorry for the late response. JD
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    Blind spot

    Thanks, I will try that. JD
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    Blind spot

    Thx guys. That Raul Julia scene is classic, and yes Bob boy do I hear you sometimes it's brutal having my wife in the car. I'll definitely try opening the door, or backing into the spot. Thx again everyone. JD
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    Blind spot

    Thanks. It has been brutal. I'm backing up blind, thank God for the camera. Changing lanes, you're right on the money, go fast enough where you don't have to worry about hitting someone while changing lanes. Come on no one else experiences this? JD
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    Blind spot

    First time Viper owner here. I love the car, but I'm having a heck a time dealing with the massive blind spot that this car seems to have. When I back up in tight parking lots, forget about it. If I didn't have a rear view camera I'd be completely *******. It's almost impossible to stick...
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    Hello i know I'm new here

    Do any of you all have a desire to do a meet, eat and greet at the Jersey Shore? JD
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    Gen V & Challenger Hellcat

    I have a 2014 GT500 with 740 at the wheels. I love the 2013 Viper. It uses the power so much more efficiently than my GT500. Sometimes as car guys we all read too much and get caught up in the numbers. My Viper has got plenty of grunt. I don't feel like the Viper is lacking anything having...
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    Wheel and tire size

    Can I fit a 375/20/21 on a 21/13 wheel? My dealer is pushing for it, but it seems very aggressive. JD
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    Gen V Seat Wear?

    So true man. I have less than 200 miles on it and it looks like it's owned by an elephant. Oh and take it easy with the fat jokes. JD
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    6'3" and wondering about comfort

    I've banged my head more than a few times getting in the car. I'm 5'11". I've also slightly burned my leg while wearing shorts getting out of the car. I keep it at the Jersey Shore. That being said I love the car. It's a work out driving that car and I love every minute of it. My advice is...
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    Need advice on these.

    D I'm right with you. I'm having trouble sleeping thinking about the price of those damn things. I'm 47 years old and the older I get the fn cheaper I get. JD

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