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    slipping clutch

    Perhaps a better description of what happened of what you were doing when it happened would help. :usa:
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    DIY "KNG" Diffuser Blades Write Up

    Im sure you already put an ad in the classifieds correct? :usa:
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    Woodhouse mounts

    They were well worth my $250!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :usa:
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    Top Gear North America 1st episode

    The US version is a joke. The lines are scripted, the so called comedian stinks, and the challenges are *** as they come. I DVR'd the first few episodes then couldn't take it anymore. :usa:
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    1992-2002 Dodge ViperSide Sill Vents...are they worth the $$?

    I just carefully and systematically drilled small holes into the existing plate that is there. Not sure if that is fas paux but I dont really care. Cost 0$ :usa:
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    Anyone Else Notice GEN IIs Are Disappearing?

    Ditto on the for sale comment. :usa:
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    ^ Yes, I got mine there. :usa:
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    Dave has a legitimate question? :omg: All kidding aside from my experience the starter should still turn the engine over for some time before it totally sh!ts the bed on you. It definitely should have two more starts in it (to get you to/from the shoot). The local shop guys and dealer...
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    Can people please post pictures of their GEN II lowered with KW Variant 2 coilovers?!

    Re: Can people please post pictures of their GEN II lowered with KW Variant 2 coilove
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    DIY "KNG" Diffuser Blades Write Up

    Great contribution. :2tu: :usa:
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    Clutch Master or Slave?

    Advance Auto Parts: Ball Bearing by National - Part 614061 Above is likely your culprit. If you order the slave this part is included at a cost of around 260 bucks total / give or take. Just the bearing is 35-40 bucks at the local parts store. When you get into it and start tearing it...
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    [PICS] KW's installed...finally slammed!

    Now that's HOT :drive: :usa:
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    Do VCA Vendors Give 15% Discounts on Parts?

    To answer your question it depends on the vendor. Each offers something a little different. Why would you think there is a standard 15%? :usa:
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    Clutch Master or Slave?

    Throw out bearing could be wearing/worn out. Pressure plate as said above. Start with a fluid change and a couple of phone calls then tear into it and start inspecting if you are gonna do the job yourself. :usa:
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    Washed my car today for the first time

    Ditto. You don't need near 16oz of shampoo per foam gun application. You waaaay over did it there. Don't drive the car before you swirl remove or you have to start all over with a wash. Also consider doing a clay bar before swirl removig since you've prob never done that. Try the sammich...
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    How to remove shocks?

    It's really easier than the write up makes it appear. Biggest tip I can provide is to find a local shop that can compress the coil overs to remove them for you. Takes only minutes and usually you throw the mechanic a 20 dollar bill and you're good. Messing with those cheap AutoZone...
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    New to me GTS in Albuquerque

    Congrats. Learn easy and change the rubber as stated above. Eibachs and clear corners next IMO. :usa:
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    Broken sway bar rubber thing-a-ma-jig

    Common weak spot tear. Like Dave said save it for winter unless you are already there and replace with these: Energy Suspension Sway Bar Bushings - Discussed here: :usa:
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    How to remove shocks?

    PM me if you have any specific questions about anything I may have missed. :usa:
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    I Would Like To Buy A Viper

    ^^^ Spread the word. I've only had one inquiry since Dec. :usa:
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    I Would Like To Buy A Viper

    2000 RT/10 Roe S/C (Black) - ViperClub Classifieds Let me know if you're interested. This car is a head turner. :usa:
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    Side sill plastic bolt/***** covers lost one

    Ooops, thank you. :usa:
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    search feature broke? or can we dumb it down?

    I know with other boards, three character search words do not yield results on their own. From my experience the same is true on this board. :usa:
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    Spring Cap install help request

    Honestly the easiest and least aggravating way to do it is to take the shock assemblies to an auto shop that has a hydraulic spring compressor (wall mount style). After doing several of these sets for guys around town we found its simply easier to pay the guys a few bucks since it only takes a...

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