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  1. R - Project Viper GTS: Pt 1 - History & Intro

    Love all your writeups man. You have a link to the EMI stiffeners?
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    ROE Supercharger

    As mentioned above, Roe is releasing another round of new kits. Just finished installing my new kit about 3 weeks ago.
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    New TV Viper appearance

    Sweet! Iconic RT/10 status will never die.
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    Gen 2 - Blower, Hennessey, TNT King Snake, or other

    (First in) Steer clear of Hennessey package cars.
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    Important read anyone visiting this site

    Sorry for your loss man.
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    Looking to trade oem Gen2 wheels and tires

    Fayetteville myself.
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    Looking to trade oem Gen2 wheels and tires

    Welcome! Fellow NC guy here too.
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    Broken transmission dipstick tube?

    Like Steve mentioned, not from your car man. Or, any Viper for that matter.
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    2 GTS Gen 2's in North Frederick MD

    Nice! I have a lot of family in that area.
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    Color/last model?

    Sills are not OEM. All kind've mods done to that car. Wheels, wing, roof vent, HP# on the sills(lol).
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    Harrisburg Mecum Auction

    Nice deal on the RT/10, I need to get me one, one of these days.
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    Viper for sale why NO Bites??

    Here is one strike for me if shopping. I want nothing to do with a wrapped or dipped car. A, its a trend I hate. B, more importantly I don't know what the seller is/can be hiding under the wrap. Its not worth the effort or chance for me to buy a "dream car" only to get it home and after a long...
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    1995 Viper Engine Swap

    Personally I'd find another GEN 1 engine and put it back in there. Not gonna be worth the additional cost for the GEN II swap personally. ^^Best advice you're gonna get.
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    Stryker Green Debuts on 2014 SRT Viper at North American International Auto Show

    Love the color, but these insane prices for these specialty colors is a little off. Sadly making this car less and less the "blue collar guys" supercar.
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    Viper Parts.

    Yeah, throw up a whole list I'm sure you'll get some bites.
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    Boy. Some people are so fickle.

    Congrats on the new ride!!!
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    Green Gen V...

    I'd surely pilot a green one!! :D
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    Can't decide which exhaust system

    <--- B&B headers, no cats, and Corsa here, and love it!
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    My new 3 piece iforged wheels

    Looks great!
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    Lowering the car, adding some new springs.

    Bingo! At least thats how it is on a GEN II, never done another GEN so can't speak for those.
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    SRT a brand or a trim level?

    Yes the whole SRT Viper, and RAM trucks not being Dodges anymore is a dumb and confusing idea. When I went to look at the GEN V's online. I went to Dodge's site and of course they weren't there, nor could I even find a link to them/SRT on Dodge's site. So I then just had to google to find the site.
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    Tough to replace a gen II viper...

    I vote keep it! I have zero plans of ever selling my GEN II.

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