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    End of an Era

    You left one heck of a legacy, ****. Thanks for your contributions! Bob: sound does not accelerate. It could change velocity depending on the medium disturbed... :)
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    What did you drive before a Viper?

    The 'Busa Mini is AWESOME! Winner.
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    What did you drive before a Viper?

    Solution: Replace vehicle. :)
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    2016 Viper ACR a go

    Horsepower -- whatever. It makes good power. Now get serious about folks who want to take the car to the track AND drive it hard. That's what the ACR should be about. Let's leave the K car technology behind and put DRY SUMP in this car already. Before. Doing. Anything. Else. Then focus...
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    Gen 2 to Gen 4 Engine Modification

    I hate to be one to **** here, but have you put some serious thought into cooling an extra 150HP? The stock water passages cast into the cover are anemic at best. If you plan to track and are making over 550 crank HP, it will become an issue for you. Maybe you're able to use a Gen 3 or 4...
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    What did you drive before a Viper?

    Let's see... Corvette #1 - not exciting enough. Corvette #2 - not exciting enough. Corvette #3 - Enjoyed it but it put me to sleep...and in turn, I put it in the weeds...on its roof :) Corvette #4 - VERY easy to drive fast and boy did I eat tires. I was rotating every 1,000 and didn't get more...
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    Downshift to brake?

    Men who use the engine and downshifting gears to slow a car down, ugh. Total poser drivers. They just think it sounds cool, but it lets the rest of us know that you can't drive a manual properly.
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    Best looking wheels on Gen I or II ??? Pics please..

    Wheels from 2010 SRT Viper. Biggest plus: Best tire compounds available in these sizes!
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    Grinding/vibrating sort of sound/feel while driving slow?

    Check the rear e-brake cables. It's possible they were tied back and the tie snapped and now the metal cable shield is rubbing the inside of your wheel. Good luck figuring out your issue!
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    paxton prices

    I agree with this -- the total area under the dyno curve is likely to be more on a NA car with the same WHP. Also, heat soak is less of a problem with NA cars. Two other things I want to mention (that I haven't already) is: 1. Don't forget you need to have your crank snout pinned if you go...
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    Chrysler VS Dodge Viper gen 2

    You have a very rare car indeed! It's very likely the power rating of 383 is Metric HP. The math is: 735.5/745.7 * HP rating. For a 1999 Viper, that would be 443. I'm not sure where the 383 comes from and honestly I've never heard that figure used for a Viper engine. Jon B at PartsRack has...
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    Fuel Pump

    A good question to ask is always what year is your car and do you plan any HP upgrades. For gen 1, replace with a Walbro 255 so you can support additional HP later. It's not an easy job to tackle and best left to an experienced Viper shop. For Gen 2s the answer is usually replace with stock.
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    paxton prices

    Hey BlackOut - Viper Specialties is another excellent shop. You can't go wrong. Now, since I've been through this myself, let me tell you that just buying the kit is no way to run 10PSI. I'm running 8PSI and on days where the ambient was over about 88 degrees I could NOT keep the car cool...
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    Need some advice on a product from roe racing

    I tried one -- briefly... Before it died. Then, when I switched to an SCT, was able to make all the fan adjustments directly to the ECU. You already have an SCT, use that.
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    paxton prices

    Yep, again, talk to Todd at A&C. Their team installs a lot of Viper Paxtons every year. They get favorable prices from the manufacturer in addition to having a huge catalog of in-house custom-developed tunes to get your car dialed in as quickly and safely as possible. Not only will the cost...
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    na vs supercharger

    It's likely you would want to run **** injection at that boost level (with a proper fuel system). Talk to Todd at A&C Performance -- he has a lot of experience with Paxton cars and NA cars with upwards of 650 RWHP. Good luck with your build!
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    Overcooling ?

    Replace your thermostat. That's its function -- it's probably stuck open.
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    SC RT/10 recommendation for Accusump, any EPC Switch Problems since 2007?

    You really need to talk to Todd at A&C Performance. He has done these installs (I have one -- has worked perfectly since day one). 951.696.0500 Good luck!
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    Gen V has it's work cut out for it at the Ring...

    I really enjoyed the "mild pucker" at 4:39 in the camaro video! Thanks for the post :)
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    Anyone hit near 700rwhp on pump gas with a paxton?

    Hi Invasivore, Call Todd at A&C. He's tried the 2500 and has side-by-side (exact same setup) knowledge he can give you.
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    Anyone hit near 700rwhp on pump gas with a paxton?

    So your plan is to buy a paxton and skimp on Headers/exhaust? How about fuel system? There are a lot of factors to consider when you start making over 600RWHP. You can't afford to "go cheap" if you want the setup to last. Call a reputable tuner and let them tell you what a 700RWHP setup...
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    Its worth saving, help john help you

    Wanted, You can't make a more persuasive argument by simply INCREASING YOUR FONT SIZE. Stop it. You're making yourself out to be a fool. Let others reply and do them the courtesy of replying in kind and guess what -- it will be a civil discussion. Wow.
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    Gen 2 engine - immobilizer question

    If you're referring to the setup GM had used for many years (where a 50Hz signal was generated when the ohm reading on the key was correct), the answer would be, "no." You will probably find an AEM to be the simplest way to get sorted out if doing a swap into a project car. Good luck and don't...