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    VOI 14 just got more exciting!

    Oxon Hill, MD .... so then what's the track being used? Thanks.
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    Supercharger Kit Ready Yet?

    Yea. I guess it should be clarified. In terms of the Sledgehammer, I haven't heard anything new, the heads & cam packages are now getting installed so the Stage II is out, the Stage III which is the SC kit, I dunno. But, there will certainly be a supercharger kit in t aftermarket. Like...
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    October 24 2015 Viper Track Experience in Las Vegas--Ride Share?

    Stealth, are you in our email/message group for the event? There's a group of 20 of us coordinated, we're having dinner together and working logistics. If you are, then cool, I may not be connecting you with an email address or your handle on the 'other' site. If not and you'd like to be...
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    Supercharger Kit Ready Yet?

    Yes. I heard It's coming right after the release of the convertible. pfft
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    Congrats. I don't believe any have been delivered yet, extremes that is. They just went in to shipping status about a week ago. Only one I've seen is Ralph's and he literally just posted up his track vids from NCM. You can find them if you search YouTube for Ralph Gilles you should find them. Dave.
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    My viper was keyed very bad "graphic pictures "

    Here we see the mighty viper, healed from it's momentary infirmity and running wild in its natural habitat. Haha, looking good, congrats on getting the bad behind you and getting back to enjoying her. Now, get that flame thrower security system installed pronto. j/k, but seriously.
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    Anyone ordering a regular ACR?

    This month?! Wow, I didn't know they were coming that soon. So it's the extreme cars that are taking a bit longer, I missed that. Nice! Can't wait to see pics of these things rolling in.
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    Anybody know a good car wrap company to change the color of my viper in Cali/NV/AZ?

    Re: Anybody know a good car wrap company to change the color of my viper in Cali/NV/A I may have missed It in another thread but what's the deal with your gen5 now, Is that done with 3M or Is that custom paint? The green would look killer and matching is cool, but have to say that gen5 looks...
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    Anyone ordering a regular ACR?

    There's a pic floating around that shows the side/rear angle of all the cars, the TA, 2.0, base ACR and extreme, sorry can't remember where I saw it or I'd post it. I could see if you want an ACR but plan on doing a lot more street and only some track days, going with a base. You couldn't drive...
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    Poor Quality control issue

    You have no right to complain if you have billet silver, that's my fav color, but don't tell my car. Seriously, good luck with trying something simple, I guess that can happen, guys have gotten cars with bolts missing, so, it is a human process, although, that's darn crooked, it is amazing it...
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    Looks great. Funny, I had mine off this past weekend and was imagining almost the exact same thing, to match the covers. Amazing improvement, I'm not really a engine bling guy, but that's worth the effort IMO. Well done.
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    What are you Paying for your Viper now??

    I almost ordered but then bought out of inventory. Sitting to order the car the dealer, local, went straight to invoice, but no holdback, so that's the deal I'd look for on ordering because I know I could drive 15 mins and get that, any additional is great. For an ordered car I think that's a...
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    Any News on Viper Roadster ... Can't Wait any longer!!!!

    I'd say with Prefix now offering a targa at an arguably attractive price, and I'd assume they are certainly in the know for what Dodge is doing and their business decisions are tied to Dodge product strategy, that Dodge isn't doing a production targa. Otherwise Prefix would be stupid to launch...
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    Muffler Decision?

    LoL, I started before I took delivery, I had the car shipped from the dealer to Tom Sessions, he went thru it to ensure she was 100% & installed the exhaust, all fluids were changed/upgraded, etc. So she was modded before the 1st time I drove her. I believe the Belanger system comes with...
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    Muffler Decision?

    If you want the loudest, in a system, than look no further than the Belangers. I have Belangers with stock muffs and it's loud, with the Belanger ****'s you'll be making noise, not friends. It's a very proven system with exceptional fit & finish, you'll be happy. Mine did trigger a CEL when...
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    Transmission issues - wouldn't go into any gear!

    Arrow Race Controller defeats the skip shift, and many more pluses.
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    2016 Viper Now Can Be Ordered

    Hmm, so we have the base and the GTC 1 of 1 and GTS .... is the GT gone? So it's the GTC now, or the base with a pkg.
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    Gen 5 wheel hop

    My car doesn't do this. What tires and suspension do you have? I ask cause I'm wondering if maybe base cars, with base suspension and base tires are an issue ... I haven't driven a base car so I don't know, I can only say that my Corsa/Track Pack/ElectSuspension car doesn't.
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    Gen 5 wheel hop

    It's not out of the realm of possibility you could have something wrong with the car. We all love these gen5's, but they're not exactly proving to be 99.999% perfect. Maybe double check your shocks, I see plenty of posts in both communities of bad shocks. Never know, if it's as bad as it...
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    Gen 5 wheel hop

    If we're talking gen5's, I guess I have the one that's not prone to it. Lucky I guess If we're talking previous gens, then I say driver error because, I've had wheel hop in mustang, CTS-V, BMW M3/M5, gen2/3/4 viper, Porsche 930 and those are cars I've owned and can remember dealing with wheel...
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    Gen 5 wheel hop

    It was only a little poke, I did mean what I said & agree, if wheel hop is getting the better of you then there are much easier cars to drive. But on the gen5 I've not felt any hop or any instability in the rear at all at any speed, min feels railed on track and solid as a rock when playing...
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    Gen 5 wheel hop

    Mine has the electronic adjustable suspension and I've had ZERO wheel hop with 2 track days, in either mode, and plenty of fun behind me and pushing great power with Belangers and the Arrow Race PCM, I can't comment on the base suspension, haven't driven one yet. Past vipers I've had wheel...
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    Gen 5 wheel hop

    OK, first, LOL. But I agree with the advice he's giving, for some people. One way to avoid any wheel hop is to buy a car that requires zero driving skill to operate and put the car in the hands of the 'puter. Nothing wrong with that if you're into it. I think the Porsche Turbo S is the same...
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    Any News on Viper Roadster ... Can't Wait any longer!!!!

    They did the coupe so they could launch with a race track car immediately & get back into racing, that's what was difference this time, key part of their strategy, FWIW. So I agree no one who races wants a vert, but there are so few buyers who actually "race". For track days, well I've been...
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    Gen 5 HP ratings of 640 & 645

    None, SRT said It was a recalibration of how it's measured, so you can think of it as both really make 645 or 640 ... probably the former and they lowballed it and had to correct up a few ponies for compliance/regulation purposes. Kinda like when a MPG changes for now reason, because of a...