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    My viper was keyed very bad "graphic pictures "

    Looks like a bunch of deviants or misguided kids did a number. I doubt it was one guy as doesn't look like something an individual would do but drugs can make people not even human. I had a vehicle keyed once by an employee I had to let go. Mentally unstable but ran their key/knife along my...
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    Homecoming Tragedy

    BTW, you can rejoice, as this is my last official post here with this club and these forums, I too am tired of hate and things I have seen. I was a very proud member of this club for many years hoping to rejoin if things came around. It is not for me anymore. I am just going to drive my car and...
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    Homecoming Tragedy

    Not laughing at all! Just feel the low blows are too low period for any club. Delete if you like, it is your club but discussions were interesting this weekend and not just club member politics. It was a very nice event and to degrade Maurice or anyone else working in the best of our brand...
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    Homecoming Tragedy

    Maybe the VCA should stop continuing to threaten to sue everyone then, including very recently SRT, (hey got me a SRT event refund but another nail in the coffin for the car) then Dodge and SRT would be more open to everyone.Really wish everyone would wake up already. One day the truth will come...
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    Wow, srt homecoming open to all past and present owners, not exclusive

    No Bob, I will speak with whoever I want at VOA, I don't need you to direct me to do anything. VOA has been 100% transparent from day one as has Randall.Once again the "wordsmith master" deflects again. My point as I have stated again and again is the apparently VCA supported attempt here to...
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    Wow, srt homecoming open to all past and present owners, not exclusive

    Inappropriate? Bob grow up! I responded on the fact your Kansas boy wants to discredit the validity and legal aspect of the Homecoming Door Prize. As well as knocking down any value to their event.This tolerated VCA behavior is tasteless and unprofessional. Just go your way and let them go their...
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    Wow, srt homecoming open to all past and present owners, not exclusive

    Haven't been here in a while, but appalled by the approach and comments being made here in this thread. Still haven't moved on it appears. I do frequent the other club and there is simply no talk of VCA over there except when VCA emails went put to their members in regards to VOI13. I received...
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    NEW Gen3 Satin Paxton Supercharger Deal!! ONE ONLY AT THIS PRICE!!!

    Man, I wish this was a Gen I kit for my 96' RT/10!
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    To those who predict skies falling on Viper on account of upcoming Z06

    Viper will not start to appreciate until other factors in society force it into a desire-able position. If ODB-III comes out and is the big brother government real-time watchdog system it is hyped up to be, then it will force a collector car situation for Vipers and Viper-like cars without...
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    Viper Magazines ??

    Isn't there still one more to deliver to 2013 members or subscribers to fulfill the 6 magazines paid commitment for last year? I say that as I actually paid for the magazine subscription as a separate order before rejoining last year? All I have received are the two shipped together issues.
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    Magazines Shipped

    Finally showed up in Colorado on Saturday. No post marks on envelop so not sure when originally shipped. One more to go and magazine commitment for 2013 is fulfilled. That will go a long ways to all outstanding commitments to members for 2013, then can potentially consider move forward. I see...
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    Magazines Shipped

    Well not sure what to say fellows, it is February 6th and I have had no magazines in sight here in Colorado. NOTHING takes that long to deliver from the various dates you have stated it has shipped unless being shipped from out of country. I bought something non-car related a little while back...
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    Fuel Pump DIY?

    My 96 RT is doing the exact same thing. Only does it if cold or sitting for longer than 1.5 hrs. I have to turn key on, let the fuel pump pressure up and then turn off. After repeating 3 times, it starts up. Fine after that! I am really hoping it is not my fuel pump. If I have to do something...
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    Forum Changes

    Okay so found it in Settings, but interesting that it is still entered in there from before. My VIN is still there and I did not re-enter it so why does still not show me as a Viper Owner? Data was not purged from my account other than avatars and *** due to size of account. Guess not sure I...
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    Scratched Viper idea and going with a C7 Z06

    The new Z06 stirs the emotions, no doubt, but for me, the emotions are nausea. I was hoping they would have at least changed that rear on the new Z06 but that designer must have pictures of the GM President with farm animals or something. It defies logic and is right up there with the Pontiac...
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    Forum Changes

    Applaud the change as well.
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    Forum Changes

    Just checking! Nope still an enthusiast despite having valid ownership history for years. Not sure how you boys went about the owner title. Would have seemed very straight forward.
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    Hellcat twin turbo Hemi V8 showing up in the Viper soon?

    I believe the V8 rumors keep coming up because there is an untapped potential market there that just wants that type of car. A lot of owners and potential owners love the sound of the V8 (I am one of them). I love my V-10 with the proper aftermarket exhaust on it as well but the supercharged 408...
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    The Elephant in the room

    Bob, Christmas or not, let's set the record straight! Why should all the members and new "younger" members (whatever you mean by that comment, like you are Father Viper or something), listen to your interpretation of the by-laws as you understand them in either club with your usual spin? FACT...
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    TA colors

    Just wait until "Black Magic" is unveiled in the future. Nothing will compare to it!
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    Re: Paxton owners - GET RID OF YOUR FMU & SPLIT SECOND SETUP AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSI Guys, don't want to hijack the thread but want to ask a few quick question as to if the SCT tuner and programs have been set up for the older gens as well? I have a 96' RT/10 Gen 1.5 and have been considering...
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    VCA continues to have no respect for Canadians...

    Would think some of you would have a little more understanding for Canadians considering 1/2 the country Snow Birds in AZ/FL/CA in the Winter. As a dual Citizen myself, I have to say that just because it is not important to us as a US Citizen, don't make the mistake that it is not important to...
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    The Elephant in the room

    There is no Elephant! To answer to all your questions, you might want to consult Bob Pantax and he will have all the answers you seek. As far as the money, each region is incorporated as it's own company, in it's own state, with it's own bank account and it's own executive staff (Pres., VP...
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    My Observations about VCA - This is NOT Good

    Dr. Bob, Are you for real? If you re-read your posts, it appears as though you are the antagonist on the responses. Man the VCA seems to have accumulated the worst Bob's in the car hobby. I am sure there is a joke here about a Doctor and a Lawyer walking into a bar in Newport. What a voice for...

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