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    Selling my Gen3 with Paxton.

    Hey guys just wanted to let anyone who may be interested know that I just listed my 04 for sale. I'm selling because I'm in the process of buying an airplane. Sad that you need to sell a viper to pay for new avionics:(. Actually I'm excited about the plane but sad to see the viper go. As soon...
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    Whats the finish on Sidewinder's

    Hey just got a rock ding in my rear wheel. Whats the finish, Just polished aluminum? Thanks Steve
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    Thinking about Selling my sidewinder's any interest?

    I'm thinking about selling my sidewinders. They are in great shape with less than 5,000 miles. Let me no if your interested. I'll make a classified add as soon as I get back in town. Steve
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    Polished Paxton

    For those of you with the polished Paxton kits....what are you doing to maintain the finish. Mine still looks good but there are some blemishes I would like to correct. Oh and it would be great if I don't have to take it off the car! Thanks steve
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    Wheel Spacers

    Yes I searched! Just got some new tires and want to add some spacers. I just want to make sure that i'm ordering the right ones. 3/4" front. 1" rear. I have Sidewinders With 285/35/18 front, 345/30/19 rear. stock suspention not lowered yet. Thanks Steve
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    Windshield washer fluid?

    This may be a silly question but I'll ask anyway. What do you guys do with your windshield washer fluid? Ill never use it and I assume most of you never use it as well. So do you drain the tank or just change it out every year or so. Steve
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    Stock 2001 exhaust.

    I have my original exhaust from my 01 ACR in my attic and have no idea what to do with it. Is it worth anything or should I just take it to the recyclers? Steve
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    I have 3.73 rear end?

    I have 3.73 rear end! Hello by the way my name is Steve. I've been around the viper community for the last few years. I just bought a new to me 04 SRT 10 with a Paxton set up. The car is very clean and had 4500 miles on it. I haven't driven many gen 3's so it took me a while to figure out what...
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    Still making your floor mats?

    I ordered them for my GTS and loved them. Would love some for my SRT 10. Steve
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    Selling my 2001 ACR!

    Hello I just wanted everyone to know that I am selling my 2001 ACR. It's in the classified's if your interested. It really is a great car. Oh and I'm not planning on leaving the viper community....there may have to be a genV in future! If you have any questions PM Steve.
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    M1 5w-40 Turbo Diesel oil

    I'm thinking about changing my oil to M1 5w-40 Turbo Diesel oil. I have a NA 2001 ACR and live in south Texas. What do you guys think? I have heard from a few people lately that the new M1 is not as good as the old stuff. Thanks Steve
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    Thanks John B

    I just wanted to say thanks to John B. I just completed a project on the car and ordered a lot of my parts from John. They were shipped the same day, and arrived safe and sound. The advice was great too. Oh and by the way I ordered them on a monday, he's not that bad.:) Steve
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    I really needed new mounts here are some pics.

    I really needed new mounts here are some pics. I used ViperTony's guide and it went well Thanks Tony:)
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    So looks like I,m going to replace my clutch.

    Since I have to replace my *****, i'm going to change the whole clutch. Here is what I got out of the searches. Go with a stock clutch LUK, a light weight flywheel (still not sure about which kind). Change the *****, pilot and throw (spell?) bearings. I'm going to call John B in the Am. Anything...
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    Need some help with this small leak please

    Starting a project to change my exhaust and my motor mounts and noticed this but only as I was jacking the car.
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    Stripes ?

    Well I have a 2001 red ACR. I want white stripes. I'm thinking of going straight to painting them. Please tell me if you think thats a mistake or not.( I think it will be easier to take care of.) Could somebody please post some pics of a factory red/W stripes. Here is what I know 8' stripe 4'...
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    New Member

    Hello everyone, My name is steve and I live in Montgomery TX (North Houston). I am the proud owner of a 2001 Red GTS ACR. I'm also a new member to the VCA. I really enjoy the forums and learning from the wealth of knowledge there is on these boards. I just thought I would take this chance to...
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    Curbed wheels repaired

    Just had my wheels repaired, and really liked the results here is the before and after pics.
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    Curbed wheels

    Hello, Has anyone had their wheels repaired in the Houston area. When I bought my car from the previous owner it had all but one wheel curbed. They are ACR wheels so I definitely think they are worth the investment. I live in north Houston . Thanks Steve