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    Fikse FM-5 Wheels in Classifieds!

    I will take $2,000 + ship for them to get them gone, that is what I have gotten the most offers for on ebay. So if anyone here wants them let me know.
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    Fikse FM-5 Wheels in Classifieds!

    Powder coat them if you want :)
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    Fikse FM-5 Wheels in Classifieds!

    Moving into the new house soon, gotta get these out of the way ASAP. Make an offer!
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    Fikse FM-5 Wheels in Classifieds!

    Accepting reasonable offers, need to move!
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    Fikse FM-5 Wheels in Classifieds!

    Seen them both ways, from what I understand they reduced weight by taking more material out.
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    Fikse FM-5 Wheels in Classifieds!

    Sold it to help fund something else
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    Fikse FM-5 Wheels in Classifieds!

    Yea, they do seem to take some time lately to sell it seems. Oh well , no rush! Thanks man :)
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    Fikse FM-5 Wheels in Classifieds!

    Hey guys, need to sell these as I no longer have my Viper :( The link is below but they are VERY lightweight, have a newer and beautiful gloss black powdercoat and are ready to bolt on and go! I have no more pictures of the actual wheels themselves, each individual and some different angles...
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    Another Gen 2 ACR (i.e. track ready wing/splitter) Hits the Streets!

    Steve is the new splitter you were working on or a different model?
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    Breaks are squealing...Suggestions Please

    Near tampa I always recommend Kesatie Motorsports, they are about to install my methanol and valvetrain!
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    MCS coilover system

    Damn, thats some baller shizzle right there. Def post up some feedback!
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    WTB: Drivetrain Package (1.7RR/Springs/Pushrods)

    WTB: Valvetrain Package (1.7RR/Springs/Pushrods) I have a little bit of time to decide for sure if I want to do this so getting a head start on asking around....... Anyone have these three they never used or very little miles? If you only have one or the other thats great as well...
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    2.8L Roe, GG heads/cam Build thread

    Thats awesome man... keep us updated for sure!
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    Any way to remove bolt that holds spare tire in GTS?

    The bolt should slide to one side and be able to come out if that makes sense.... I did that to do my stereo, it is almost done!
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    Finally decided on a new look

    ^^ That is what I wanted to do but the problem is the lines might be weird down the side of the car?
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    Finally decided on a new look

    Pictures from the back? This is funny you posted this I was thinking of doing the ACR paint scheme on mine next Summer and had not seen anything similar yet.
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    2000 Steel Grey GTS for Sale

    Good price, I think that's reasonable!
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    I feel like my credit card is glowing...

    Did you already pay for the pioneer flip out? I have one I'm going to list here soon.
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    Excellent experience with Dan!

    Ended up only being the radiator! I swapped an OEM one in temporarily, going to utilize all the stuff you sent me here soon. Thanks again.
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    In need of a mechanic. Tampa Bay. #slave cylinder

    Ellow I dont want to hook up with you unless your a ********* but I would be down for $4 AC fix day at your place lol. Beer and food!
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    In need of a mechanic. Tampa Bay. #slave cylinder

    Oh nice Chuck is great as well, but yea keep Matt in mind.... he might even be able to get it picked up for you.

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