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    How were the new magazines

    I am still waiting on my magazines as well.
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    Ugliest Viper Out There

    That used to belong to Ricky Bobby.
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    First 2014 Billet Silver Viper

    That's is really a beautiful color. I love the wheels with highlighted red calipers. It look killer!
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    The new IMSA site is up !!!

    I really like it!
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    race weekend September 19,20,21,22 in Austin

    Mike, I am glad it all worked out. It was a pleasure meeting you and the others at the Zone meet. Take care until next time.
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    Congrats SRT for a great race at COTA!

    It was a great race. Congrats to SRT!
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    race weekend September 19,20,21,22 in Austin

    We just came to PARTY...No really, thank you Kurt for everything and our members had a fantastic time hanging out with our neighbors to the south. We can't wait for another opportunity to meet up and DRIVE FAST! Greg
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    race weekend September 19,20,21,22 in Austin

    I have to agree, thanks to Kurt and Yvette for all of their hard work. The entire event was a great experience.
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    Kudos to SRT at COTA ALMS race.

    It was a fantastic time and the SRT hospitality booth was top notch. If you have never attended a race, I would absolutely recommend the event to anyone. My wife and kids had a blast. We truly felt like a part of the team.
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    race weekend September 19,20,21,22 in Austin

    Me too. I am super pumped.
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    Brake Pads on VOI

    The two piece StopTechs are the way to go. I bought a set with black hats and love them compared to the oem rotors. I use Mintex on front and brakeman #3 in rear. Better than oem hands down and surprisingly not much more dust. But, that is the trade-off to better stopping power...DUST!
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    race weekend September 19,20,21,22 in Austin

    All signed up and ready to go. It's going to be a great time.
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    Rumors...what's the dealio?

    You, sir, are most welcome!
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    Rumors...what's the dealio?

    Yes, there is a fee and the fee is over and above all travel and lodging. $775 per person I believe...
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    Finally, the dream came true!

    Welcome to the madness!
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    race weekend September 19,20,21,22 in Austin

    Wohoo! This is gonna be awesome!
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    2006 CEL comming on

    I believe this is your issue. Had the exact same problems on my 05.
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    race weekend September 19,20,21,22 in Austin

    Let us know as soon as you can on pumped and ready.
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    Fingerprints all over my car..

    That's a great story. Thanks for sharing.
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    Group Photoshoot

    Very nice photos, thanks for sharing. I love the color combos of your cars. Your garage is a dream hideout with a great theme and layout. It rocks. :headbang: Do you even use your yard equipment? It all looks brand new. :D
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    Perfect Picture for the Red's...

    Great looking ride.
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    Team SRT Wins!!!!!!!!

    Great job. I watched it to the end and prayed we would not run out of fuel...Thank goodness for the yellow flag. Congrats and job well done!

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