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    Northern Michigan Color Tour

    We took a little ride to the northern tip of the UP Saturday and meandered about. One of several we try to do every fall… permitting. There were only a few of us on this trip, but you don’t need many to have a good time. We picked up some MCVO members in Houghton who chose to exercise...
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    WB O2 Location

    I have a friend who self installed a 5 pound Roe on his 98 RT/10 in the winter of 2006. It's never been tuned. At the time of install, he put a **** in middle of the side sill area. He has no cats, but the **** is downstream from his race bullet muffler -- where the cat used to be. I think the...
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    Motorweek Viper Test

    Starts on PBS this Friday. The first viewing on our local station will be next Monday at 4:30 PM. Check your local PBS schedules. Looks like they also have a feed to the SPEED channel. Steve
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    IAT % Variance

    I am having some trouble dialing in the IAT function for a one card fits all scenario. Does anyone have experience with this? What percent variances is anyone using? I'm finding that 10-15% each way may be end up being the target. I started at 4% each way. The percent difference fuel pulse on...
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    Crank Seal Change Out

    Here's a little follow up on my timing cover gasket / crank seal project. ...Had to put another seal in cause it looks like we nicked it slightly on the edge of the pinned hole going back on a couple weeks ago. We had not removed the oil adaptor...just the oil lines....and that made it tougher...
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    Escanaba Fun Run

    There's still time to get in on this event and take a nice cruise to the UP. This will be our 8th annual journey to this 10 mile parade, 600-800 vehicle car show, and spirited Saturday cruise. We will once again be on hand for the feeding of the Siberian tigers at the Wallace Zoo during our...
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    Octane Booster

    I always carry a couple bottles of octane booster under the seat in case I can't find good gas--especially with the blower. I know it doesn't do much, but it would help a little. Well.......a few weeks ago on a trip, unknown to me until it was too late, the foil seal on a new bottle was not...
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    Timing Cover Gasket

    Has anyone changed one of these animals? I may have the very slightest leak coming from this cover on the right side. ....Could be the water pump. I'll know more when we put the billet PS pump pulley on this coming Wednesday. The manual makes it sound a little iffy for the homeowner garage...
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    Portable GPS Units

    Does anyone have experience with this type of GPS in a Viper? Tom/Toms/Garmin 660 Nuvi/ Magellan Roadmate name a few. Is the internal speaker loud enough? How about mounting locations? Thanks--Steve
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    I'm wondering if anyone has any real road, logging experience yet with the new IAT function in the VEC3s and/or upgraded VEC2s? The weather here has really put a crimp on my spring tuning plans after adding roller rockers (another 6" of snow yesterday). I ran 3 different cards last year for...
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    4 Feet of Snow

    Since last Tuesday. Still snowing. By tomorrow night, it looks like it will total 5 feet, maybe more. Another smaller snow system is moving in by mid next week. Hard to believe I had the car out one week ago for a tuning run. We are on course to break all past April records for snowfall...
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    Viper PCM Speed Calibration

    I've used the speed cal boxes before...still do, but I'm wondering if the Viper PCM can be adjusted for different rear ends and/or tire sizes? Many vehicles have been able to this for quite a while. Anybody know? Steve
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    Belanger Header Torque

    Does anybody know the torque value for Belanger headers to the block? Thanks--Steve
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    To sell or not to sell?

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    Hoosier R6 Tires for Sale

    I've got 2 - 345/30ZR/19 R6 tires for sale over in the classifieds. They are basically new. ...decided against mounting and dismounting more than necessary on the HRE 547-Rs. These tires were bought basically for show by the former owner of the Bumblebee ACR we just acquired. There may be...
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    Vipers and Dear Abby

    Not sure this will work here, but it is about Vipers and may hit home for some ;) Steve ---------------- Dear Abby, I've never written to you before, but I really need your advice on what could be a crucial decision in my life. I've suspected for some time now that my wife has been...
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    Fog / Driving Lamp Size

    Does anyone know the max, safe size H3 lamp that can be put in the fog light housing? Stock is 55W. I found a few H3 130 watters from a long time ago that would fit. Would the stock reflector in the assembly take advantage of the brighter light? Sometimes it's not just the brightness of the...
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    Stock GEN II Air Box Drains

    I pulled the airbox off today to clean and oil the filters and noticed that I only had 2 rubber drains on the bottom...the center ****** had nothing on it for a drain. I guess I'm getting old as I don't remember if there is supposed to be one on there or not. Anybody know if there's supposed to...
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    LTFT and the VEC2

    I was wondering what experience anyone has who set their LTFT to close to zero. On the first car I did last spring, zeroing out the adaptives required going from a 65% base set to 70% and some additional individual cylinder trim. Bank 2 requiring a little more offset than Bank 1 from the...
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    New Ride Video

    My step son came over Sunday for my father in laws 83rd birthday dinner at our house. I had no idea he was bringing a camera, but he took some video and put this little clip together for us. I think it came out pretty nice. Steve Bumblebee Video
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    New Ride

    Well, we have now joined the 2 Viper club with the addition of a pristine 01 Bumble Bee ACR. The list of amenities on this car is extensive. Our first Woodward Dream Cruise proved to be expensive although that was not the intent. Thanks to Hisserman for making a fortuitous phone call at 11 PM...
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    Idle Air Control Motor

    Does anybody know if the Idle Air Control Motor crosses over with any other vehicle? Thanks---Steve
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    To Scam ...or not to Scam??

    I have a VEC1 for sale in the ad department. Below are the e-mails I received from this 'potential' buyer. I'm calling SCAM. Once something like this is posted, do the moderators have a way of tracking this stuff down and blocking these people from our site? On the flip side...if I'm...
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    LND RKT Donuts

    Donuts have been a part of the Viper experience for us since the second year we had the car. However, when I stocked up on rear tires a few years ago at fire sale prices, it became my mission to burn a set of rears per summer. I've done so the last 3 years. Picked up a little Canon A510 last...
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    Supercharger vs Normally Aspirated?

    Winter withdrawal is in full swing for this part of the country. Visions of spring time are still a long way off. It gives one plenty of time to think of potential things to do to the beast. I'm Looking for a little advice on the below scenarios. There is a fair amount of history for...

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