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    Anyone else notice the Gen5 trolls have not been around

    The single biggest complaint of the Gen V "trolls" was price. It was overpriced for what you got. The argument was at the asking prices it should have had more HP, bodywork, etc. Guess what happened? They kept specs the same, lowered the price to where it should be (according to trolls), and it...
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    Possible 2016 Supercharged

    They need to coop with Lamborghini and their aftermarket tuners then. Plenty of TT Gallardos with insane torque running E-gears. Not sure what mods the transmissions have but it's doable.
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    Possible 2016 Supercharged

    As much as I'd love to see 750+ NA HP from a **** stock Viper the development costs prohibit it from happening now. A SC Viper from the factory really is the only realistic option. My hope is they offer it complete car included. Not some prefix tack on where the option cost is astronomical...
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    The current and future state of Viper sales and technology

    The naysayers have been right along. Like a parent though, you are all too blinded by your child's perceived greatness that you fail to see reality. It's clear YOU are happy with it. Your opinion doesn't matter. Without a significant number of cross shoppers the Viper will fail. You all love to...
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    Gen V Convertible!

    Just as I predicted. It looks goofy with the coupe rear. Hopefully Dodge sees this and gives the factory vert a unique rear.
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    Hellcat in viper

    This. Any other argument is preposterous. Otherwise it would better for the Viper to die an honorable death, than turn into a *****.
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    gen v resale value

    You won't see a no stories Gen V below $65k -$70k for a LONG time. There are way too many buyers in that price point for it to drop past it. I see them staying in the 80s for quite a while.
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    Hellcat versus Viper transmission

    Agreed. The 8 speed automatic from the Challenger into the Viper however is a terrible idea. DCT is the only "automatic" that has any place in the Viper.
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    Anybody Have The Scoop On.The 2015/2016 Viper??????

    Personally I think (hope) SRT is working on a reasonable refresh and are withholding information until they get enough 13 and 14s off the lot. Do I expect SRT will do what needs to be done? Nope. FIAT won't let them. But I think they will work with what resources they have and produce a...
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    I'm pushing 6'6" and find the Gen V claustrophobic, albeit better than the Gen III/IV. I found the Audi R8 to be a lot roomier. Porsche is by far the biggest. A 6'10" guy can comfortable drive a Porsche 911. ****, even a Ferrari 458 is roomy compared to the Viper. I'd love to see them make the...
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    Here a Porsche, there a Porsche

    I probably see 20 - 997 Turbos daily. Don't get me started on the rest of the 5,000 - 911 variants.
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    sad news...viper plant shuttered until end June.

    All the "trolls" here called it but were shooed out. No point beating a dead horse. Hopefully SRT has enough sense to lick their wounds, swallow their pride, re-tool, and come back with an early refresh. It doesn't matter what the blind faithful or Ralph think, what matters is reality. Reality...
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    What kind of changes do you expect to see on the 2015 Viper?

    Slight interior refresh with steering wheel matching the Jeeps new design. Hopefully no more SRT/GTS. Call them all GTS and option them how you see fit.
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    Why won't SRT tell us the status of the vert?

    Best post in the entire thread. It hits every issue perfectly.
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    Why won't SRT tell us the status of the vert?

    What he's saying is if there was enough "wow factor" in the Gen V he'd be willing to up his budget and spring for the Viper. I bet my life on the fact that if the Gen V was radical looking and not a rehash, had 750HP NA, etc. it would fly off the shelf at $130k. The Gen V only pleases one crowd...
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    Why won't SRT tell us the status of the vert?

    Let's call it the "Chryjeedogsler Viper". Problem solved!
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    Why won't SRT tell us the status of the vert?

    ^This. A HALO car used effectively is justified even at a loss. The bean counters can't seem to understand that. The problem here highlights the shortcomings of academics with MBAs and PHDs. They are brilliant in school and structure but they lack the ability to see past that. It's hard for them...
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    Why won't SRT tell us the status of the vert?

    There's no confirmation because the future of the Viper is not secure.
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    Ralph in Automobile magazine

    That's a politician speaking. If he had the budget there's no way he'd have used a slightly updated Gen IV motor for the supposed "all-new" Viper. He's justifying it because there is nothing else he can do about it. More or less letting people down softly who had higher hopes. This whole...
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    No entry level viper

    Agreed. Also, I fixed a few terminological problems within your post. ;)
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    Ralph Gilles comments taken out of context - Pure Lunacy follows!

    The reason you cannot compare them is they are in different classes. The Corvette is a sports car. It's mass produced. The Viper is an exotic. Period. That's why it makes more sense to compare a Porsche 911 to a Corvette. THey are mass produced, mass marketed machines. They are not exotics, and...
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    Vision SRT.. going crazy to see this? maybe the viper killer from SRT what?

    I understand this is only for a game....but maybe SRT is planning a supercar. Doubtful, but it would be cool. I always though it was a shame they didn't make the ME4-12. $400k was a bargain supercar at the time
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    2015 Z06 specs leaked 620hp/650tq

    In the aggressive looks department, not performance: Z07/Z06 > Viper GTS GTS-R/GT3-R > C7R
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    Scratched Viper idea and going with a C7 Z06

    I've been banging on endlessly about this. I'd never buy a Corvette, they just aren't my cup of tea. But I don't see how you can compare that next to a GenV at any angle and think the gen V is more aggressive. Halle Berry on a beach is not aggressive. This corvette looks like it wants to eat...
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    2015 Z06 specs leaked 620hp/650tq

    Not from my experience. If the FI car has a proper cooling system it should not be affected by weather as much. In the summer my SRT Jeep (NA) is considerably slower the the X5M (TT) and a little slower than the Cayenne Turbo and ML63 (TT). In the winter however my Jeep is faster than the...

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