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    Anybody put in a Ipsco shifter?

    Got mine from Jon B. Very good price!
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    Lap timer.....

    I think it works rather well. If you want go download the software and I can email a couple of my files if you want to play around with it before you buy the gtech.
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    Lap timer.....

    I use the latest G-Tech for track days and am pleased with what it does for the cost. There is pc software free for download on their site that you can replay your laps. It shows the track and your location on it along with segment split times(if you set them), speed, lateral and longitudinal...
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    Help! Gen 2 Coolant Return Hose (None of the vendors call it that)!

    I'm having a difficult time understanding how either radiator hose can get in contact with the headers
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    VCA back to the same old routine

    Jon, Welcome Back!!!
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    MCS coilover install issues

    Disconnect the sway bar on 1 side. It will let you raise the suspension to ride height if you are doing 1 side at a time. What are your plans for the Koni's?
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    VCA Midwest Zone Rendezvous August 9-11, 2013

    Got my tickets and windshield sticker today. They have me entering at gate H. Opposite from where the Vipers park.
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    Attending the Viper Club of America Midwest Zone Rendezvous August 9-11, 2013?

    Jack, I'm interested in the half-shafts and will be attending the rendezvous. Brent
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    VCA Midwest Zone Rendezvous August 9-11, 2013

    Entry sent and room at the Marriott booked!!
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    IN/KY VCA Mtg Noon Sat. July 13, 2013...Ray Skillman's Classic/Collector Cars...

    As of now we will be there Friday morning. I'll let you know if that changes. Looking forward to it.
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    IN/KY VCA Mtg Noon Sat. July 13, 2013...Ray Skillman's Classic/Collector Cars...

    Yes you too Strech. If we don't see you tomorrow we've decided to head to Mopar Nats and we can see you there.
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    VOI 13

    Looks like the Nashville Super Speedway has a road course.
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    Customer Issue... am I out of line?

    You are being more than fair!!
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    Gen V dyno - New Vid

    You are correct. The engines are assembled at CAAP and then shipped to Arrow to be dynoed. They run a canned cycle and monitor all of the factory sensors with a max RPM of 5000.
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    Debris under the intake manifold

    This is what I did. Worked great.
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    WTB: Gen 3 Coilovers

    Same here, except for Gen II
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    IN/KY VCA...Opening Day at Indy Spdway...5/11/13...RESERVATIONS...

    Steve, Thanks for putting this all together!!!
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    Fitting Gen 2 Shocks on a Gen 4 ?

    Hope you can get them to work, however if it's not meant to be would they be for sale?
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    Viper RPM fall to stall on clutch in / throttle chopped

    I've had the exact thing you describe happen on my Gen II. What I did that corrected it was to spray Mopar combustion chamber cleaner directly into the ICM (idle control motor) with the engine running.
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    Nitrogen fill for street tires

    Maybe I'm taking this too seriously. The issue with "normal" air is the moisture that is in it. By using the pure nitrogen you are getting a gas that is moisture free. Nitrogen by it self will still expand and contract, just way far less than a gas that has moisture in it. If you have a high end...
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    Vibration "changed" with new motor mounts

    Tony, Where did you end up at on the shock adjustment? All 4 of mine were pretty much full soft, I went 1/2 turn from full soft. Best I could tell the full range was just slightly over 1 complete revolution.
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    DIY: Clutch Bleeding for Gen.3 & Gen.4 (T-56 and T-6060 transmissions)

    While I had my trans out I replaced the HRB. I replaced the fluid in the master and used a hand vacuum pump. I was able to do it without help and I didn't have brake fluid everywhere.